DHI Hair Transplant vs FUE

A patient who decides to have a hair transplant DHI hair transplant vs FUE investigates the issue in detail. Although the FUE method is more preferred because it is a technique that has been used for many years, the DHI technique attracts patients because technological methods are used. Since patients remain in this way indecisive, we will make a comparison in this article DHI hair transplant vs FUE. In terms of forming ideas, I will talk about the similarities and differences of techniques in this article.

What are the reasons for DHI Hair Transplant vs FUE differences?

  1. For each patient who has problems with hair, the technique that should be used in the operation differs. The specialist who will perform the operation selects the most appropriate technique for the patient. The selection of the appropriate technique is determined as a result of special examinations and examinations. It is the most important element that allows the FUE and DHI method to be separated from each other. Using the right technique for the patient provides a great advantage a wrong preferred method can unfortunately have bad results.
  2. DHI hair transplant vs FUE one of the decisive differences is the density and width of the area where hair transplantation is required. If the patient wants to do hair transplantation in a dense area, the FUE technique is more appropriate.
  3. As a result of the examinations, if the patient’s bleeding risk is high, it is more appropriate to choose the DHI technique. Bleeding risk is also an important factor separating these two techniques.
  4. Another feature that distinguishes the two techniques is the proportion of hair loss in patients. If the patient has suffered too much hair loss, the FUE technique is applied by the doctor. Even if the patient wants to choose the DHI method to complete the procedure in one session, the doctor should not accept it.

Differences between DHI hair transplantation technique and FUE hair transplantation technique

  • DHI hair tranplant vs FUE the first noticeable difference is that the method applied to patients differs. The amount of hair that needs to be planted in patients varies in each patient. With FUE technique, approximately 3000-45000 graft hair transplantation is performed in one session, while with DHI technique, 1500-2500 graft hair transplantation is performed per session.
  • Hair follicles taken in Dhi hair transplantation are taken one by one and transferred to the area to be planted. In FUE technique, small cuts must be made to the hair by the specialist in order to remove the hair follicles. Even if you recover in a short time in the FUE technique, you may have injuries.
  • In order for hair transplantation to be performed in FUE technique, the hair must be cut by the doctor with at least 3 numbers. In DHI technique, hair does not need to be completely shaved or cut. And in the DHI method, the doctor shaves only the area where the donor will be taken.
  • In DHI hair transplantation technique, the operation is done with a pen. The pen affects the direction of hair growth. In this way, more successful hair transplantation is applied according to FUE technique.
  • In the DHI technique, hair roots taken from the donor area wait very little outside. The roots taken are planted directly in the area to be planted. In FUE, the roots taken remain out for a certain period of time.
  • FUE hair transplant technique is generally preferred by people who experience baldness in a wide area and experience a lot of hair deficiency. DHI technique can be applied to narrow areas without damaging other hair roots.

Choi Pen And FUE Used İn DHI Method

  • A medical Pen called Choi is used in DHI hair transplantation technique. Choi Pen has 15-16 different tips of different thicknesses. The specialist decides which of these tips to treat the patient. The holes drilled in the area where hair transplantation will be performed in the DHI method are fixed and determined as the opposite of the FUE technique.
  • DHI technique can achieve more natural results than FUE technique in addition, it is very important to achieve a natural appearance in hair transplantation.
  • DHI hair tranplant vs FUE as cost; because the Choi pen used in the DHI method is disposable, the DHI method is more expensive than the FUE method.
  • In DHI technique, hair roots are planted in the area to be planted without waiting. Operation time is completed in a much shorter time than FUE technique.
  • DHI hair transplantation technique minimizes injury and bleeding in the patient. For this reason, the patient recovers faster in DHI technique than in FUE technique.
  • FUE technique requires a lot of effort both from the point of view of the doctor and the patient who will perform the procedure, so the cost is higher because the DHI technique requires less effort.
  • If the area to be transplanted is too wide, the FUE technique with the capacity to transfer 4000 roots at a time should be preferred, especially if transplant is to be done for a narrow area, the DHI technique should be used.

DHI Method Or FUE Technique?

  • DHI technique as recovery time is easier than FUE technique. A patient who wants to receive hair transplant treatment does various research and tells their doctor that they want to receive treatment using the DHI method. But this method is not suitable for every patient. The risk of bleeding in the patient is also a determining factor in which technique to use.
  • Even if the DHI technique is a fast and less laborious method, it is not appropriate to apply this method to a wide area. Fue is the preferred method for hair transplantation in a large area.
  • In the FUE method, the patient must shave all the hair. But in the DHI method, it is enough to shave only small areas that will be taken from the donor.
  • Since the DHI method requires special equipment and a professional team, the cost is higher than the FUE technique.