Did Bruce Jenner Have Sex Reassignment Surgery? In the mid-twentieth century, transsexuality was still criminalized in many countries. While patients are excluded, a number of surgeons try to inform people with thoughts that lead society. And on the one hand, they are trying to improve the technique of gender reassignment, even if opposed by their colleagues.

Like many surgical techniques, gender reassignment has been painful during its infancy. Since transgender patients hate the existing genitals in their bodies, it is not a real transformation. But even losing an organ is again. I would like to explain this issue by talking about gender change from male to female as we see it most often. This group of patients is disgusted with the penis they have carried since the moment they become aware of their sexual identity and they do not want to carry it. For this reason, the vagina cannot be successfully created in the first years of sex change. They considered it again to have the main penis removed from the body. Sex Reassignment Surgery Female To Male

In our country, this surgery was performed for a long time with the same inadequacy and it is sadly called ”

Wall surgery“. This group, which has already been pushed seriously in society, has gained a culture of accepting without even objecting to the results of these surgeries.


Techniques have improved a lot after all this time. Many methods have been developed from microsurgery to tissue transplants, mesh grafting, thigh advancement, tube intestine transpositions. Among the existing techniques, we see that the sex reassignment technique provides superiority to many other methods. After a sex change, it is possible to have an orgasm by creating a new clitoris. By using the urethral mucosa in the vagina, it can be moisturized by itself. This method is applied more easily in uncircumcised people in Thailand.

For societies like ours where circumcision is common, the method had to be changed. This requirement is necessary for the sensitivity of the new vagina and the formation of a new clitoris. In the same method, even the small vaginal lips can be performed in circumcised people, although it is difficult.

How Is Care After Sex Reassignment Surgery?

Whichever method is chosen, it is of great importance to use the molds to be given to the patient for a long time. And a conscious cleaning during the healing so that the newly created vagina can maintain its depth and diameter. Also, it is important for those who expect to have children in the future to inform their request before the gender change. To freeze sperm by taking sperm from the testicles, in order to have a child through surrogacy in the future.

Who Can Have Sex Reassignment Surgery?

While there is no legal procedure for gender reassignment surgeries in many countries of Europe, a long process is required in order to have a gender reassignment surgery in our country. Candidates who want to have surgery:

  • Over the age of 18
  • Must be single
  • Must have the report of the sexual identity council. It is important for the candidate’s transsexuality in the process.
  • Must have a report showing that gender change is mandatory in terms of mental health
  • Must be permanently devoid of breeding ability

How to Get a Gender Identity Council Report?

The gender identity council, which includes psychiatrists, surgeons, and lawyers, manages the process for candidates who want to undergo gender transition surgery.

The psychiatrist, who is the chairman of the council, makes it clear that the individual is not homosexual. then observes the candidate’s behavior over a period of sometimes up to two years.

During this period, the candidate takes testosterone to switch from woman to man within the program. It starts taking estrogen and progesterone hormones for the transition from male to female. The biggest advantage of giving hormones before surgery is that the treatment is reversible in case of possible regret. It is not possible to return after the operation.

A transsexuality report is issued for the permanent transition to individuals who are satisfied with the change they undergo after hormone therapy. And the operation process begins. There are sexual identity councils in various universities and research hospitals in our country. Gender reassignment surgeries, council reports can be made in these hospitals.

Sexual Life After Sex Reassignment Surgery

The pleasure zone in the genitals is preserved for both sexes. That’s why the pleasure of sexual intercourse continues. Being ready for sexual intercourse after surgery can take 3-6 months for trans women. Sometimes it takes 2 years for the dildo to become fully functional in trans men.

Risks of Sex Reassignment Surgery

There are possible surgical risks such as anesthesia allergy, bleeding, and clotting. In addition to these, gender reassignment surgeries have other risks. This process gives trans people the sexual identity they desire. It gives individuals the sexual identity they desire. However, these procedures should always be carried out by an expert team under appropriate conditions.

Since the prices of surgery can be higher than the selected doctors and the hospital where the surgeries will be performed, some individuals apply to inexperienced and unauthorized persons and risk their lives by having surgery in unequipped clinics.

The most likely risk encountered after these surgeries are that the sexual organs are not in the desired shape and size. Sometimes a second surgery may be required. Sometimes the created artificial organ may be deformed over time and a new operation may be needed.

Bruce Jenner and Sex Reassignment

Bruce Jenner; was the stepfather of Kim Kardashian and his siblings. He was a character we know as the father of Kylie and Kendall Jenner, who is the exit factory of almost all weird trends. In fact, those who are into sports know that he became the world champion in athletics in 1976. He has won awards in many competitions over the years, and even the records he broke could not be broken by others for a long time. But the day came, and Bruce Jenner decided to undergo surgery to become a woman.

Professor’s Theory on Love and Sex Reassignment Surgery: What You Need to Know


According to Professor’s theory on love and sex reassignment surgery, love and SRS are deeply intertwined. It suggests that individuals who undergo SRS surgery may experience a shift in their romantic and sexual attraction, as they gain a greater sense of self and bodily autonomy. While the theory is still controversial and requires further research, it raises important questions about the relationship between self-identity, gender, and love. For those considering SRS, it highlights the importance of seeking out support and guidance from experts in the field.

Professor’s theory on love and sex reassignment surgery is based on extensive research and interviews with individuals who have undergone SRS. Many participants reported feeling a stronger connection to their bodies and a newfound ability to express themselves freely in intimate situations. This, in turn, can lead to changes in attraction and romantic preferences. Love and sex reassignment surgery (SRS) are complex and intimate topics. While the connection between them may not be immediately obvious, one professor has put forward an intriguing theory that explores their interplay. By examining the experiences of those who have undergone SRS, we tried to shed light on the potential impact of the procedure on one’s sense of self and romantic preferences.

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