Hair Transplant Day by Day Do you know how the hair transplant works day by day? First of all, hair transplantation is a method prefer by people with hair loss or baldness problems. Today, hair transplantation has become a popular operation. After the hair transplant procedure, the patient has healthier and growing hair. The most important factor that determines the external appearance of people is hair. Hair completely changes the shape of a person’s face as well as his appearance. Every person wants to have healthy growing hair. For this reason, hair transplantation has develop as a method prefer by people with constant hair loss and baldness problems. Good research needs to be done for the best method. As a result of the process and procedure determine by the specialist doctors, the patient has healthy and bushy hair. The most important are the procedures that should be follow day by day before and after hair transplantation.

 Hair Transplant Procedures

Hair transplantation is a popular method. With the developing technology, there are many different hair transplant procedures. You need to do good research to decide which hair transplant is best suit for you. It is a process that does not harm the hair. It is a method that allows the hair to grow healthily and thicker. Some rules must be followed day by day to get efficient results. It is developing day by day.

 How is the Hair Transplant Method Perform?

The grafts start to grow and heal from the 1st day. The day before the hair transplantation, grafts take from the donor area. The donor area is usually the patient’s nape or behind the ear. The reason for the grafts taken from the nape area is that the cells in the nape area are generally more viable.

In some patients, the donor area can also be determined as the chest. A channel is opened in the area of the patient to be transplanted. After the channel is opened, the grafts taken are placed one by one. There are many hair transplant methods. After good research, you can determine the hair transplant method to be applied to you.

After Hair Transplant Operation (Development Process)

The growth process of new hair follicles after hair transplantation develops day by day. The hair that grows day by day will  completely treated after 1 year and the patient will have new healthy growing hair. The patient will change visibly after 1 year. Some procedures must follow from the day of hair transplantation until the 6th month. If these procedures follow, the patient will get more efficient results.

The rules to follow after a successful hair transplant procedure are the most important steps to get a good result. The new grafts placed in the channels opened in the hair transplantation process grow from the first day.

Change from Day by Day

A bandage will give to the donor area and your face after the hair transplant procedure. The reason for the bandage wrapp in the donor area is to prevent the grafts from being damage by the pressure to be applied. The bandage apply to the face is to prevent swelling of your face after hair transplantation. One of the most important things to be considered after hair transplantation is the sleeping position. The wrong sleeping position can put pressure on the donor area and cause damage to the grafts. Therefore, the correct sleeping position should be determined. Another factor is the choice of pillow. Another procedure that is most important and should be consider for hair that grows day by day is the selection of the pillow to use. A pillow should  choose that will not harm the donors.

A neck pillow may be prefer in order not to damage the donor area. Since the procedure apply to the hair is new, there may be a bloody appearance on the patient’s head. In this case, the patient should not worry. There will be improvement day by day. Small crusts may also occur. These crusts will improve and disappear within 15 days. When the procedures after hair transplantation perform correctly and regularly, swelling is not see in the donor area of ​​the patient.

Otherwise, if the procedures after the hair transplantation are not apply correctly and regularly, swelling may occur in the donor area of ​​the patient. The swelling that may occur on the 3rd day of the hair transplantation process will disappear after the 6th day.

Can The Hair Wash Immediately After Hair Transplantation?

Firstly, hair is not wash immediately after hair transplantation. The hair can wash on the 3rd day after the hair transplant. Hair washing is done with special shampoo and lotions. You should consult your doctor for special shampoo and lotion. You can wash your hair daily 1 week after the hair transplant. It is important to do the hair washing process gently movements in order not to harm the donors.

Secondly, a special hat will be recommend by your doctor against the sun’s rays for your hair that heals day by day after hair transplantation. After the hair transplant, itching may occur in the donor area of the patient day after day. This is a sign that a healing process has been entered. It is an important stage to be careful not to harm donors during itching.

Donors’ Healing Process

Scabbing and itching are among the indicators of the healing process of donors. Scabs may occur in the hair within the first 10 days after hair transplantation. The person should clean these crusts carefully and without harming the donors. First step, the special lotion given by the doctor should apply on the 10th day after the hair transplant procedure. The change of the patient from day to day becomes completely evident on the 10th day. After 10 days, a visible change occurs.

After the 1st and 2nd month, hair loss may occur in the patient’s hair, but these spills are a part of the healing process and should not be worried about. From the 3rd month, the shed hair is replace by a healthier and new one. Day-to-day healing processes also differ. One year after the hair transplant operation, the patient regains completely healthy hair. Procedures should apply day by day for healthy hair that grows continuously. At the end of 1 year, the patient can use normal shampoo for his hair.

As a result, Anyone who completes this process correctly achieves efficient and healthy results. Lastly, the important thing is to patiently follow the procedures step by step.

Recovery of Hair Transplant Day by Day


From hair transplant, day-by-day recovery is a gradual process that requires close monitoring to ensure the best outcome. As time passes, you will see even more noticeable and permanent hair transplant before and after results. The hair follicles will eventually become stronger, and the transplanted hairs will look natural and grow as they did before. You may need to adjust your hair care routine during this period of recovery; for example, avoiding shampooing too often or using milder products. In addition, taking supplements to ensure proper nutrition for your scalp and hair can be beneficial. With proper care, the results of your hair transplant should become evident in a few months’ time. With time, dedication, and patience you can enjoy the full benefits of a successful hair transplant.

As with any surgical procedure, it is important to follow post-operative instructions from your hair transplant doctor carefully in order to ensure optimal results from your hair transplant surgery. Make sure you attend all follow-up appointments so that any necessary adjustments can be made during the hair transplant day-by-day recovery process; such adjustments may include changes to medications or treatment methods if needed.