What Are The Errors Made In Graft Reception?

Mistakes made during hair transplant are also repair in Turkey. But there are many kinds of errors. The first of these mistakes is the mistakes made in graft retrieval. One of the mistakes made in graft retrieval is taking more grafts than necessary. The doctor determines how many grafts will be planted in the previous examinations. And there is a certain graft capacity according to the donor area. If the doctor goes beyond this capacity and tries to take more grafts, visual disturbances will occur. Conditions such as partial baldness occur in the donor area.

One of the cases, which is due to errors after hair transplant, is the removal of multiple grafts from the ear repair in Turkey. The hair follicles on the ear are thin-wired. Therefore, taking too many hair follicles causes an ugly appearance. And the patient is uncomfortable after the procedure.

Another cause of error is the unknowing use of micro-motor or manual tools. When using these tools, the root angle and depth must be calculated correctly. If the right angle and the right depth are not provided, the retention rate of the hair follicles also decreases. Because the hair follicles are traumatized and broken. In this state, they cannot hold on. When this is the case, the expected number of grafts will not come out. And there will be distortions in the image again.

Another mistake made in grafting is due to the rotational speed of micro motors. On busy days, mistakes are made to complete the transaction quickly. In order to complete the process quickly, it is necessary to increase the speed of the micro motor. The rapid operation of micro motors causes it to heat up. Increasing the temperature will cause damage to the hair follicles.

What Are The Errors Made During Hair Transplantation?

There are certain mistakes made during hair transplantation. The first of these mistakes is the inability to adjust the depth of the hair follicles in the place where they will be transplanted. Hair follicles planted more deeply than necessary cause problems. Because, these hair follicles usually cannot hold. And an unsuccessful hair transplant takes place. Capable hair follicles do not look natural. Some scars remain on the scalp, inflammation occurs in folliculitis and curly hair may occur.

Secondly, because the patient wants very dense hair, it is caused by hair transplantation at a frequency that should not normally be. It is normal for the patient to want this. But the doctor must confront the patient with the facts. The maximum number of hair follicles to be transplanted during a session is determined. Exceeding a certain number damages the vascular structures. Damage to the vessels causes the hair transplanted roots to not be fed. Because the hair follicles are first fed from the vessels by diffusion. As a result, even healthy hair follicles cannot hold. In order to create more dense hair, it would be more correct to do a session again about one year after the hair transplant.

Finally, we will talk about the negative consequences from infection and necrosis. Necrosis is one of the worst complications to develop after hair transplantation. It occurs in the methods performed using the canal method in hair transplantation. Due to the excessive use of adrenaline, a certain area begins to be fed. This causes the death of the doctor, that is, necrosis. In such cases, round, balding areas are formed. In addition, inflammations can occur if not handled in a sterile manner. This negatively affects the hair growth rate.

How Is Hair Transplant Repair Done In Turkey?

The question of how hair transplant repair is done in Turkey is frequently asked. Because, hair transplantation is an error-prone procedure. It is very sensitive and requires a lot of care. When this is the case, it is wondered how to hair transplant repair the mistakes that occur during in Turkey. There are several methods for this. Hair transplant repair can be achieved in Turkey with the removal area correction process. This happens when the grafts are taken from a certain place too much. In this case, gaps remain in the donor part. This error is tried to be corrected by planting hair on the remaining empty parts. In general, this process is completed with the roots taken from the beard area. In another method, corrections are made in the hair transplant area. An image similar to a grass man may occur in the hair transplant area.

Due to this appearance, the hair is not combed properly, There are uncertainties and irregularities in the direction of the hair. Hair roots stand upright. It almost looks like a string is drawn. Hair transplant repair is also done in Turkey in the pits at the bottom of the hair. This situation usually occurs because the hair channels are not suitable for the grafts. Another treatment is done because the hairline is behind what it should be. This situation occurs due to the determination of a hairline that is not suitable for the age of the person. Another repair is for removing hair follicles planted in the wrong direction and correcting the hairline. It is a difficult error to fix. It can be difficult to remove deeply planted hair follicles. Therefore, the process may be tried several times. The extracted roots are used to help form the front line.

Reconcentration Planting

Sparse areas may have occurred after hair transplantation. In such a case, repair is required. Because sparse hair does not create a natural look. And it does not meet the patient’s wishes. If there is a sufficient number of grafts in the donor area, a hair transplant should be performed again. This requires good planning and the right timing. So you get more natural results. If there is not enough graft in the donor area, it is taken from another place. Usually roots are taken from the beard or chest. In this way, the hair becomes denser. And a more natural image is formed. Moreover, the patient leaves the procedure happily.

In Hair Transplant Repair, Turkey is One of the Leading Countries

In hair transplant repair, Turkey is one of the leading countries. Many people worldwide travel to Turkey for their hair transplant needs due to its high success rates and experienced surgeons. Additionally, the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey can be way more competitive than in other nations, making it an ideal destination for those who want to save money while still achieving desired results. Additionally, many clinics offer packages with multiple sessions at reduced rates, making the process even more affordable. All these factors make Turkey an ideal place for someone considering a hair transplant repair procedure.

Additionally, many patients report feeling safe and secure during treatment because Turkish doctors adhere to international medical regulations. There are numerous success stories from patients who have undergone successful hair transplants in Turkey. This further confirms the country’s leading position as a premier destination for hair transplant repair Turkey procedures. Furthermore, Turkish hospitals offer a wide range of other hair restoration treatments and aesthetic treatments like rhinoplasty and liposuction. With qualified personnel, up-to-date facilities, and reasonable prices, Turkey has earned its reputation as one of the top destinations for plastic surgery.