Conditions Preventing Gastric Balloon

Gastric balloon is a very important chance for people with obesity. Although they have many questions such as the gastric balloon price, the conditions of the gastric balloon insertion, and the side effects, they want to have this operation. Because these people have not been able to lose weight even though they have worked for years. Gastric balloon is a method that will get rid of this problem quickly. Therefore, even the gastric balloon price becomes insignificant for them. Because the important thing is to get the beautiful bodies they dream of. There are certain conditions for having a gastric balloon. And in some cases, it is not appropriate to have a gastric balloon.

The first of these conditions is body mass index. People with a body mass index above 30 and those with weight-related conditions such as blood pressure and diabetes can perform this procedure. In fact, improvements are seen in these diseases mentioned after the gastric balloon. In addition, people who are at risk for surgery due to their obesity level can also apply the gastric balloon method. And in this way, you can lose a certain amount of weight and then have surgery.

However, those who want to have gastric balloon operation for aesthetic reasons cannot have it done. It is also not suitable for people with a body mass index below 30. In addition, there are those who cannot have a gastric balloon due to some health problems. For instance; Those with stomach inflammation, gastric stenosis, and esophageal problems cannot have gastric balloon surgery. A large gastric hernia also prevents gastric ballooning. Moreover, this method is not recommended for people addicted to alcohol and they are not allowed to have it done.

Post Process Eating Pattern

Having a gastric balloon inserted will cause a decrease in your appetite. By eating less, you will begin to feel full faster. But there are also things you need to do. You need to pay attention to exercise and the products you eat. Particular attention should be paid to the first week after gastric balloon surgery. During this period, milk and dairy products will be good for you. In addition, you can consume products with cooked milk or yogurt. During breakfast you can eat eggs and cheese. But they also have a certain dose. Too much will hurt you. You need to consume vegetable puree. Eating raw vegetables is harmful. You should also avoid foods that cause gas. You should not use foods such as cauliflower, cabbage, onion, broccoli, garlic, radish.

There is no problem in consuming fruit puree like vegetables. You should not consume fruits with a high glycemic index. During this period, you should definitely stay away from carbonated drinks. There is no problem in drinking tea or decaffeinated coffee. Be careful not to consume dried legumes. You may have heartburn. To prevent this, you can add chickpeas to your snacks. Or eating bread crumbs will give the same effect. Your portions should become smaller and more frequent. You need to eat with smaller bites and more bites. Try not to drink liquids during meals. For intermediate times instead. Stop eating two to three hours before bedtime. Avoid fatty foods.

Why Gastric Balloon Operation Is Not Considered A Surgical Procedure?

Gastric balloon is not considered a surgical procedure. On the contrary, it can be defined as a transition period before surgical procedures. For example, for a person with high obesity, the gastric balloon is a transitional stage. He should lose a certain amount of weight, then undergo surgery. The main reason why the gastric balloon is not considered a surgical procedure is that the incision is not performed. Also, this method depends on the patient. And it provides less permanent weight loss compared to surgical procedures.

Your diet and the foods you will eat after the gastric balloon are important. But the most important process is the first month. The fastest weight loss period is one month after the gastric balloon is inserted. The first week of the one-month process is also important. The biggest difference of gastric balloon from surgical procedures is that the operation is performed with a camera. In this process, an illuminated camera showing the image is sent from the esophagus. The doctor proceeds by directing the camera. And also the observations. Then the balloon is filled. It also contains a blue liquid. If the balloon can’t hold or deflates, the blue liquid gets into your urine. Thus, a side effect is directly understood and reported to the doctor.

Gastric Balloon Price

The price of the gastric balloon is very curious by the people who will have the procedure. The interest in gastric balloon treatment is quite intense. A lot of research is being done. And one of the most researched things about this subject is the price of the gastric balloon. So, how much is the gastric balloon price? Or how does the gastric balloon price change? Gastric balloon price is more affordable compared to many procedures performed in bariatric surgery. Because there is no serious risk or incision in this process. As such, it is cheaper than other methods.

The gastric balloon is actually a balloon made of silicone, inflated with liquid or air. With this method, the feeling of hunger of the person decreases. With less food, more satiety is provided. A gastric balloon can make a person lose a lot of weight. But some people feel discomfort after the procedure. And therefore they may want the balloon to be removed. Under normal conditions, it should stop between 6 and 12 months, but if it occurs earlier, the desired weight loss will not occur. There are many types of gastric balloon. Prices vary according to these varieties. At the same time, the hospital where the procedure will take place or the doctor who will perform the procedure also affects the price. For this reason, the gastric balloon price is not directly determined. However, you can get a clear price after the inspection.

Gastric Balloon Price in General

The gastric balloon price may vary, depending on the specific treatment plan and the provider. Whether a gastric balloon covered by insurance or not also affects the price. It is important to discuss all financial options with your provider and insurance company prior to committing to the procedure in order to ensure that all costs are adequately accounted for. Additionally, many providers offer flexible payment plans to help make the overall cost of care more manageable. Talking through these options with your provider is highly recommended in order to assess which weight loss surgery option best suits your particular needs and budget.

Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that while the initial costs of a gastric balloon procedure may seem high upfront, these costs are often offset by long-term health benefits such as improved quality of life due to weight loss and associated health conditions. It is also wise to compare each gastric balloon price between different clinics in order to get the best possible deal on your chosen method of treatment. Doing so will help ensure that you get a quality procedure at an affordable price.