Hair Transplant Surgery Cost

The primary concern of people with hair problems is hair transplant surgery cost. Before answering the question, it would make sense to give some information about hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure that is widely used in the world. People experience hair loss problem for many reasons. Increasing stress and anxiety are among the main reasons today. Apart from this, it also occurs as a side effect of some diseases. The absence of new hair strands after increased shedding causes baldness. This occurs when the hair follicles lose their activity. Some people may have a genetic condition resulting from family structure. These people who experience depression and loss of self confidence apply to our hospital for hair transplantation.

The transfer of hair follicles to the bald area is called hair transplantation. In transplantation, we collect hair follicles from the donor area where healthy roots are located. And we place it on the balding area. Many different methods of hair transplantation have emerged. Fut and Fue are the most common methods known. Fue is short for Follicular Unit Extraction. All techniques have the same purpose. Only with the developing technology methods change. We try to apply the most beneficial methods for our patients. Hair transplant surgery cost varies according to the technique we use. For example, the Fut method is less costly. In addition, the size of the area we will transplant affects the cost of hair transplant surgery. Turkey hair transplant surgery cost generally varies between 6000-15000.

Hair Transplant With DHI Surgery Method

DHI hair transplantation method means “Direct Hair Transplantation”. In this method, we make use of the medical pen, which we call choi. However, specialist doctors must do the procedure. Therefore, do not trust everywhere. Our specialist doctors collect the grafts thanks to the medical pen. Then they place them without opening channels on the skin. The healing process takes a shorter time because deep wounds do not occur. In other known transplantation methods, transplantation usually takes place in two stages. However, thanks to the special pen we use in the DHI method, we finish the process in one go.

Also, thanks to the special pen, we do not keep the hair follicles waiting too long during the transplantation process. Thus, the risk of root loss is another It is lower than other methods. Our main goal in this application is to increase the quality of hair transplantation and to provide an intense image. In addition, to ensure that our patients return to their daily life quickly. It takes about 10-12 hours. And it takes longer than other methods. It may be one of the disadvantages for the patient. However, it is much more frequent. Sowing and It is a very advantageous method in terms of obtaining a more natural appearance for the patient. Finally, due to the medical pen we use, hair transplant surgery cost is more costly than other methods.

DHI Hair Transplant Advantages

With the DHI method, we can plant hair follicles at more frequent intervals in hair transplantation operations. In this way, your hair looks more natural. The medical pen we use adjusts the angle by opening holes in the same size as the hair follicles. Thus, we undertake more successful operations. Our patients are also gladly discharged. However, hair transplant surgery is more cost than other methods. However, it has great advantages. For example, the level of damage in operation is very low. Thus, our patients recover faster as factors such as bleeding are less. In addition, the DHI method does not harm existing hair.

The medical pen we use can make holes and plant at the same time. So the process takes less time. In addition, since it provides direct sowing, it also offers an opportunity to people whose spills have not been completed. This gives women an advantage. Most of our female patients prefer this method. Finally, there is no possibility of scarring after sowing. It is so low that we can say that there is no trace of FUE transplantation at the end of the procedure. However, when we do Fue vs DHI hair transplantation, DHI is more effective. However, the DHI method is a method that requires experience. For this reason, it is useful to be careful in choosing a doctor.

How Is Fue Hair Transplant Done?

Fue technique is widely preferred in hair transplantation today. One of the main reasons for this is the absence of suture marks on the skin. Our hair transplant specialists determine the donor area with healthy hair follicles before transplanting. This region is usually the nape region. Because the hair follicles here are more resistant to shedding. The next process is the shortening of the hair strands. Before starting the procedure, our specialist anesthesiologist anesthetizes the patient’s scalp with local anesthesia. Then it opens channels in the scalp and collects healthy hair follicles. In the Fue method, a micro motor tip is used in hair collection.

Then the hair follicles taken are prepared for planting. In the meantime, channels are opened to the bald area. Then the hair is transferred to the bald area. An ordinary anesthesia cannot be applied in this method. In addition, any surgical method is not within the scope of the technique. The donor site is usually behind the ear or the nape. This process is easier and painless than other hair transplant methods. Fue hair transplant surgery cost varies according to the planting area.

Hair Mesotherapy After Transplantation

Additional treatments are required after hair transplantation. Because the transplanted hair needs components such as vitamins. For this, additional treatments and drugs are usually used after planting. PRP and hair mesotherapy are examples of these treatments. Hair mesotherapy is a supportive treatment applied to strengthen hair after transplantation. However, it should be done by a qualified doctor. We generally recommend applying 6 weeks after planting. Session times are approximately 10 or 20 minutes. Therefore, it is not tiring. It also does not affect your daily life. However, sometimes redness and itching may occur at the application site. This situation will not last long. It is also reasonable to take vitamin pills to strengthen the hair follicles after transplantation.

How Much Does Hair Transplant Surgery Cost in Turkey and Does it Change a Lot?


The cost of hair transplant surgery in Turkey can vary dramatically, depending on the type of procedure you choose and the experience of your chosen clinic. Hence, you may not want to rely on answers you find to “how much does hair transplant surgery cost in Turkey?” on the internet.

It is important to research different clinics and their pricing structures before committing to a particular one. Furthermore, discuss all pricing information with your doctor or surgeon before undergoing any hair transplant procedure to ensure that you receive the best care possible at a fair and reasonable price. By being informed about costs and thoroughly researching your options, you will get the best possible results from your hair transplant procedure.

Ultimately, it is wise to consider quality and hair transplant cost when deciding which clinic and surgeon are right for you. An experienced team will provide quality service and knowledgeable advice about how much it will cost for a successful procedure. Ultimately, choosing a professional, reputable clinic with realistic pricing structures can help ensure that you receive excellent value for money when having hair transplant surgery in Turkey. We hope this article gave a realistic response to “how much does hair transplant surgery cost in Turkey?”