Gastric sleeve Izmir Turkey surgery, which surgeons perform under general anesthesia and enables patients with obesity problems to lose weight, is a safe and successful surgical weight reduction procedure. Laparoscopic surgery is the most often performed surgery nowadays, and it is done with a laparoscope, which means it is done through a tiny incision in the upper belly. The operation includes removing around 80% of the stomach and leaving the remainder tubular, with no intestinal alterations.

The size of the stomach decrease and the amount of food a person may consume is limited with gastric sleeve surgery. In addition, the taken portion of the stomach houses the gland that produces the hunger hormone. Entering this region causes hormonal changes that cause people to eat less, allowing them to lose weight and stay full for longer. Hormonal changes also aid in the reduction of obesity-related health issues including high blood pressure and heart disease. In other words, the laparoscopic operation keeps the esophagus and intestines linked while preserving the tubular component of the stomach.

After a sleeve gastrectomy, the majority of individuals lose weight perfectly. Weight reduction estimates to be around 70% of extra weight. The majority of weight reduction happens in the first year, with more weight loss occurring the next year, two years afterward. The weight, on the other hand, is usually steady.

What Is The Aim Of Gastric Sleeve Izmir Turkey?

The therapy works by removing the most swollen and expanded portion of the stomach as well as controlling hunger. The main goal is to minimize food intake by shrinking the stomach capacity. Furthermore, owing to the hormone Ghrelin, which is released from the excised section of the stomach, it is a very successful operation for hunger control and satiety. It is a more physiological technique since it protects the natural digestive system and avoids problems caused by nutritional malabsorption. This technique has just recently recognize as an effective bariatric surgery and is to be utilized.

The full laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, often known as “closed” surgery or LSG, necessitates general anesthesia in the hospital and the creation of around five tiny incisions in your belly by your surgeon. The surgery will next perform using a narrow, long telescope with a tiny camera at the end by the surgeon. Approximately 80 percent of your stomach will remove using instruments shoved through the incisions. Many operations, such as open surgery, can perform laparoscopically by skilled laparoscopic surgeons.

Injecting carbon dioxide gas into the abdomen inflates the abdomen. The abdomen is then entered using a trocar, which is a specific tool. To modify the residual stomach breadth, a silicone tube introduces via the mouth into the stomach outlet. So, distinguishes it from the fatty tissue that surrounds the stomach, arteries, and spleen. The extra stomach tissue after that, sliced and separated using special instruments known as staples. There is still around 80-150 ml in the stomach.

Is Having A Gastric Sleeve Izmir Turkey Safe?

Because gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most severe and complex procedures in the field of obesity surgery, you must select the proper specialist and nation. And a gastric sleeve is the safest option for you in Turkey, where the most skilled surgeons and clinics are accessible. You will also protect while in Turkey for your operation. The tests and analysis conducted before surgery will determine if you are a good surgical candidate. Following surgery, you will assess by specialists and provided dietary advice before returning to your home country. With this method, your operation will have your operation in Turkey safely and successfully.

In surgical therapeutic applications, the hazards of these surgeries primarily connect to anxiety-related variables. Even if the danger of death can discover in fundamentally a cause for a negative point of view, especially as an overweight person, significant difficulties after surgery and even if the risk of death can find in the essentially a reason for negative point of view.

Mortality Risk Of Gastric Sleeve Operations

When all forms of surgery assess in general, death rates according to general and surgical types reported as 0.25 percent overall average. According to scientific research, the chances of appendicitis and gallbladder operations are somewhat greater in obese persons than in healthy people. That danger, however, does not imply mortality.

For example, the early mortality rate in cardiovascular surgery is around 2%, but it is 1,000 in obesity surgery. Before undergoing gastric sleeve, doctors at hospitals conducting tube stomach surgery provide detailed information to patients about these risks. Obesity surgery is not a cosmetic procedure! Because morbidly obese people’s life expectancy is lower.

By accessing the belly through extremely small incisions, gastric sleeve gastrectomy surgery conducts. These cuts measure in millimeters. Only very few incision scars remain in the belly since the operation does in a closed manner. In a few months, these lines will be entirely undetectable.

Who Is Eligible For Gastric Sleeve Izmir Turkey?

People who have a very high body mass ratio or who are in danger of undergoing a lengthier procedure such as gastric bypass owing to heart or lung problems may benefit from gastric sleeve surgery. In certain situations, both operations are carried out sequentially.

Gastric bypass surgery can perform as a second step 12 to 18 months following a sleeve gastrectomy. The size of the small intestine also reduces as part of this procedure. Owing to the patient’s substantial weight loss during this time, the danger of complications from the procedure considerably decreases, as is the potential of scar tissue development due to the smaller liver size.

People between the ages of 18 and 65 are candidates for gastric sleeve surgery. A person’s body mass index (BMI) must be 35 or above in order to be a good candidate for gastric surgery, according to the World Health Organization. The operation carries out entirely laparoscopically. Within 12-18 months, patients generally shed 70-80% of their extra weight. High blood pressure and sleep apnea are common side effects that resolve fast. The surgical preparation procedure and potential problems are always unique to the patient. A full rearrangement of food and exercise habits require both before and after the operation.

To Get Gastric Sleeve, Izmir Turkey Clinics

Gastric sleeve Izmir Turkey clinics offer a comprehensive package of gastric sleeve weight loss surgery. Their team of highly knowledgeable and experienced surgeons is dedicated to helping you safely reach your weight goals. They provide comprehensive pre-operative consultation, skilled surgical care, and post-operative support so that you can achieve the long-term health benefits this surgery offers. The clinics also provide nutritional guidance and lifestyle changes to help maintain the results of your gastric sleeve procedure. If you are looking for an effective way to achieve healthy weight loss, Izmir Turkey clinics may be right for you. Contact them today to learn more about their gastric sleeve program.

For those apprehensive about undergoing such a procedure, rest assured that the experienced medical professionals for gastric sleeve Izmir Turkey clinics will do everything in their power to make sure your experience is safe and satisfying. Through advanced technology and evidenced-based procedures, they ensure good postoperative results with minimal side effects or discomfort. This can be especially beneficial for those seeking long-term lifestyle changes or just needing extra help during their recovery period. So, if you are looking for an effective bariatric weight loss surgery that is also affordable, then look no further than Izmir Turkey clinics.