What Is Hair Transplant Cost In India?

It is wondered how much is the hair transplant cost of in India. However, it is not possible for us to say anything clear about the  hair transplant cost of in India. Because it is illegal to give prices from places such as the internet. In addition, the cost of hair transplantation is different for everyone. Hair transplantation is one of our individually planned procedures. The number of grafts that everyone needs is different. Or people’s health conditions are different. Similarly, people’s age, gender, face shape are different. And each of these affects the hair transplant cost of in India. For example, the hairline designed for a person’s facial features is different. Or the hairstyle applied to older people is different.

Each of the situations we have mentioned is different and affects the hair transplant cost of in India. In addition, price changes occur even according to the doctor you have had a hair transplant. As the success and experience of the doctor increases, the price usually increases. However, having a hair transplant in the most expensive place does not mean that you will have the best hair transplant. Because there are places with cheaper prices and very high quality.

Is Hair Transplant Cost And A Painful Procedure In India?

It is also wondered whether hair transplantation is painful as much as the hair transplant cost of in India. The pain of hair transplantation varies according to the method you prefer. Of course, there is always a pain after every hair transplant. But it does vary in intensity. These changes usually decrease or increase according to the time of occurrence of the transaction. As you can imagine, the older methods are more painful. For example, the most painful method among the known methods is FUT. Because the FUT method is known as a surgical method. And during the process, incision and suturing processes take place. These naturally affect and increase pain formation. Our patients are under anesthesia during hair transplantation procedures. Therefore, you will not feel any pain during the procedure. The pain starts later.

One of the methods that comes after the FUT method is FUE. And the amount of pain in the FUE procedure is much less compared to FUT. Because incision and suturing processes do not occur. Therefore, the amount of pain is greatly reduced. In DHI, which is one of the newest methods, the pain is almost non-existent. During DHI, bleeding almost does not occur at the roots of the hair. This causes very little pain after hair transplantation. If you have pain, we recommend that you use the methods recommended by our surgeons. They will usually recommend that you apply ice therapy or use a pain reliever.

What Are The Differences Between DHI And FUE Method?

  • DHI is a popular method among our patients lately. Because it is newer and uses modern technology more, it has achieved a higher success than the FUE method.
  • The bleeding rate is higher during the FUE hair transplant method. In my DHI hair transplant method, bleeding is less. This is related to the correct planting angle of the hair follicles. At the same time, the bleeding rate has decreased considerably thanks to the choi medical pen used in the DHI method. Because the choi medical pen adjusts the placement angle of the hair follicles well.
  • According to the FUE method, it is possible to transplant more hair follicles to the same area with DHI. Because the tip of the choi medical pen is very sharp and thin. In this way, you have the chance to have bushy and thicker hair in hair transplantation with the DHI method.
  • A wide variety of methods have been found in FUE and have been developed all the time. It is a method that is still being developed.
  • There is no need to shave the hair during the DHI procedure. In this respect, it is highly preferred by our female patients. However, with the latest developments, the unshaven process has started to take place in the FUE technique. Thanks to unshaven hair transplantation, it is not clear that people have hair transplantation. And when her hair grows, it is thought to be natural.
  • With the DHI process, the hair is placed in the desired direction and without errors. In this way, more natural looking hair is obtained compared to FUE.
  • Every material in the DHI method is disposable. In addition, technological products according to FUE are also available. Therefore, it is a more expensive method than FUE.

Psychological Effects Of Hair Loss

The most known causes of hair loss are genetic effects and stress. The severity of hair loss can increase or decrease according to your stress level. Therefore, stress during hair loss will cause more hair loss. With the increase of hair loss, the person may start to feel bad. And immediately apply to care products such as shampoo, cream, care masks. However, these usually do not stop hair loss. And people who are discouraged are more affected psychologically.

Because hair is one of the most important places in our physical appearance. People who experience hair loss experience problems such as anxiety, depression, sociophobia and self-confidence. Being physically beautiful is something that everyone dreams of and desires. And this forms the basis of one’s self-confidence. Experiencing hair loss makes the person feel unattractive. They may not feel beautiful or handsome. This affects his private and social life.

Because being uncomfortable with yourself creates negative consequences in every area of ​​your life. And it creates a decrease in one’s sense of self-love and self-confidence. As the person’s self-confidence decreases, he enters a stressful life. Stress triggers hair loss. No matter what, remember to love yourself. You can get rid of this situation by having hair transplantation in our clinic. Our surgeons in our clinic are successful in their field. And they have a lot of experience. Our first priority is your health. Be sure that you will leave our clinic happy after the hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Turkey İstanbul Cost in General?


The hair transplant Turkey Istanbul cost can vary depending on the type of procedure, the number of grafts required and hair transplant cost per graft, and the expertise and experience of the surgeon. However, it is generally significantly cheaper than in many other countries. Furthermore, a comprehensive range of treatments is available that go beyond just hair transplants. This includes scalp micropigmentation, laser therapy, and medical treatments such as medications or PRP injections to name but a few. All of these can be adapted to meet individual requirements or budgets and provide excellent results in many cases. Turkey is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for people seeking high-quality hair restoration solutions at an affordable price.

If you are looking for a reliable clinic to perform your hair transplant procedure in Istanbul, you should look no further than hair transplant Turkey Istanbul cost clinics. The highly skilled doctors here use modern technology combined with their extensive experience to provide high-quality services at competitive prices. Additionally, it is always beneficial to consult with experienced medical professionals who have experience in this field so you can ask questions and learn more about the process before making your decision.