This process is a procedure we use to treat hair loss. Hair transplant near me expertise and appropriate microsurgical instruments have evolved. In past years, there have been significant advancements in technique and performance, and almost entirely natural hair transplant results have started to be achieved. Hair transplant near me needs less intervention than traditional surgery. It is a long-term solution for those who suffer from androgenetic alopecia, also known as male pattern hair loss in medical terms. We can find them in hair transplant near me.

We use hair transplant in the treatment of hair loss caused by various hair disorders. However, we also use it in the treatment of scars. Hair transplantation often necessitates a variety of solutions for each person who suffers from this issue. For examples, if the patient lacks the necessary hair follicles in the nape, which is the main donor region, the hair transplant operation is unlikely to be successful. As a result, hair follicles from other parts of the body may be used in a more effective hair transplant procedure. Since hair transplantation applications are becoming widespread today, it is possible to access this service from almost anywhere. Getting hair transplant service may vary depending on your region. But we can say that there are most likely clinics with hair transplant near me this service.

Hair Transplantation

One of the most often asked questions about hair transplantation is whether it is uncomfortable. With the sedation we do under the supervision of an anesthesiologist, you will not even feel the local anesthesia procedures. We do this before hair transplantation. Thus, we perform a more comfortable, painless and painless hair transplantation. Hair transplant near me is where we can locate them.

Hair transplant procedures are not a very painful procedure anyway; It is more comfortable for people with a fear of needles. We reduced the minimal pain to almost zero with this method. Similarly, there is no discomfort during the healing process. Sedation; It is a state of sleep that we can adjust individually and measure its effect. Thus, we protect your reflexes with sedative drugs. While doing this, we can also control your depth. Sedation is a method that we use even in children and reduce the pain to zero in hair transplantation. However, patients sometimes may not want sedation.

We leave this entirely to one’s own initiative. How long the transplanted hair is another curious issue. Hair growth has no boundaries. Since the body has its own hair, it continues to grow as long as allowed by the patient’s genetic hair length. We say that after the transplant, it takes 3 months for the hair we transplant to grow permanently. As of the 6th month, you notice the change. In 10-12 months, you get a natural, voluminous result. Grief plays only a small role for transplantation, the cause of hair loss is more important. Only hormonal hair loss can be well eliminated with this method. Basically, men and women can suffer from increased hair loss with an excess of male hormones up to the age of forty.

Hair Transplant Process

At the first consultation, we will carefully evaluate your hair condition. We provide you with information about which techniques will be used, how the operation will be implemented and what results are expected. We do these during the first interview phase. Then we anesthetize the donor area. Then, we extract hair follicle groups consisting of 1-4 hairs with a thin hollow needle. This procedure is painless and results in a very rapid wound healing. After the extraction and control process, we prepare the grafts to be transferred directly to the bald areas and keep them alive with a special solution liquid until the transplantation process.

Sowing Process

When we start the sowing process, we create sowing channels in the area to be sown with the help of a thin micro knife. Then, with the help of special tweezers, we transfer the grafts to the created channels piece by piece. At this point, it is important to do it as naturally and frequently as possible. After the transplant is completed, we check that all grafts are placed completely and correctly. Then, the operation is over, we make a detailed explanation about the maintenance and process. Following the phase of the work of the superficial wound healing phase, the transplanted grafts produce new, healthy and strong hair. For control and follow-up, we stay in touch with you after planting and follow the process together until the end. The process usually takes between 8-12 months. During the process, you can get information from our consultants by phone or e-mail.

Hair Transplant Methods

Here we will explain 2 different ways to get roots from beard and body hair. We generally prefer the hair transplantation method by taking root from the beard when the person’s nape donor area is insufficient and the area to be transplanted is large. Beard roots can stay in the growth phase for a long time. We consider the neck post as the most suitable donor area for transplantation. It is known that beard roots are relatively thicker than hair follicles in the neck. For this reason, we transplant the hair follicles taken from the beard area in the middle areas, not from the front line. In the hair transplant operation planned for men, we consider body hair as the third option.


First we take the neck hair. If the hair is still insufficient, we prefer the beard area as an alternative among other options as additional grafts. In addition to this, there is chest hair. There are two important reasons why body hair is the third choice. The first is that it is thick and single grafts like beard roots, and the second is that it has low elongation properties. People experiencing going bald because of abundance testosterone can go through a hair transplant. But he same procedures may not always apply to women. We are also asked whether we have had hair transplantation from someone else’s body. Unfortunately, due to tissue incompatibility, the body directly rejects foreign hair. Regarding whether or not the hair in the donor area is prominent, we can say no. Small pores are visible but not visible under the hair.

A Guide to Find Hair Transplant Near Me


Once you have narrowed down your list of potential hair transplant surgeons and clinics for “hair transplant near me”, it is important to be prepared for your consultation. Make sure to bring along a list of questions to ask your surgeon and have any medical records or photos available that they may need. Additionally, research the cost of hair transplant so you have a better understanding of what to expect financially. Finally, be sure to check out any reviews or testimonials from past patients if available. This will help provide assurance that you’re making an informed decision and selecting a reputable surgeon and clinic for your hair transplant procedure.

Make sure that you choose a reputable provider who puts safety first and has experience in providing quality results. With the right “hair transplant near me”, provider and clinic, you can rest assured knowing that your new look will be everything you had hoped for. Now that you are prepared for the consultation, it is time to get ready for the actual procedure. Make sure to follow all directions provided by your hair transplant doctor before, during, and after the procedure in order to ensure it is successful and that safety is maintained.