The gastric balloon weight loss technique is a novel weight loss approach that seeks to minimize the amount of food consumed at each meal while increasing the sense of being satisfied for longer after eating just small meals. This form of weight reduction procedure, also known as the intragastric balloon, can help you reduce weight without invasive surgery. An endoscope is used to introduce a soft yet sturdy balloon into your stomach through your mouth during the operation. The balloon is then inflated with saline solution to take up space in your stomach, making it less likely that you would consume significant amounts of food and drink.

A gastric balloon weight loss might be your solution to weight reduction if you’re seeking an inexpensive, fast, nonsurgical surgery that doesn’t require any incisions, sutures, or scars. Gastric balloon weight loss, often known as stomach balloons, is a safe and completely reversible way of assisting with rapid weight loss. A temporary balloon-like device is put in your stomach endoscopically to enhance weight reduction efforts in a simple 15-minute operation. The gastric balloon aids in portion management and the development of long-term healthy eating habits.

Gastric Balloon Weight Loss

The gastric balloon is one of the most efficient techniques for individuals who need to reduce weight due to obesity but are frightening of surgery. The procedure, which involves inserting a liquid-inflated balloon into the stomach with an endoscope, allows for a weight loss of 15-20 kilos in 6 months. The gastric balloon procedure is reversible. After 6 months, the balloon can  remove at any time by the patient.

A gastric balloon is a plastic balloon that is using for downsizing. It is a reversal procedure using to help individuals reduce the weight that does not require surgery. The balloon can be withdrawn at any moment, allowing the patient to revert to their previous state. The patient is sedated while the gastric balloon is being applied. The endoscope is used to introduce the balloon into the stomach. Inside the stomach, the balloon is filled with 500 ccs of fluids. Consider the stomach to be a paper bag, with a third or half of the paper bag filled with balloons.

In What Circumstances, And To Whom, Does It Apply Gastric Balloon Weight Loss?

If a person between the ages of 18 and 60 has diagnose with obesity and has a BMI of 30-40, a gastric balloon is an option if they wish to reduce weight but are frightening of surgery. It may also use on those who have a lower BMI; if accompany by a healthy diet and exercise, the technique is effective.

It is not using on patients who have already undergone stomach surgery and have had a decrease in stomach volume. The gastric balloon is not using on patients who have oesophagal stenosis, a gastric hernia, or a stomach ulcer. This treatment is not repeat if there are varicose veins in the stomach or cancer in any region of the body.

What Are The Advantages Of A Gastric Balloon Weight Loss? What Is It ?

The primary goal is to reduce weight, but if the patient has high blood pressure, sugar problems, or high cholesterol, these issues will improve as well. Again, if the person has sleep apnea, if he falls asleep and sleeps after meals, these issues will improve as he loses weight. As a result, while its primary goal is to reduce weight, it also gives substantial benefits in the elimination of numerous health issues associated with excess weight. According to experts, a gastric balloon can help you lose 15-20 kilograms in 6 months.

What Is The Duration Of The Balloon’s Stay In The Stomach?

Gastric balloon weight loss  come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The liquid-inflated silicone balloon application is a favourite. These balloons are supposing to stay in the stomach for 6 months. The gastric balloon can reapply at regular intervals in certain people.

How Long Does It Take To Get Back To Work And Normal Life Following A Gastric Balloon Procedure?

Some people recover in a single day, while others need three days. After all, there is a foreign body in your body that occupies almost half of your stomach. To adjust to this, the stomach contracts somewhat initially, and nausea may develop. As a result, it is advantageous to hospitalize such individuals for 1-2 days. At the time, we administered intravenous medications to protect the stomach and avoid nausea. In addition, the patient can see by psychiatric, nutrition, and diet specialists. For two days, the patient is giving clear drinks such as lemonade and ice tea.

How Often Should A Follow-Up Appointment Be Scheduled After The Gastric Balloon Is Inserted?

Unless there is an endoscopic issue, dietician control is enough. It is critical for a patient who has had a gastric balloon to attend dietician visits on a regular basis in order to track how much weight he has lost. Fat is generally the source of weight loss. Measurements of the patient’s muscle and fat are taking prior to the procedure. When the patient returns three months later, he has shed 8 to ten kg of fat.

Is It Possible To Recover Weight After Removing The Balloon?

The patient’s weight may return. At this stage, it is critical that the patient continues to have regular dietitian checks and follow the dietician recommendations. Even if the patient does not seek treatment from a psychiatrist after the balloon is removing, he should continue to see the dietician. Drink plenty of water and take a stroll for the patient.

Is The Stomach Balloon Going To Deflate? What If It Goes Out, And What Should You Do?

When the gastric balloon weight loss is deflating, the urine and faeces turn blue. The patient who applies this complaint is sedating, and the balloon is remove using an endoscope. If the patient so desires, a new one is implanting. If a deflating balloon is not remove for an extending period of time, it may descend, but it typically remains there and is retrieving with the endoscope.

Gastric Balloon Weight Loss Surgery Benefits


The gastric balloon weight loss surgery is a safe and minimally invasive weight loss surgery that can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. It has many benefits, such as reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. Additionally, it can reduce hunger hormones to reduce appetite and cravings. Following the gastric balloon procedure patients have reported improved quality of life due to an increase in energy levels and an improved ability to engage in physical activities. Most patients have also reported successful long-term weight loss after completing the procedure. Furthermore, the gastric balloon is covered by many insurance companies, making it a cost-effective weight loss solution for those who qualify. With its numerous benefits, gastric balloon weight loss surgery can be a safe and successful option for anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle.

Mainly, gastric balloon weight loss surgery provides an effective solution for people looking to lose significant amounts of weight without having to undergo complex surgeries or traditional dieting plans that may not yield results. Overall, gastric balloon procedure provides individuals with an effective way to reduce their overall body weight and improve their physical health in the long run.