In comparison to prior approaches, Fue hair transplant Istanbul has recently gained popularity because of its numerous advancements and conveniences. In contrast to prior approaches, it is recommending, since the individual receiving the surgery recovers faster because no incisions are performing on the person’s head. As a result, no stitches are using in the area where the hair transplant is conducting, and stitch scars are not an issue. Because the healing time is reduced, and the natural appearance is improved, the Fue technique is favored.

Hair that has been worn out for a long period begins to fall out. Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, the environment, stress, seasonal changes, and hormonal imbalances. Thus, hair loss is known to be influenced by age. Shedding hair can result in a person’s lack of self-confidence, as well as psychological repercussions like feeling elderly. Hair transplantation can be used to restore the luscious and natural appearance of the previously fallen hair. Your hair is at least as rich and healthy as it was before you underwent hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is done using a variety of hair transplantation procedures. Fue hair transplant Istanbul is the most effective way among these, despite the fact that the surgery takes longer than the others.

Fue Hair Transplant İstanbul: In Hair Transplant, What Is Fue Method?

What is Fue hair transplantation, and how does it work? When questioned about the method’s content, it will be helpful to provide information. The Fue hair transplant process is one of the most popular hair transplant procedures in the world. There are no scalp incisions or skin piercings with this procedure. Follicular Unit Extraction is abbreviating to Fue. In 1988, with 1 mm punches, this approach was first employed in Japan. In 2002, the technique was publishing in medical journals. Separating them from the epidermis, and implanting them in the target location.

Hair follicles are extracting from the donor area and transplanting one by one to the desiring area. As a result of the hair follicle implantation, this approach requires more sessions than other treatments. Instead of punches, today’s version uses a micromotor. The Fue hair transplant Istanbul  method of hair transplantation is a popular procedure. It’s critical to understand how this strategy is using. First and foremost, the procedure should only be using by training healthcare experts. Otherwise, the hair would appear unattractive.

Fue Hair Transplant Techniques: What Are They?

Hair Transplantation Using Micro FUE Technique: It’s a more advanced variant of the manual FUE procedure. The practice of extracting hair follicles using equipment with micro tips is known as micro hair transplanting. This technology employs micro motors with extremely fine tips. The tips work on the basis of drilling holes in the 0.6–0.9 mm range. Thus, the hair follicle and the textural components surrounding the hair follicle are separating and eliminating through micro-circles on the scalp.

Saffir FUE Hair Transplant: Saffir FUE, like Micro FUE, is not a technique. They are merely FUE sub-innovations. Saffir FUE differs from other FUE procedures in that the tips are made of sapphire rather than metal. It works by opening micro chambers in the scalp, which helps to reduce crusting. It also speeds up the recuperation process. Thus, other needle structures are far less healthy than micro needles with sapphire tips.

The term SOFT fue refers to the fact that the hair transplant procedure is aiding by sedation-focusing medicines, which relax the patient while having no influence on his awareness. To summarize, you will not lose consciousness during this procedure, but you will be able to undergo a hair transplant without feeling any pain. So, sedative drugs aren’t designing to keep you from doing things like going to the bathroom or speaking.

Fue Hair Transplantation: How Does It Work?

Fue hair transplant Istanbul takes a different amount of time depending on the size of the area that needs to be covering. For the course of the surgery, the number of hair follicles and hair tissue needing for the transplanting area is critical. Thus, hair transplantation may take up to 6-7 hours if 4000-4500 hair follicles and hair tissue known as grafts are requiring.

The hair in the donor area is shaving down to 1 mm in length before Fue hair transplant Istanbul. Following the hair shortening, the hair removal from the donor area begins. Local anesthetic is using to anesthetize the transplant area as well as the donor location from where the hair will be extracting before the process begins. During this procedure, no general anesthetic is requiring. Furthermore, any surgical method is outside the technique’s scope.

The neck area behind both ears is usually considering the donor area. If operations other than hair transplantation are being exploring, such as mustache or beard transplantation, the expert healthcare practitioner should be informing. Because the donor location has a finite quantity of hair follicles and tissue fragments (grafts). The micro motor tip is pushing towards the exit direction of the hair follicle once local anesthetic has been administering, allowing the hair follicle to be extracting from the skin. Thus, hair transplantation is a procedure that we can do after taking as many grafts as necessary to the desired location.

Fue Hair Transplant İstanbul: Depending On The Amount Of Grafts

Depending on the amount of grafts, the hair transplant surgery may take up to 9 hours. Short breaks may be given during the operation, depending on the condition of the session. During the Fue method, graft removal might take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. After the grafting procedure, there is a little pause.

  • The following are the most important aspects that influence the length of the process:
  • the size of the planting space,
  • The number of grafts needing is determining by the size of the area.
  • Thus, the treatment is being performing by a healthcare expert who has a lot of experience.
  • The healthcare practitioner who performed the procedure’s preference for the number of sessions and session time,
  • Thus, the presence of a structure that can influence the scalp’s process.

Is FUE Hair Transplant Istanbul Mostly Successful?

FUE hair transplant Istanbul is generally considered a safe and successful procedure. Most patients report an extremely high satisfaction rate with their results, with some claiming that they have virtually undetectable scarring post-procedure. Additionally, the hair transplant procedure has been found to be effective in restoring thickness, providing natural-looking results, and allowing for the ability to style hair in any way desired after healing. This makes it a great option for those suffering from hair loss due to genetics or lifestyle choices.

With proper care and maintenance following the procedure, FUE hair transplant Istanbul can provide patients with lasting results. For those considering undergoing this type of hair transplant, it is important to do your research beforehand and consult a qualified medical professional about any potential risks or side effects associated with the surgery. It is also essential to follow through with all post-surgery care instructions provided by your doctor in order to ensure optimal results from your FUE hair transplant in Istanbul experience.  Additionally, due to advancements in technology and techniques used during the procedure, many patients experienced successful regrowth of their natural hair without scarring or other long-term side effects.