Excimer Laser Treatment Thanks to the advancements in the medical field, excimer laser treatment has taken the place of long, dangerous surgeries. Since the laser is aiming directly at the place that needs the treatment, surrounding areas are not affected. Because of this, the radiation does not affect areas that do not need treatment. This is a great advantage of excimer laser treatment since radiation can lead to more serious health conditions. The development of cancer cells, chemical burns, etc. can be caused by high amounts of radiation. Excimer laser treatment decreases the possibility of any of these happening as much as possible. Excimer laser treatment is mostly used for mild-to-moderate psoriasis and eye conditions. They can also be used in the treatment of vitiligo or other cosmetic purposes. The process, recovery, risks, etc. are all explained in the following paragraphs.

Excimer Laser Treatment for Eye surgeries

Nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism are eye conditions that decrease the life quality of patients. Nearsightedness emerges when the light falls in front of the retina. Normally, the light should fall directly on the retina. Farsightedness occurs when light falls beyond the retina. Astigmatism is the case when the eyeball has a physical deformation. Patients can experience these conditions individually or combined. Using devices such as glasses is necessary to see normally. For those who do not like wearing glasses or using lenses, a surgery that treats these conditions can be ideal. During the excimer laser treatment, UV lights remove a little piece of tissue from the cornea. The tissue that is removed is usually the size of one single hair. Patients who want to get excimer laser surgery should be in general good health and above the consent age.

Patients are prepared for this surgery by undergoing an eye examination beforehand. This way, it can be determined which of the conditions is the case. The surgery takes about two to three hours. The necessary amount of medication, eye drops, etc. will be prescribed by the doctor. The patient must bring someone to assist them. Patients are not allowed to go back home on their own after the excimer laser treatment. Similarly, driving must be avoided until the vision becomes clear again. After the surgery, the patient has to wear a contact lens that works as an eye shield. If the patient cannot wear contact lenses, patches can be provided instead. The patient has to wear the eye shield during sleep and throughout the day. It can be taken off when the doctor recommends.

Excimer Laser Treatment for Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a condition in the dermatological field that still does not have a special cure. This condition is not dangerous or vital for the patient. However, those affected by vitiligo may feel uncomfortable and might want to get rid of it. Excimer laser treatment has been used on vitiligo patients for a while now, and it might be hope for some patients. The efficacy rate of excimer laser treatment is around %75. It depends on the size of the place and the skin color that is affected by vitiligo. People with darker skin tones tend to see better results, in contrast to people with fair skin. Similarly, the place affected by vitiligo is important. The easiest place to treat is the face. The hands are harder to treat and the rest of the body depends on the circumstances listed above.

The best part of excimer laser treatment for vitiligo is that only the diseased skin is affected. The skin around the affected place does not get affected by the laser, thus side effects do not emerge on the healthy skin. Another advantage of laser treatment is that it can reach pigments lying deep under the skin. This way, these pigments can be penetrated without causing any physical harm to the area. Possible side effects of the excimer laser treatment for vitiligo patients are burns, change in texture, and itchiness. These side effects are possible since areas affected by vitiligo are very fragile and can get damaged very easily.

Excimer Laser Treatment for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a dermatological condition that affects nearly %3 of the population of the world. There are many treatments and cures to treat this disease, however, the safest and newest method is the excimer laser treatment. This treatment is excellent for skin affected by psoriasis since it can endure larger doses of UVB. Thus, treatment can continue faster since higher dozes can be given in a shorter time. Excimer laser can also be used in places that are otherwise harder to treat. Palms, foot soles, etc. are some of these places. Excimer laser treatments have proven to be more efficient and safer than traditional treatments. Side effects mostly do not occur, but if they do change of texture, discoloration, blistering, etc. may be the case.

More Information

Throughout the years, many discoveries were made in order to treat some of the conditions mentioned above. However, most of these included either going under the knife or receiving results after a very long time. With the invention of the laser, these problems disappeared. With treatment, cures are more specific and direct. Since the laser is a very thin light source, it is impossible to affect areas nearby. With the laser, only the affected area can be treated. Thus, radiation does not affect the area around the diseased skin or else. In addition, the period of the treatment decreases since patients do not have to wait for the area to heal. Sessions can be carried out in a shorter time.

Excimer laser treatment is used in eye conditions, different skin conditions, and other cosmetic purposes. Patients who want to get an excimer laser treatment should be in general good health condition. It is important for patients to contact their doctor and consult them about their expectations. It is very important to trust the doctor during this process. This way, they can be totally prepared for the surgery. For more detailed information, patients should consult a doctor.

Excimer Laser Treatment: Finished Results are Astonishing


With excimer laser treatment, finished results are fantastic, allowing you to see more clearly. No longer will you have to worry about your glasses or visit the doctor every few months for continuous eye tests. With this laser eye treatment, you are guaranteed a better quality of life. So, you won’t need to look for new glasses or make do with the ones covered under insurance. You will be able to see the world much more clearly.


Like all procedures, there are both advantages and disadvantages of excimer laser treatment. It is best if you contact your doctor to learn more about it and ensure that there are minimal risks involved for you.Depending on your special case, your doctor may refer to you the viligo excimer laser. The excimer laser treatment finished surgeries are dependent upon your unique eye issue. An appointment with the medical team at the clinic will give our professionals a better understanding on how best to treat you. In the coming weeks before and after the laser treatment, you will be asked to take care of aspects of your vision by wearing sunglasses to ensure that you get the best results possible.