Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey 2019

Hair transplant cost in Turkey 2019 is the most affordable prices all over the world. Many people find it difficult to rationalize the costs of a hair transplant operation, especially when the procedure is done in the UK, where prices are high. The cost of hair transplantation in Turkey is quite low compared to many other countries in the world. Since our rates are lowered by the Turkish government, we can only offer you more favorable prices for the transaction itself. They are also some of the best quality facilities in the world. Therefore, you should definitely choose this country. This country is advantageous in every aspect.

Is hair transplantation less expensive in Turkey than in other countries?

A hair transplant package in Turkey costs an average of $2,100, with a minimum of $1,000 and a maximum of $4,300. It is 25 to 3 times less expensive than the average package price in other popular locations, which is $7,650 in South Korea and $5,200 in Thailand. A single hair transplant costs $7,900 in Germany, $7,050 in Spain, $6,300 in Poland, and $3,400 in Mexico. We have chosen the finest hair transplant options; our ranking is based on the cost of hair transplants in Turkey in 2020, feedback from genuine Bookimed patients, cost of surgery, and clinical score.

What Factors Influence the Price?

Procedural complication The cost of hair transplantation is determined by the number of grafts implanted. A package typically comprises 3,000-4,000 grafts. A doctor’s consultation is necessary to make sure it will be enough for you. You can make the first consultation online or with a photo of the recipient area, and you can determine the price of the hair transplant package in Turkey, especially according to your scalp and hair condition. Experience as a doctor You will pay extra if the doctor has received honors and employs cutting edge technology. Bookimed can help you locate doctors before and after the research as well as actual patient feedback.

Hair replacement method. FUE, FUT, robotic, Mini, or DHI are all options. Robotic hair transplantation is 10-15% more expensive, but it allows for quicker recovery. The number of procedures. If more than 4,000-5,000 grafts are required, you should use more than one procedure. More operations, effort, and grafts imply a greater cost. Services in a package Each bundle includes both basic and optional features. Examine the clinic’s offerings and contact the Bookimed organizer if you have any special requirements. Our assistance will assist you in determining the optimal package for your requirements.

How much does it cost to get hair grafts?: The amount of graft required for the hair transplant operation is determined by the doctor. The kit contains the maximum number of grafts they can transplant in a single operation (3,000 to 4,000 depending on the clinic).

Hair transplant prices in Turkey in 2019 are less expensive than in other nations.

They use FUE, DHI, and Percutaneous methods in hair transplantation procedures. Many people who are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair believe that this procedure would provide them with permanent hair. Turkey is the world leader in health tourism, particularly in the field of hair transplantation, with thousands of visitors visiting each year. Due to geographical circumstances, Turkey has a high androgen hair loss rate, and the nation has a big hair transplant industry.

Why is Hair Transplant Such a Popular Procedure in Turkey?

Hair transplant prices in Turkey in 2019 are reasonable. However, this is not the only reason Turkey is famous for hair transplantation. Many individuals travel to Turkey for hair transplant procedures because of the sophisticated and advanced technology for operations, specialized doctors, reducing problems, easing the recovery process of patients, and maximal graft transplantation.

Since the process takes 3-4 days, they prefer Turkey for hair transplantation. Several folks desire to spend this time in the country. Turkey is a one of a kind option since it is rich in historical and touristy sites.

Why are Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey so Different?

Both local and foreign patients are curious about the various hair transplant pricing offered by various facilities. In 2019, hair transplant prices in Turkey were determined according to how they offered the service and the quality of the service. Besides the method and equipment, there are costs associated with the quality of the equipment, the number of grafts, and the skill of the specialist. The greater the quality of these characteristics, the greater the overall cost and price.

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

Hair transplant prices in Turkey in 2019 depend on the service quality and expertise of the team. In Hairtransland, FUE hair transplant costs 1800€, DHI hair transplant costs 2500€ and Percutaneous hair transplant costs 2500€. Hair transplant cost in turkey 2019 is affordable.

How Do They Perform Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

Following the preliminary tests, you can select Hairtransland, and our translators will meet the patients at the airport. Then, with the help of our translation buddies, we will direct our patients to our partner hotels to relax for the day. We will transport you to our clinic the next morning. At the clinic, we complete your blood tests, and our specialized doctors do your hair transplant surgery.

We will transport you to your hotel for post-operative relaxation. Our customer is solely responsible for the remaining three days. You may unwind at the hotel or spend time visiting the city’s many attractions. We transfer you to our clinic on the last day of the operation and shampoo your hair for the first time. We provide you with the necessary after washing materials and transport you to the airport.

Hair Transplantation Costs in Turkey

When planning a hair transplant in Turkey, the usage of grafts to be designed for the previous regulations. Longevita prefers FUE as the usual procedure since it is less invasive than conventional FUT.
The quality of the scalp is linked, the FUE flight generally combines grafts from the back of the head or ear. After scattering, they implant. The follicle then takes the skin and begins the mending process. We meet the use of FUE hair machines with tools such as Choi Impter Pen and direct transplantation, which is one of the best alternatives in terms of speed and system that grafts can move in general.

The Change in Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey 2019


The hair transplant cost in Turkey, 2019 dated, has dropped further due to an increase in competition among medical providers and a rise in medical tourism from overseas visitors. The lower cost comes with many benefits and is a very positive development, due to improved results and a higher level of patient satisfaction. As the cost continues to decrease, more patients are expected to take advantage of the more affordable hair transplant procedure offered by Turkish clinics. With increased demand, physicians are likely to continue innovating for better results and more efficient treatments for hair loss.

Overall, the change in the cost of hair transplant has been beneficial for both patients and medical professionals alike. The increasing popularity of hair transplants in Turkey is also reflected by its rising success rate compared to other countries that offer this same procedure. Hair transplant surgeons have had great success with their work and feedback from satisfied patients has been overwhelmingly positive. The decrease in hair transplant cost in Turkey, 2019 dated numbers has been a major success story and bodes well for anyone interested in undergoing hair transplants now or in the future.