With the increasing weight problem day by day, “Does United Healthcare cover gastric sleeve?” The question has been asked frequently. High weight problem is one of the number one health problems of developed and developing countries. High weight can have many causes. One of the most common causes is irregular, unbalanced and malnutrition. However, of course, other reasons other than this can also cause high weight. The individual in this situation should consult a doctor as soon as possible. The doctor finds out what causes high weight in the individual and gives treatment for the cause. In the treatment of high weight, it is important that the doctor gives a special treatment to the individual. Because if the underlying cause is not treated, even if the individual loses weight, the individual will gain weight again for the same reason.

Does United Healthcare Cover Gastric Sleeve?

One of the solutions for high weight is sleeve gastrectomy surgery. However, this surgery is only covered by the combined health services under certain conditions. Otherwise, the individual must bear all the costs himself / herself. Gastric sleeve surgery is covered by this institution when the specified criteria are met and approved by the United Healthcare.

Who Is Tube Stomach Surgery Performed For?

Gastric sleeve surgery is recommended for people who are overweight. The aim is to lose weight by eating less food with the reduction of stomach volume. In this surgery, the doctor takes about eighty percent of the stomach and reduces the stomach volume. Smaller stomach volume means that the individual reaches the feeling of satiety with less food. Thus, the amount of calories that the individual takes in a day decreases. After the surgery, the individual will already lose weight as he can only consume liquid and pureed foods for the first 3 months. However, in the next process, the individual should pay attention to what they eat. Portion control must be done.

Maintaining weight after losing weight is a lifelong task. Solutions such as surgery, diet and sports are of course effective. But the individual should pay attention to his weight for a lifetime. This is true for everyone, not just those who have had surgery or who have fallen from high to normal weights. Weight control is something that should be done by everyone. If the individual still gains weight despite all these efforts, he should definitely go to a doctor.

The solution to losing weight may be sleeve gastrectomy surgery. In this situation, many people ask, “Does United Healthcare cover gastric sleeve?” he / she asks. Combined healthcare services include sleeve gastrectomy if the individual meets certain criteria.

Does United Healthcare Cover Gastric Sleeve, What Are The Rules?

“Does United Healthcare cover gastric sleeve?” The question is one of the most frequently asked questions about sleeve gastrectomy today. United health services meet tube stomach only within the framework of certain rules. Even if the individual meets these rules, the institution may not give approval if it does not find it sufficient. The individual’s body mass index should be 40 or more. If the individual’s body mass index is 35 or higher, he must also have various chronic diseases (blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, etc.). Apart from this, the individual must be overweight for at least two years and must have failed in all solutions such as diet and exercise during this period.

The individual must prove with various documents that he / she has failed in these solutions. The individual can obtain a paper from the doctors on this subject and submit it to the institution. Apart from this, the individual must have a life-threatening condition depending on the weight. If the individual fulfills all these conditions, the institution examines the individual’s file. If he / she sees enough, he / she allows the operation. “Does United Healthcare cover gastric sleeve?” The answer to the question is like this.

Does United Healthcare Cover Gastric Sleeve, What Are The Conditions Of Not Covering?

“Does United Healthcare cover gastric sleeve?” The answer to the question covers as given. However, the person who wants to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery must meet some rules. If the person’s body mass index is below 40 or above 35 and does not have a chronic disease, United Health Services does not cover it. Apart from this, if the individual is younger than 18 years old, has a body mass index below 35, and can lose weight with diet or exercise, the institution does not meet the sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

If the individual does not lose enough weight after the surgery, the person can have the surgery again within the scope of this institution, provided that he/she meets the same criteria. However, the person must follow the rules set by the institution again. One should not forget that combined health services include sleeve gastrectomy surgery. However, it does not cover mini gastric bypass surgery. Apart from that, it does not meet the methods such as ROSE, StomaphyX, TOGA.

Doctors decide on the best and correct type of surgery. The individual who wants to lose weight by surgery should go to the doctor. The doctor determines the cause of the person’s weight gain and gives appropriate treatments. The doctor usually recommends surgery. Because the individual will get fast and efficient results. In the pre- and post-operative period, the doctor and the individual should manage the process well. A well-managed process is the key to lasting weight loss.

What Are Other Solutions To Overweight?

There are many solutions for overweight other than surgery. However, none of them gives as fast and efficient results as surgery. For this reason, it is preferred especially for people who have an emergency about weight loss (overweight people). Apart from surgery, the individual also loses weight with sports and diet.  Every person’s schedule is different because their body is different.

However, one of the most preferred methods today is surgery. In this case, “Does United Healthcare cover gastric sleeve?” begs the question. As stated, if certain conditions are met, sleeve gastrectomy surgery is within the scope of coverage.

Does United Healthcare Cover Weight Loss Surgery or Not?

Whether does United Healthcare cover weight loss surgery or not is a good question to think about when considering getting surgery for weight loss. United Healthcare does in fact cover weight loss surgery, although it is dependent on individual health plans. Patients who are considered good candidates for the procedures will most likely be approved for coverage under their United Healthcare policies. Additionally, United Healthcare works with a network of weight loss centers and surgeons to ensure patients receive the best possible care for their needs.

To determine if you are eligible for coverage of these services, it is important to speak with a healthcare provider or contact United Healthcare directly. As always, it is important to research all options available before making any final decisions regarding Whether does United Healthcare cover weight loss surgery.  By doing so, you can properly understand all that is involved in your insurance policy and be sure you are making an informed decision when selecting a provider or deciding which treatments are right for you. If you have any other questions regarding coverage of weight loss surgery with United Healthcare, do not hesitate to contact them directly.