Hair Replacement Turkey : What İt is?

Hair transplantation in Turkey is an extension technique in which your own hair is hidden in a braided frame and sewn onto the donor hair. Many people from the world come to Turkey just for this procedure. Turkey is among the most preferred countries for hair replacement operation.

At the same time, there are many ways to make extensions as invisible as possible, depending on the structure and color of your own hair and the materials used.  It is possible to change the density and color of your own hair without any harm to them, the hair remains in its original state.

What Materials Are Used?

For this type of extension, artificial kanekalon materials are most often used. Of course, the main advantage of these materials is their low price and a huge range of colors and textures.

You can also use natural human hair on a tress, just due to natural materials, the price of an extension will be several times more expensive.

One of the advantages of natural material over artificial material is that it can be reused. Artificial materials are disposable .


Hair Replacement Turkey: What İt is And How İt Works

Replacement, or hair replacement system, is a non-surgical method of masking baldness using posture products, in other words, false hair. With the help of various adhesives, the system is fixed on the thinned area of the head. Replacement is suitable for people with various types of alopecia: the exception is hair loss due to damage to the scalp – cuts, ulcers. The minimum length of a male hair replacement system is three to four centimeters, and the maximum length of such a system for women can reach 80 centimeters. The harmlessness of the system itself and the painlessness of its “implementation” makes it possible to use replenishment in children with total alopecia.

The system fits snugly to the “landing site”, which gives a person the opportunity to lead an active lifestyle: go in for sports, dance and swim, without fear of hair. The mesh base of the system allows the scalp to breathe, and with the right choice of artificial hair, they can be no different from their own and just as easy to style, wash and comb. The life of the hair replacement system is one year. After that it can be renewed, but it is not recommended to do this more than once.

Hair Replacement Turkey: How Long Does İt Take To Wear?

The term of wearing this type of extension is 3-8 weeks.

The duration of your extension is influenced by such factors as the rate of hair growth – the braids should not grow back by more than 2 cm. Otherwise, the hairstyle becomes unsafe and loses its appearance.
The average human hair growth rate is 1 cm per month. So is the structure of your own hair . Too thick and smooth hair grows back faster than thin and porous hair of medium density.

How To Care?

For artificial materials, more careful care is needed and it consists in daily combing and braiding in 2-3 braids at night . You can also use a rag hat.

Materials generally differ in the degree of entanglement. Only the master will tell you the features of each material, or he will help you choose the material that gets confused less with the corresponding request.

Straight hair or with a slight curl, you can comb with a  comb , massage without balls or a comb. Hair with curls or curly will need to be fingered with your hands and cut out the tangles.

Curls – so that they do not fluff, you need to treat with any hair oil or coconut oil.

Straight hair can be ironed once a week , at temperatures up to 140, depending on the type of material. (it is advisable to select the temperature individually on a small curl so that the hair does not melt).


Washing Head

We wash my head as with any Afro-hair – once every 7-10 days.

We dilute the shampoo with water to a liquid consistency and wash the partings. Thoroughly rinse the rest of the hair and roots with flowing soap suds.

Wrap with a towel, blot for 5 minutes and then wait for natural drying. In cold weather, it is advisable to set aside a day off for this procedure.

What Cannot Be Done When This Type of Extension is On the Head?

  • Wash your hair at night
  • Go to bed with your hair loose
  • Go to the sauna
  • Paint roots

How to Prepare?

For replacement, the  minimum length of your hair should be between 7-10 cm. The original color of your hair and the degree of damage by coloring is absolutely not important . This method is as safe as possible and does not harm the hair.

Baldness Masking Systems

There are several types of baldness masking depending on the nature and stage of alopecia. There are full mesh systems, perimeter silicone systems, special silk crown inserts and even elasticized caps that are easy to take off and put on. Each of them has its pros and cons: for example, the mesh system does not irritate even the most sensitive skin, however, over time, the edge of the mesh begins to unravel, which leads to loss of hair that was not sewn on it. The silicone system is easier to care for, but the material itself does not allow air to pass through and needs additional fixation. However, in general, the hair replacement system is considered a more modern alternative to wigs and hairpieces and is popular in many countries around the world.

In a word, with all its advantages, replenishment still remains a method of masking baldness, and not eliminating it. Until recently, it was believed that it was pointless to fight alopecia. Especially when it comes to a genetic predisposition to hair loss. But not everyone knows that modern technologies allow you to restore your own hair. Even in the late stages of alopecia. This can be done in Turkey with implantation, an innovative, minimally invasive way of solving the problem of hair loss.