Do hair transplants work is one of the most curious things about hair transplant operation. In this article, we will explain this operation in detail and give information about it. Our hair is one of the most important parts of our appearance. It is important in many ways that our hair looks well-groomed, healthy, and beautiful. Even the color, length and style of our hair reflect our character in certain proportions. For all these reasons, people pay extra attention to their hair. Our hair has a huge impact on our appearance.

Our outward appearance also influences the first impression we leave on people. We cannot say that first impression is everything. But it is quite important. Although some people want to care for their hair, they cannot have this chance. Because they struggle with the problem of hair loss and lose their hair. Although hair loss is not a very important health problem, it is very important from an aesthetic point of view. Common causes of hair loss may be seasonal changes, drug treatments, hormonal disorders or using the wrong hair care product. However, none of these reasons causes the person to be completely bald. Well, you might wonder why people who go bald stay bald.

There is also a hair loss called genetic hair loss. This hair loss is a hair loss that appears mostly with men. There is a substance called DHT in the testosterone hormone. In some families, the hair follicles are genetically sensitive to this substance and as the rate of testosterone hormone in the body increases, the hair starts to fall out. It has been proven by research that six out of 10 men suffer from this problem. There is no way to prevent this hair loss. So, everyone must face this hair loss. But after the hair loss process is over, it is possible to regain the hair.

How Does? Of course, thanks to hair transplant operations. Hair transplant operations are cutting operations that give precise results. So, the answer to the question of do hair transplants work is yes. People may have dilemmas about whether hair transplant operations really work. However, there is no one who does not regain their hair after the hair transplant operation. In this article, we will relieve everyone who has the question of do hair transplants work by giving detailed information.

Detailed Information About Hair Transplantation Operation

In order to get a satisfactory answer to the question of “do hair transplants work“, let us talk about the operation in detail. Hair transplant operations are operations that have started to gain popularity in 10 years. There are many different hair transplant techniques that basically have the same logic. What distinguishes these hair transplantation techniques, which have the same logic, is the tools that the doctor uses during the procedure.

The other thing that distinguishes these techniques from each other is the procedures performed by the doctor on the hair follicles during the procedure. We will not explain all the techniques of hair transplant operations one by one. But we will explain basically the same logic they have. In hair transplantation operations, the doctor collects the hair follicles one by one from the area on the neck of the patient where the hair does not fall out. It transfers the collected hair follicles to the bald area on the head of the person.

This operation is like planting seedlings in the ground. The hair follicles that the doctor transplants to each area grow over time and turn into normal hair. There is no person in the world who has had a hair transplant and has not regained their hair. Because this process gives 100% accurate results. People who have the question of “do hair transplants work” are generally people who do not have much knowledge about hair transplant operations. However, as they learn about the operation of the hair transplant operation, they realize that this operation is a very successful operation. There are some countries that stand out in hair transplantation. However, the most successful specialists and clinics in this field are located in Turkey.

It is known that more than a thousand tourists go to Turkey every day to have a hair transplant operation. As these tourists return to their countries and happily, Turkey has become much more famous in this regard. In fact, there are many hair transplant specialists who frequently travel from Turkey to abroad to do this job. Turkey is a country that offers 100% satisfaction to patients in terms of price performance. For this reason, hair transplant clinics are very common in Turkey.

Do Hair Transplants Work?

Hair transplant operations are the ones that experts have proven. In other words, there is no one who has not regained their hair after having a hair transplant operation. As the seedling planted in a soil grows, the hair transplanted by the doctor to the bald area grows in the same way. Patients may have some doubts for a few months after the hair transplant operation. Because after a hair transplant operation, it takes one year to achieve definitive results.

During this whole process, the patient may lose his belief that he will regain his hair. But there is no need for such low motivation. Because hair transplant operations are not operations that show immediate results. This requires patience. The question of do hair transplants work may come to mind again in the first months after the operation. But after a while, he will realize that the answer to this question is yes.

Healing Process After Hair Transplant Operation

There is no very painful recovery process after the hair transplant operation. But of course, there are some important points that the patient should pay attention to. For example, the patient should not let his hair encounter water for a while. Because the newly planted grafts that encounter water may be adversely affected by this situation. And the person may not be able to regain his hair.

Doctors recommend that patients lie face down on a harder and smaller pillow for the first 20 days after the operation. Because the contact of the pillow with the scalp can cause undesirable results. It is also necessary to protect the scalp from exposure to direct sunlight in the early days. After following every recommendation of the doctor, the healing process of the hair transplant operation is quite easy. Patients can return to their normal lives in a short time.

How Many Hair Transplants Can You Get in a Row?

“How many hair transplants can you get?” depends on a variety of different factors. Generally speaking, the amount of hair transplants you can get in a row is largely determined by the number of donor hairs and hair transplant donor area that are available to be taken and implanted. If a patient has more donor hairs available, they will be able to get more hair transplants during a single session. Furthermore, the quality and health of these donor hairs will also play an important role in determining how many times you can get hair transplants in a row.

Talk to your hair transplant specialist for more information about how many hair transplants you can safely receive in one session. Additionally, it is important to remember that there are certain risks associated with multiple procedures being done close together and that it is important to take breaks between sessions so the body has time to heal properly. Asking your “How many hair transplants can you get?” to your doctor is sensible in this case. Additionally, it is also important to ensure you follow your doctor’s advice both before and after each procedure in order for them to be as successful as possible. They will be able to provide you with personalized guidance on how many transplant sessions are necessary for you.