Fue Hair Transplant Cost

Fue Hair Transplant Cost varies from person to person. In this method; We take the hair follicles from the donor area one by one and make your hair ready for transplantation. We do this method without any surgical procedure. In addition, we take the roots one by one with the micromotor tips from the back of the hair. Then we plant it in the sparse or bald area. In this method, we can transplant approximately 30000 hair grafts in the open area. We do not stitch at Fue. In Fue hair transplant operations, it is important to determine the root density to be applied to the transplantation area professionally in terms of the success of the procedure.

We prefer this method more for the comfort of our patients. Since we use the FUE technique, there is no visible scar in the donor area. For this reason, we generally make hair transplantation to our patients with the FUE method. Since it is performed under local anesthesia, our patients do not feel pain in any way. We do this procedure in our clinic, under operating room conditions. Also, we complete the application in about 5 hours. We recommend resting for our patients one day after FUE. We say that they can go back to work and return to their normal lives the next day. The hair we transplant starts to grow from the 3rd month. But it takes an average of 9 months for all of them to come out.

Fue Hair Transplant Advantages

We determine the FUE hair transplant cost by considering the patient’s hair condition.

  • The FUE method is a state-of-the-art method frequently used in our clinic.
  • It is the most comfortable operation we have done for the patient according to the old methods.
  • Since it is a technique that is open to technological developments, we are developing it more and more every day.
  • Thanks to the tips used, the operation time is much shorter than the FUT method. So you can save time.
  • Since no incision is made, you are much more likely to feel comfortable during the operation.
  • We do not spend extra time separating the roots.
  • Since we do not stitch stitches, we apply 3-day dressing instead of dressing times of about 15 days.
  • We can transplant 6500 strands of hair in a single session.
  • Unlike the FUT technique, FUE does not leave any traces in the area where we transplant hair.
  • FUE, we can do multiple sessions and we can get more grafts.
  • In FUE, we solve the problem of hair loss in 85% of patients in a single session. We apply the second session for only a 15% patient group.
  • In FUE, we keep the operation time shorter. We do not need extra time to separate the grafts.
  • We open smaller channels in the FUE technique. In this way, we do not leave any traces in the planting area.
  • We do not wrap the bandages on the head of the patient, we are discharged with his daily hat.

Fue Hair Transplant Design

We make personal aesthetic designs using the Fue Hair Transplantation method. We consider making personalized hair designs as the most important stage of hair transplant operation. Before the operation, we determine the shape of your hair after hair transplantation through computer programs. For this, we take images of the patient from various angles during the examination. In addition to these, we view in detail the areas where baldness is experienced on the scalp with photographs. We make designs from various angles over one hundred and we plan how the hair transplantation process will be done. In addition, we carefully make the designs of the person’s hairline and temple areas based on these photos.

We think that designing the hairline requires artistic knowledge. For this reason, we work with experts in their fields. We think that the most important stage affecting the natural appearance of the hair after transplantation is design. The hairline, which is not designed in harmony with your face around the face, may cause you an aesthetic appearance and may cause you discomfort. While planning the personal design process in hair transplantation, we learn the wishes and expectations of the person during the examination and we make the planning accordingly. We take into account the expectations of the person regarding the density and density of hair, and their preferences in areas of hair thinning. We offer reasonable price advantages by keeping the FUE hair transplant cost at the lowest levels. By choosing us, you can achieve an aesthetic appearance.

Is Age Factor Important in Hair Transplantation?

We think that the age of our patients and hair transplant planning is a very important situation that requires a personalized design in hair transplantation. We consider the age factor in hair transplantation planning for a patient in their 30s and in our 40s. Also, we think that the density of hair transplantation applied to a person in their 40s or 50s should not be the same as in their 30s. In hair transplantation, we consider an age-appropriate rarity and shedding rate in our patients of certain ages. Again, we determine the forehead line according to the age. By making hair transplantation quite natural, we aim to give happiness to the person.

Since it is essential to obtain a natural appearance, we determine the amount of hair to be transplanted according to our patients. Since the hair to be transplanted is taken from the patient’s head, we can increase the density according to the thinness of the hair. We analyze the lightness of the area to be transplanted. Accordingly, we calculate how many hair follicles are required to provide a natural image with the help of a computer. In addition, as a result of this account, we take sufficient donors from the neck area. In our clinic, we make special hair designs and drawings for our patients. We keep the FUE hair transplant cost very low for our patients. Thus, we try to appeal to all budgets.

Should I Consider a FUE Hair Transplant Cost Spain?


Spain is known for its high-quality FUE hair transplant clinics. Many of the clinics in Spain are staffed by highly trained and experienced medical professionals who use the latest technology and techniques to achieve the best possible results. The FUE hair transplant cost Spain is generally lower than in other countries, such as the United States or the United Kingdom. This means that you can get high-quality FUE hair transplantation at a more affordable price. One of the main disadvantages of considering FUE hair transplant cost Spain is the travel expenses involved.

You will need to factor in the cost of airfare, accommodations, and other travel expenses, which can add to the overall cost of the FUE procedure. If you do not speak Spanish, you may encounter a language barrier when communicating with the clinic staff. However, many clinics in Spain have English-speaking staff, which can help alleviate this issue. After the procedure, you will need to follow up with the clinic to ensure that the transplantation is successful. This can be difficult if you live far away from the clinic, as it may be challenging to schedule appointments and follow-up FUE care at Spain.