Hair Transplant Turkey Black Male Choosing the right clinic for a hair transplant is so important especially when you are a black male and you might have several concerns. But you do not need to worry. Like in the other hair types, Turkey gives you the best opportunity for a hair transplant as a black male. With the high success rates on the operations, experiences of the prospering doctors in this special field you will be satisfied with the result. The average cost of black male hair transplant in Turkey is between $2.500- $4.500 and the most advanced technique is FUE. You can find the details about the procedure and more in our article.

What İs The Specialty Of African American Hair ?

Thereagainst the popular opinion that worries black males and women that their hair transplant is impossible, African American hair has its benefits. So, do not spoil your mood and hear what we offer.

Hair transplant specialists differ the hair types into four ethnicities; African American, Caucasian, Asian and Middle Eastern Hair. As a black male, your hair type is African American and this type has its own characteristic. It has oval to elliptical follicles and a thick curly shape. This thickness and shape highly affect the hair transplant process.

The thick form of the hair gives a much more natural and aesthetical look when the hair is transplanted. Plus, thanks to the shape and form you will need fewer grafts which means less money. Average needed strand count of different ethnicities are as follows; for Asian the number is 500.000, for Caucasian 700.000 while the number is 200.000 for African American. In this hair type, you can get visible results with few grafts. It has more coverage rate rather than the other types and the angle placement is not important as straight hair.

Why You Should Choose Turkey For Hair Transplant As A Black Male ?

Turkey gives you the same quality of treatment and service in much lower costs in comparison to other countries. Mostly, packages are all-inclusive. They include 4.000 grafts, hotel reservations, free transport, the operation itself and aftercare. And we do all this for an average of $2.500- $4.500. With online consultation of all clinics, you can always get a pre-price and help on 7/24. We plan your medical trip here, and hair transplant journey. Generally, the procedure lasts three days. FUE method usually lasts for eight hours and this is divided into two or three days according to the patient’s wish. The time is ten hours for the DHI method and this can be divided to days too.

Another point is experience. In Turkey, there are many successful surgeons practicing African American hair transplant, which you need as a black male. They have the most advanced technology, years of experience and thousands of hair transplant operations.

What İs The Best Hair Transplant Method For Black Male İn Turkey ?

Turkish doctors have advanced skills in hair transplant operations for African American hair and the country is one of the most popular places in the field. It is vital to have experience and success in this special type of hair because there are certain things to keep in mind for the best result. The curly form of the hair is easily damageable and needs to be done with neat work. Surgeons use the newest and most prominent methods for the patients to have the best experience. There are two common transplant methods that Turkish doctors use for black male patients. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Direct Hair Implantation (DHI).

FUE is the most preferred method for African American hair type. In this method, hair grafts are extracted using a micro punch tool and transplanted to the target area. It leaves no scar like the FUT method and reduces the risk of scar called keloids which is most common in black male patients because of the thick skin and provides a naturally dense look.

DHI method is another effective method for black male hair transplant in Turkey. The extraction and implantation are combined in this and takes more time than FUE. It is done by a special implanting device called the Choi pen.

Other methods like FUT and Strip Harvesting are also practiced by the clinics in Turkey but the most preferred technique is FUE due to its plenty of advantages.

Best Clinics İn Turkey For Black Male

All clinics in Turkey treat you the best with its all-inclusive packages. Here are the advanced top five surgeons and clinics to give you an idea.

1.Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital

The hospital is located in İstanbul and the surgeon Dr. Emrah Cinik has experience of over fifteen years and has many successful black male hair transplant operations and he is a member of the International Society for Hair Surgery.

2.Self Hair Clinic

The clinic is well advanced and equipped for black male patients and has the certificate of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. Like the first recommended clinic, it is located in İstanbul. It also offers beard transplants too.

3.Vita Estetic

This clinic is lead by Dr. Umut Yükselen who is an advanced doctor in hair transplant with fifteen years of experience and has over 15.000 successful operations. It is located in İstanbul.

4.Florya Hospital

The clinic offers the most preferred FUE method for black male patients. It has an advanced and successful medical team and one of the well-equipped hospitals in its area. Like the other ones, the clinic is located in İstanbul.

5.Este Grande Group

This clinic offers the most modern methods of hair transplant. FUE, DHI, Frozen FUE, Sapphire FUE techniques are successfully held by competent doctors. And its medical procedures are internationally accredited. The hospital centers in İstanbul.

You can have an idea by looking at the before-after picture of the patients and reading their comments of the chosen hospital or surgeon. Independent of the hospital you choose, you will have the best hair transplant experience as a black male in Turkey.