Hair transplant surgery has become an increasingly common operation today. Especially in men, shedding is seen in the crown area. This situation causes a lack of self-confidence in our patients. In individuals experiencing hair loss, first of all, a thinning is observed. However, there is a situation that we can treat this situation without experiencing it again with hair transplant surgery. It is our job to bring our patients back to their former self-confidence. Hair loss increases due to vitamin deficiencies in hair follicles. This situation leads to baldness in the hair. Since there are no more active roots in the hair loss area, we take the roots from the active areas and inject them there. This process is planned individually and together with our expert team.

The purpose of hair transplantation should be as follows. The transplanted area should be natural. It should look like old natural hair, which will not be very noticeable on the patient. This is how we do it. If you are going to have this procedure, you can go by searching for a good hair transplant center. Hair transplantation is actually a very minor surgical operation. Thanks to our expert doctors, we are waiting for you as the master of this job with our expert staff. In my opinion, it is the most sensitive issue to perform this procedure in a sterile environment such as a hospital. I do not recommend having hair transplant surgery in places under the stairs. Our purpose in doing this job is to present modern medicine to you.

Who Can Have A Hair Transplant And What Causes Hair Loss?

Today, the age of hair loss in a person is no longer. This is also true for young people. It is very easy to prevent this now. Thanks to advanced technology, we can now restore your lost hair. We see shedding in most men in their 50s. Especially for men, hair transplant surgery is quite common among them. We see this hair loss not only in men but also in our female patients. We encounter this situation a lot, especially if the hair has been dyed and worn. Of course, hair transplantation does not have an age, but it is necessary to watch if the hair does not grow. Accordingly, we would like to attract you to this treatment method.

First of all, we prefer to apply it to individuals who have tried natural methods for hair removal but have not seen any benefit. One of the biggest factors as the cause of hair loss can be genetic conditions. This situation is observed very often in people who are caused by aging injuries or nerves and stress. If your hair is shedding more than 100 strands a day, we definitely ask you to see a specialist doctor. If our patients have enough hair donors, we are more likely to perform this procedure. We do not only do this planting process from hair. We can also perform this procedure from hair follicles such as eyebrow and mustache.

Which Methods Are Used During Hair Transplantation?

There are several techniques available when performing hair transplant surgery. These techniques vary according to the preferences of individuals. By our expert team, we first look at the baldness structure of our patient, take a few hormone tests and begin to examine it, then we evaluate how we start the process with a method. The fut technique is a very old technique, and we can even say that it is no longer used. It is no longer recommended among hair transplantation techniques. This technique is as follows: we opened slits in the form of large cuts from the hairy area, cut the hair follicles over that skin, and planted them on the hairless area with the help of a razor blade. It is a very painful and grueling process. The recovery period of this procedure is very long and the scarring rate is very high.

If we look at the fue technique, it is more painless and painless than the fut technique. This method is very common nowadays. Hair follicles are taken one by one and transplanted to areas without hair. If we look at the DHI technique, we can say that this is the most advanced hair transplant method. Thanks to this method, it is a painless and bleeding-free method without any incisions. The scars formed in the person completely disappear and recovery is observed in a short time. While doing this process, we act with needle tips. As we said, we  the  analysis person before applying these processes.

What Are The Side Effects Of Hair Transplantation?

Do not hesitate to have these hair transplant surgeries, which are becoming more and more common nowadays. Many centers do this. However, we ask you to have it done in a well-researched center with a good expert staff. Of course, there are side effects that may occur in the hair transplant process. In any case, such surgeries always have disadvantages or complications. One of the most common conditions we encounter is bleeding. Depending on the rate of blood clotting of our patient, this side effect may cause crusting in the roots. Like other surgeries, the risk of infection is high in this procedure. It should be in a sterile environment while cutting and sewing.

Wounds or swollen pimples can be observed in the hair follicles. If these factors have not passed for a few weeks, please do not forget to consult your doctor. If you buy a donor by damaging the hair follicles, you can increase the shedding in that area. Another mistake made while performing the transplant is that it can cause problems if the hair transplant is transplanted against the direction of growth. We wanted to guide you in the light of this information. Hair transplant surgery is nothing to be afraid of. As long as our patients can come ready for this procedure. Our expert team and we are waiting for you here to get your beautiful natural hair.