Although hair problem is more common in men, it is a common problem of almost everyone. Without distinction between men and women. However, psychologically the negative effect is more pronounced in women. For this reason, hair transplant for women is performed. This hair transplant for women process is a treatment for hair loss that we use. Expertise in hair transplantation as well as appropriate microsurgical devices have evolved. In recent years, there have been major advancements in technique and efficiency. We have begun to see hair transplant outcomes that are almost entirely normal. Compared to conventional surgery, hair replacement involves less operations. It is a long-term treatment for androgenetic alopecia, also known as male variant hair loss in medical terminology.

Each Hair Transplant Is A Whole New Design

We use hair transplantation to treat hair loss caused by various hair disorders. Scars are treated in this way. Hair transplantation usually requires a number of remedies for every person with this problem. The hair transplant operation is unlikely to be effective if the patient lacks the requisite hair follicles in the nape. Which is the main transplant zone. As a result, hair follicles from other areas of the body may be used in a more successful hair transplant. Hair transplantation applications are also widely available, and this service can be accessed from almost anywhere. The cost of hair transplantation varies depending on where you live. However, we would claim that clinics near you are more likely to have this facility.

Distinction Between Men And Women In Hair Problems

The major reason for hair transplant for women, women’s hair loss problems is genetic factors. Hormone imbalances are an important cause of hair weakening and loss seen in women, hormone imbalances and hormone treatments. The birth control pills used can cause hair loss. Hair loss is seen during thyroid disease, hormone disorder related to overworking and less work of the thyroid gland. It can be caused by iron deficiency, iron deficiency anemia, heavy menstrual bleeding. We can say iron deficiency is important reasons hair transplant for women, women’s weak hair and hair loss in women. Medications, unbalanced nutrition and stress, malnutrition are also factors that cause hair loss. In addition, insufficient intake of vitamins, proteins and minerals in unconscious diets triggers these problems. Every factor that is a source of stress shows its negative effect on the hair. These problems continue as hair thinning, hair weakening and loss.

Hair Problems Occur In 3 Ways In Women

Genetic factors are often effective. We see the problems as a result of these factors as a general spill and dilution all over the head. We can also see it in the upper part of the head. In this way, the front hairline area remains intact. It appears in 3 different stages according to the Ludwig classification. Hair loss can vary from minor shedding to total baldness. It happens in the front, as in men. The forehead becomes wider.

Hair problems in women is the due to the increased hormone effect on the hair follicles. On the other hand, these women are generally hormonally healthy. In women with general and widespread hair loss. If there is hair loss on the back of the head, there is a risk of hair loss. The first treatment method we apply for hair loss in general and top area in women is medical medication. When it doesn’t work, the solution is hair transplantation suggestions.

Male Pattern Hair Loss In Women

Genetic hair loss, also called ‘androgenetic alopecia’, is the name given to male pattern hair loss seen in women. We can see hair loss problem frequently in women. Since hair loss depends on personal characteristics, we encounter hair loss of different density and speed. Hereditary factors and hormonal irregularities are the main causes of male pattern hair loss in women. Anomalies in the DNA structure indicate that there is genetic hair loss. The increase of androgen hormone in hormone levels means that we are at an irregular hormone level. At the same time, we see these spills depending on personal characteristics, seasonal transitions, heavy diets, nutritional disorders, pregnancy.

In male pattern hair loss, the hairline on the forehead is pulled back. It is slowly moving towards the top of the head. People interpret this hair structure as a very important gap and deficiency in appearance. Almost all women who have this problem state that they do not feel beautiful and attractive, and they experience a loss of self-confidence. Hair loss after menopause affects up to two-thirds of women. Less than half of the women experience 65-year-old female pattern hair loss. We solve the male pattern hair loss problem seen in women by hair transplantation. Male pattern hair loss seen in women is not a sudden event. In hair loss that spreads to a certain period, the growth rate of the hair slows down first.

How Much Hair Loss Is Experienced Per Day?

It is not normal hair transplant for women if she lose 50 to 100 hairs every day. Those with male pattern baldness may lose much more hair. If new hair does not grow in place of shed hair, it means baldness problem has started.  Thinning of the hairline in the forehead area in the form of a crown is seen as male pattern baldness. This problem causes serious psychological and social problems for women. Hair transplant operations are not uncomfortable in the first place, and they are more relaxed for those who are afraid of needles. With this process, we were able to reduce the slight pain to almost nothing. Additionally, there is no pain associated with the recovery process.

Hair transplantation allows you to restore your hair without wasting time. We strive for your satisfaction in the mirror of hair transplantation done by our expert surgeons, knowing the importance of and hair strand missing for years. Our specialist team will perform DHI and FUE hair transplantation procedures. These methods are state of the art and will help you solve your problems. We took care of it for you.

Can a Hair Transplant for Women be My Ultimate Solution for Hair Loss?


While hair transplants are primarily associated with male baldness patterns, many people wonder, “do women get hair transplants?” If you are searching, “can a hair transplant for women be my ultimate solution for hair loss?” you are at the right place. Yes, a hair transplant for women can be your ultimate solution for hair loss! The procedure involves having healthy hairs from an area of the scalp with thicker hair transplanted to thinning areas. No surgery is involved; this procedure should leave you with permanent results. Once the transplant is completed, you will see natural-looking results over time. Hair regrowth typically begins within three months of the procedure and continues over two years or more. Hair transplants are generally safe with minimal recovery time and few side effects. With all this, it’s clear that a hair transplant can be your ultimate solution for hair loss!

It’s essential to speak to a qualified medical professional about hair transplant cost and the other details related to the procedure before making any decisions related to surgical treatments such as this one. Your doctor can answer any questions related to, “can a hair transplant for women be my ultimate solution for hair loss?” And advise on whether this procedure is correct for you.