Fue Hair Transplant Istanbul

Fue Hair Transplant Istanbul In this article, we will examine Fue hair transplant in Istanbul. Today, the biggest problem faced by people is hair loss. Hair loss faced by many people can be caused by many reasons. The causes of hair loss and baldness vary from person to person. There may be more than one reason for hair loss. Hair loss in some people leads to baldness over time. Baldness or hair loss can prevent with early treatment and precautions.

Hair loss see in women as well as in men. The underlying causes may be due to hormone disorders, irregular diet, surgeries, stress, or genetics. In men, balding occurs with the disappearance of the hairline over time. The loss of the hairline over time means that the hair will disappear completely in the future. In women, this situation is wider. The hairline may disappear in women, but a general hair loss may also occur. Sometimes, chemical care products are used for hair-trigger hair loss. For this, attention should be paid to the chemical care products applied to the hair. Not all hair care products should be used. Hairstyling machines, blow dryers, hair dyes are also factors that can cause hair loss.

What is Fue Hair Transplant?

Fue Hair Transplant is a hair transplant method, also known as a follicular transfer. Hair transplant methods have become a popular agenda recently. The reason for this is that with the developing technology, hair transplantation is a permanent treatment method for a lifetime. Hair loss is a problem that has become a nightmare for most people. Hair can also affect a person’s psychology. People with hair loss show less self-confidence. For this reason, many people want to have healthy and growing hair.

With the developing technology, hair transplantation is a permanent solution. It is a method that can be easily done by every person who wants to have healthy hair. There are many hair transplant methods. One of them is the Fue hair transplant method. Fue hair transplant is a popular method in Istanbul. It is a hair transplant method that most people prefer and satisfy with the result. FUE hair transplantation is an easy and painless surgical operation. It is perform by specialist doctors or surgeons in sterile environments.

There is more than one clinic for Fue hair transplantation, especially in Istanbul. Another advantage is that the best doctors work in clinics in Fue hair transplant Istanbul. You can have more than one option.

FUE Hair Transplantation Operation

With the Fue hair transplantation method, which has been on the agenda in recent years, the person can easily get the healthy and lush hair they want. All patients who have had FUE hair transplantation are satisfy with the result. In the FUE hair transplant procedure, the donor area is determine on the head. Grafts take from the designated donor area. The donor area is usually the nape or behind the ear. The reason for this is that the hair stem cells here are more active. Besides, another reason is that the nape or behind the ear can be easily camouflage after hair transplantation. Channels open in the areas where the patient does not have hair. The grafts take are place in the canals one by one.

FUE hair transplantation process takes place in 3 stages. The patient does not feel pain or pain after hair transplantation. There are rules to be consider after hair transplantation. As long as these rules are observe, every person gets efficient results after hair transplantation.

Fue Hair Transplant Step by Step

It takes place by injecting the hair follicles taken from a certain area of the head back into the non-hair areas. In the FUE hair transplant technique, the hair is shortened to 1 mm. The shortened hair is for easier and more comfortable hair transplantation. The area where the hair follicles will be placed is anesthetized with local anesthesia. Having local anesthesia is an advantage for the patient. Thanks to local anesthesia, the patient does not feel pain during the hair transplant operation. Since this method does not require cuts, it is a painless operation that is prefer.

Advantages of Having FUE Hair Transplantation in Istanbul

Istanbul has become a city that has become a favorite of medical tourism. It is a city with more than one choice. The patient can consult with more than one doctor before having a hair transplant. A patient can easily find the best doctor suitable for him.

Many successful surgeons live in Istanbul. For this reason, Istanbul is the first place to be prefer in hair transplantation. Another advantage is that it is a cheaper city in terms of cost. Hair transplantation in Istanbul is cheaper compare to other European countries.

When the accommodation, travel, and hair transplantation costs collect, ıt will be very low cost. Therefore, it is a great advantage for the patient not to spend a lot of money.

When compared in terms of the exchange rate, every transaction in Istanbul will be cheaper. For this reason, the preferred first stop is Istanbul.

The most important thing is that the most successful doctors you will choose for hair transplantation are working in clinics in Istanbul. Choosing the right is easier when you have multiple choices.

As a Result

FUE hair transplant method is a popular hair transplant method in the world. If the patient is happy after the procedure, it is a sign that it is a successful hair transplant method. Another reason is that local anesthesia is apply to the patient and the patient completes the treatment process without feeling any pain. You need to research to find the best Fue hair transplant clinic. If you are looking for where successful doctors are, you can see Istanbul at the top of the list. Istanbul has become a city that has become professional in this regard. Most people prefer Istanbul for Fue hair transplantation and are also satisfied with the results. For this reason, Istanbul is a popular city as a hair transplant center.

Every person wants healthy hair. Healthy hair is the first thing that is good for human psychology. It completely changes the physical appearance. For this reason, anyone looking for a healthy and permanent solution can have FUE hair transplantation in Istanbul.

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