Does The P-Shot Really Work? P-Shot is an injection made from a patient’s blood which is injected into the male genitalia. It is used to regenerate the penile tissue and repair it. It contains platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is taken from the patient’s blood. This plasma enables your penile tissues to grow and it also has other great advantages. The abbreviation of this is the shortened version of the Priapus Shot. The person who gave this name to this treatment is Dr. Runels. He named it after the Greek God Priapus, the god of fertility (and sexual health). This shot is used for increasing the length and thickness of the penis. This PRP Therapy, which we mentioned earlier, has a wide range of uses. It is used for everything from hair transplants and removing wrinkles to penis enlargement. It is widely and greatly used in the aesthetic field as an auxiliary therapy by experienced surgeons.

It increases the sexual pleasure a man gets from sexual intercourse. It also strengthen the penile muscles. This injection can enlarge the penis and can make it thicker. The shot makes it easier to maintain erections. But P-Shot is not only used for sexual purposes. It also has other features that can cure some diseases. For example, it is used to cure Peyronie’s disease. Let’s explain Peyronie’s disease. Scar tissues gather under the skin of the male genitalia. And these tissues end up giving pain to the person in the erection process. And sometimes they cause the penis to bend or curl. This shot enables blood to flow through the penis comfortably. It cures the sensation loss happening in some parts of the penis and increases the sensation. These are the subjects in which the shot is used. Now, let’s explain how this shot works and how it is applied.

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How Does P-Shot Work?

First, doctors will take a blood sample from a patient’s arm to do the centrifugation. They will use a centrifuge to get the plasma they are going to use in the treatment. Doctors will separate plasma from the other cells in the blood. And then they will collect the plasma by using a syringe. Later, they will apply some solutions to anesthetize the genital area and to minimize the pain of the injection. Lastly, the doctor will inject the plasma into the multiple parts of the male genitalia. The plasma will rejuvenate the penis and the person will feel better. These are the steps that are done in the process of injecting the P-Shot. It’s not a risky operation. It’s a simple operation that usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes. It can easily be done in a clinic, but the environment must be cleaned and disinfected before the operation.

With this injection, the tissues in the penis will renew themselves. And the person will feel like a young man again. There is no recovery period in this operation. Generally, people who have undergone this operation says that the features of the shot show themselves immediately. Patients will see the results a week or two after the surgery. But it might take 2 or 3 months to receive the full results. There may be swelling or bruising on the penis after the operation. For these reasons, doctors recommend not to have sexual intercourse in the first 24 hours after the surgery. And masturbating is also forbidden in that little period. It is usually painless, but some patients feel pain during the surgery. P-Shot usually works. 80% percent of men say that they got satisfying results from the P-Shot injection. There are only a few side effects.


Who Can Be A Candidate For A P-Shot?

This shot is used to help men (and sometimes women) with different sexual obstacles. Men who cannot reach an erection and men who have loss of sensation in their genitalia can benefit from P-shot. Men who have lost their sexual drive over time can also use these shots. Anyone who wants stronger and more frequent erections and increased stamina can decide to get this injection. People who want to increase their sexual performance can undergo this operation. Also, people who are struggling with disorders like Peyronie’s disease, or issues like prostate are great candidates. This injection is an effective treatment for these diseases. Anyone who’s experiencing erectile dysfunction due to psychological reasons or the side effects of a medication can benefit from it. People who wants to achieve an erection that’s long enough to satisfy their loved one can opt for a this shot.

This injection should be done by a urologist in a sterile environment. Therefore, a person should choose his doctor carefully and have it done in a qualified clinic or hospital. The doctor who will make the injection should be skilled and experienced in this field. He should know the anatomy of the penis and the procedures related to male genitalia. No matter how much the person wants the P-Shot, the final decision will be made by the doctor. So, a person should consult a doctor. It is the experts who will decide if he is suitable for the injection. It is determined according to the genetic characteristics, and the anatomical structure of a person. There’s no age limit to get this injection, anyone who wants to increase their sexual pleasure can be a candidate. It is made of the patient’s own blood, so there are no negative effects.

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Summary of P-Shot’s Features

We can sum up what we have said earlier in a paragraph for you. P-Shot is a painless and effective injection that could highly increase a man’s sexual pleasure. It is a great treatment to increase the length and the thickness of the penis. There are also some important things that a patient should be careful about. Since this injection is created from the patient’s blood samples there are no negative effects. A person doesn’t need to rest or take a week off from work to recover, there is no recovery period.

What is the P-Shot? Finished Results are Great!


The P-Shot finished process is a revolutionary new procedure that offers men a way to improve their sexual performance and satisfaction. This non-invasive procedure involves the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is derived from the patient’s own blood. The PRP is injected into the penis, stimulating tissue growth, and increasing blood flow. The main benefit of P-Shot is improved erectile function.  Studies have shown that men who have received the P-Shot experience increased sensitivity, improved erections, and increased pleasure. Additionally, they experienced a higher level of satisfaction with their sexual life.

The P-Shot can also be used to treat Peyronie’s disease, a condition characterized by a curved or bent penis. The PRP injections can help to break down scar tissue and reduce the curve, allowing for more normal sexual function. In addition to these benefits, some men have also reported an increase in penis size after receiving the P-Shot. This increase in size is due to the increased blood flow to the penis, which helps it to become larger and more rigid. Overall, the P-Shot is an effective and safe way for men to improve their sexual performance and satisfaction. With P-Shot finished, there is no downtime or recovery time needed, so it’s easy to see why so many men are turning to this revolutionary treatment for improved sexual health.