When it comes to hair transplant Istanbul, prices come to mind. Istanbul is the province with the highest hair transplant prices. Hair transplant Istanbul costs between 7,000 TL and 35,000 TL in 2021.

Before and after the procedure, your hair analysis will be done with your doctor. Your hair transplant operation will be performed with the FUE technique to provide a natural look with maximum hair transplantation. All necessary medicines will be provided to you by the clinic.

Why Hair Transplant?

The person’s hairstyle, hair color and short hair length reflect his/her  stance, taste, style and tastes in life. The bushiness of your hair reflects the youth of the person, while the absence of hair causes the perception of old.

The person who experiences hair loss feels socially and culturally incomplete and has a loss of self-confidence. This negative perception affects people negatively in all areas. Therefore, our hair is very important to us.

Despite all its negative effects on individuals, 50% of 50-year-old men face hair loss. In order to end this situation, people have been trying treatment options for many years.

Why Hair Transplant Should Be Performed In Istanbul?

Thanks to its medical facilities, it has risen to a very important position in health tourism. Today, many people from abroad prefer hair transplant Istanbul. Especially, people want to entrust themselves to safe hands on an important issue desired for a quality life such as hair transplantation.

Our country, which has attracted attention with its thermal properties in recent years, also attracts attention in medical terms. This situation, expressed as medical tourism, occurs depending on many factors. So when you ask a little more specifically why I should choose Istanbul for hair transplantation, you will encounter many answers. Istanbul stands out and is preferred for many reasons. Now let’s learn Why hair transplant Istanbul together, let’s evaluate the reasons.

Why Istanbul?

It acts as a bridge between Asia and Europe. In addition, Istanbul, which is now known for its facilities, has many medical facilities. Numerous successful doctors serve in this city, and many successful hospitals and clinics are also available in this city. You can reach many successful clinics in hair transplantation.

It should not be forgotten that besides there are many hospitals and clinics, the latest technology products are used in all these centers. So here you will encounter a high-level treatment process. All kinds of possibilities for successful operations are available here …

Cost one of the important elements again of course. European countries in particular are much more expensive the treatment is the same as we are doing with Turkey in Istanbul. Since there are 2 or 3 triples, maybe even more, people’s choices favor the more cost-effective one.

Regarding the cost, it is necessary to mention the subject of hair transplant Istanbul in particular. In this highly preferred treatment, it is seen that domestic and foreign patients come from abroad and especially prefer Istanbul. These people both want to entrust themselves to Turkish doctors and do not want to strain their budgets with affordable prices. Offering the best possible prices for hair transplantation also makes Istanbul a medical paradise.

Today, Istanbul has become the hair transplant center of Europe and has attracted attention with this reputation. Therefore, this reputation as well as affordable prices, specialist physicians and technologies are effective in choosing Istanbul.

Hair Transplant Istanbul Doctors

Today, Turkish doctors made their name known to the world in many different fields and managed to attract attention with their success. In other words, the achievements of Turkish doctors started to be discussed in the world. This is an important factor in choosing the country for treatment purposes. When hair transplant Istanbul is among the alternatives, an important reason for choosing Istanbul is the success of Turkish doctors. Turkish doctors, who have also made a name for themselves in the field of hair transplantation, are the most preferred in Europe today.

There are specialist physicians in many areas in Turkey. Moreover, we can say that most of these doctors are educated from countries such as Europe and America. In other words, it is possible to meet with well-trained doctors.

The high patient potential has affected the doctors in terms of experience. Turkey doctors are more experienced than European countries. You can see this as an important reason for preference. If you were, wouldn’t you trust an experienced doctor? We all used to trust. That’s why the choice of a lot of people going abroad than at home centers and doctors in hair transplant Istanbul, Turkey.

Hair Transplant Istanbul Doctors

Clinical your choice of hospitals in Turkey, especially in Istanbul will also be extremely reliable spots. You can apply to internationally certified private clinics and A-plus quality hospitals.

Finally, the preference of Istanbul is Turkish hospitality from an international perspective. In other words, Turkish hospitality will meet those who will come from abroad for treatment. This can be considered as a reason for preference.

Those who come to Istanbul from other cities for treatments such as hair transplantation know that the most options, the most reliable centers and the best doctors are in this city. It is an important factor in choosing the city with the most opportunities in our country.

Successful signatures on hair transplantation in our country are the most important criteria for both domestic and foreign patients, and today Istanbul has become the center of successful hair transplantation practices.

Hair Transplant Prices in Istanbul, Turkey

Hair transplant Istanbul prices are in a wide range of prices depending on many criteria. In addition to personalized pricing, the largest share in this area is private clinics-hospitals. The title of doctor and clinic-hospital position to perform hair transplantation. Nişantaşı ranked first among the most expensive in terms of price. For this reason, prices are in a wide price range between 7,000 TL and 35,000 TL. Write to us for more detailed information. Remember, your doctor can provide you with the clearest and most detailed information.