Hair Transplant Cost

Most people who are considering a hair transplant are wondering about hair transplant cost. Before answering this question, let’s talk about hair transplantation. First of all, it is normal for a healthy person to shed up to 100 hairs a day. However, our scalp produces new hair instead of this shedding hair. Hair follicles that have lost their activity cannot make this production. And as a result, baldness occurs. Although this condition occurs mostly in men, it is also present in women. Here, hair transplantation is the transfer process in which we replace the hair follicles that have lost their activity with healthy hair follicles. It offers a permanent and effective solution to many people.

This procedure, which we perform under local anesthesia, usually takes 6-8 hours. Now let’s come to the hair transplant cost. First of all, planting prices vary according to the number of hair follicles we will plant. In addition, there are many techniques in hair transplantation. Hair transplant cost varies according to these techniques. For example, the classical method, the FUT technique, is less costly. In hair transplantation, we determine the techniques we will use according to the number of roots and wishes of our patients. In this case, the opinions of our patients are important to us.

Who Can Have Hair Transplantation?

First of all, let’s say that there can be many reasons for hair loss. Hair loss occurs due to many reasons such as hormonal changes, genetic predisposition or improper care. It can also occur as a result of some diseases or accidents. When hair follicles lose their activity, different treatments such as drugs cannot offer a solution. In this case, the only option is to plant.

Hair transplantation can be applied to everyone, regardless of gender. However, there must be a serious shedding on the scalp. Apart from this, the place where we choose healthy hair follicles should be suitable. In other words, it should be the area with healthy roots, which we call the donor area. Because in hair transplantation, we can transfer the roots of our patients’ own body. Usually the donor area is the nape. Because the hair follicles here are more resistant to shedding. If the patient’s scalp does not have enough donors, his body can be used as a donor. Usually in this case, roots are taken from the beard and chest hair of men. If the patient has a suitable donor area, we do some tests before sowing. And if we don’t see any obstacles in these tests server, we can plant.

Hair transplantation is not suitable for cancer patients. However, if their treatment ends, we plant. In addition, there are some solutions that we apply to the scalp during transplantation. Persons allergic to these solutions should be cautious. They must notify our doctors first. They will give you information about this before the procedure. Also, we cannot transplant people with hypothyroidism, hepatitis C and serious chronic diseases. Then you can get information about hair transplant cost. Because our prices vary according to the condition of your hair.

Fue Hair Transplant Technique

The most permanent solution to hair loss, which is one of the most common hair problems of our age, is hair transplantation. There are many techniques of hair transplantation that we apply. Fue technique is a method that we prefer more and more recently. Because in this method, the suture scar is not very obvious. In transplantation, the donor area is usually the nape. Because the hair follicles here are more resistant to DHT hormone. DHT is a hormone that stimulates hair loss in men. Another advantage of the Fue technique is that it can be traded in consecutive sessions. That’s why we prefer it nowadays. However, we transfer fewer hair follicles in a single session compared to the traditional method. Therefore, if the balding area is large, the procedure usually takes two or more sessions.

Although the Fue method seems easy, it is necessary to be careful because the hair follicles are transplanted one by one. For this reason, you can trust our experienced and expert doctors.

In the Fue hair transplant method, we first shave the scalp. Then we open channels in the donor area. And we collect healthy hair follicles found here. We prepare the hair follicles we take for planting in special solutions. In the meantime, we open channels in the bald area. And we transfer the roots to the channels we opened in the bald area. However, the direction and depth of the channels we open in the skin are important. Because hair should look natural. Therefore, choosing a specialist doctor is very important. The process usually takes 6 hours. However, this period varies according to the size of the area we will plant. Fue hair transplant cost usually varies around 6000 TL.

False Hair Transplant

Improperly transplanted hair restoration is a procedure we do to remove the negative images that occur after transplanting. For this fix, errors must first be detected correctly. At the end of the tenth day, the transplanted hair gets rid of its shells. And it begins to grow in a healthy way. It takes 1 year to understand whether the hair grows healthy and takes a proper shape. The error rate varies according to the method preferred by your doctor in hair transplantation. For example, in the Fut method, hair transplantation is done in strips, which reduces the possibility of a natural appearance after the procedure. It makes sense to use the Fue technique for this. Because in the Fue technique, we plant the hair follicles we take from the nape one by one. This provides a natural appearance at the end of the treatment.

In addition, the condition of the hair is important for the correct technique. For example, if the planting area is large, the Fut method would be logical. For this reason, you can choose our specialist doctors in our clinic. They also inform you in detail about this during the examination phase. Thus, you will get clear information about the hair transplant cost.

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey by Good Doctors


Hair transplants cost in Turkey come with some of the most competitive rates you can find. Good doctors provide high-quality services for their patients and ensure that your hair transplant procedure is successful. A hair transplant in Turkey can be much more affordable than at home, making it an excellent option if you are considering a hair transplant. With the cost savings associated with hair transplants in Turkey, patients can usually find a package that suits their budget and ensures they receive high-quality care and attention to detail.

In addition to this, many clinics offer financing options so that you can spread the cost over several payments if needed. Ultimately, opting for a hair transplant cost in Turkey is one of the best and most economical ways to restore your confidence and feel like yourself again. The affordability and convenience of getting a hair transplant in Turkey make it a popular choice for many people who are looking to restore their appearance or self-confidence. So, if you are considering having a hair transplant in Turkey, be sure to do your research carefully and find a good doctor that can provide you with quality services while still staying within your budget.