In this article, we will give you some information about the hair transplant Turkey Antalya topic. In today’s conditions, most people experience hair loss and baldness problems, especially due to stress and genetics. As a result, he is considering a hair transplant. Although it is far from being a problem for some people, hair problems can be uncomfortable for many people. In addition to stress and genetic reasons, metabolic changes experienced by women, some nutritional disorders, excessive weight gain and loss, drug use can also be effective in hair loss.

While searching for solutions for these, many things such as some herbal and chemical medicines, cures, shampoos, serums on the market can be tried. However, we cannot say that this has been proven conclusively. You have to be more careful when looking for solutions to such problems. For example, thanks to advancing technology, you can research and find completely permanent hair transplantation methods. In this article, we will try to help you in this regard. In this article, you will find the necessary information for the topic hair transplant Turkey Antalya.

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplant operation takes place in a clean environment.

The results of male pattern hair loss in the first years of hair transplantation were investigated for you. However, in today’s conditions, you can have a hair transplant operation even if you are a woman. The grafts chosen for your hair are strong and durable. The area where the hair is dense is called the donor area. Since the grafts collected from here are resistant to shedding, they protect themselves even if they are applied to the area with hair loss. In other words, hair loss is actually related to hair follicles. For hair transplant Turkey Antalya topic, you must have this information.

Important details in hair transplantation

The clinic chosen by the person who will have a hair transplant should definitely be a place where specialist doctors are located.

In this way, you will have a comfortable and peaceful operation, and you will feel safe. At the beginning of the hair transplantation process, a Specialist Doctor must be present and the procedure must be done as a team. You should have hair transplantation done by people who have the necessary certificate. In addition, you should pay attention to the hygienic environment where hair transplantation will be performed. Thanks to the disposable products and the materials used, you can be protected from infectious diseases. You should pay attention to these details for the subject of hair transplant Turkey Antalya.

Who Can Apply Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation can be easily applied to anyone who has thinning hair and does not have any discomfort. However, this procedure is not applied to patients with diseases such as heart, diabetes, liver failure, kidney failure. In addition, this procedure is not applied to patients who have a hair loss disorder such as ringworm. For this reason, patients must be examined before hair transplantation. Do not rely on clinics that do not require analysis and testing that you have any condition. What these clinics have done is nothing more than defrauding you. If you have a hair transplant procedure without the necessary controls, you may experience very bad problems.

Why does hair loss occur?

Hair loss can happen to you for many reasons. Factors such as stress, sudden sadness, unbalanced diet, pregnancy, childbirth, some hormone drugs used, and old age are some of the important factors that cause hair loss.

At the same time, using a blow dryer at high temperatures, excessive use of chemicals such as gel and hair spray will also cause your hair to fall out.

Hair normally grows in a cycle and falls out by replacing them with new ones. If this healthy cycle does not occur, your lost hair will not be replaced. And openings, dilutions can bother you. Hair is nourished by capillaries located near its roots. When factors that may interfere with nutrition arise, situations that can lead to baldness occur.

When it comes to hair transplantation, it immediately comes to mind to take the hair follicles from the neck and transplant them to the spillage area. However, hair transplantation is not a difficult process as it is thought. Although the hair transplantation process is not difficult, it is a process that requires extreme precision and meticulousness. Details are very decisive in the hair transplantation process. Incorrect determination of the frontal hairline or performing the hair transplantation process opposite to the direction of hair growth may cause bad results.

Within the hair transplant Turkey Antalya topic, you should also pay attention to these details.

How Long Does Hair Transplantation Take?

An average hair transplant session takes 7-8 hours on average. However, this period may vary according to the experience of the doctor. However, if a hair transplant procedure takes a short time, it does not mean that it is successful.

As the number of hair follicles increases, the duration of the procedure will also increase.
In addition, it is healthier to keep the hair transplant process as short as possible. Because maintaining the body balance of the person is important for hair transplantation. These details are very important for the subject of hair transplant Turkey Antalya.

Hair transplant clinics in Antalya

Medica Hair Transplant Center

You can add this clinic, which started in Istanbul in 2008 and continues its service in Antalya, among your options. This clinic is one of the clinics within the hair transplant Turkey Antalya subject.

Hair-Med Hair Transplant Center

If you want to have a successful hair transplant operation and live in Antalya, you can choose this clinic. You can also choose this clinic within the hair transplant Turkey Antalya topic.

In this article, we tried to give you information about the details of the hair transplant process and the subject of hair transplant Turkey Antalya. For these reasons, one should be careful when performing hair transplantation and contact with a good clinic.

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