DHI Hair Transplant FAQ

DHI Hair Transplant FAQ Hair transplantation is the most important step for every patient who wants to get a surgery. There are many things you should know before choosing a hair restoration procedure.

DHI which means Direct Hair İmplantation is the newest Technique in hair transplantation. Because of that technology recovery period is so short compared to other transplantation techniques. You can return to your daily life faster. It is the most advanced method for surgeons and the patient. They implant the hair follicles one by one to the donor area which needs to be covered. They use extractor with a diameter 1mm or less. Patients will have a totally natural look after this implantation. The collected hair is directly planted in the bald area in this method. The tools are called Choi DHI pens, and because of these pens this technique is called DHI method.

They do not require the open canals beforehand. Each hair follicle is implanted in a specific angle and direction. Hairs will continue to grow through a patient’s life. You have to go to a DHI certified doctor for this Direct Hair Implantation method. Technicians and nurses should not do these procedures on patients. The DHI method has so many benefits compared to follicular unit extraction technique (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT). They can plant on average 3000 grafts in every session like other techniques. The process takes 7-8 hours for one session. Results will be successful if it is done by professional hands diligently.  Here are some DHI hair transplants frequently asked questions.

What Are The Advantages Of DHI Method?

This is one of the most asked DHI hair transplant FAQ. DHI hair Transplantation is safe, and it promises natural results. You should not worry about results at all. For this implantation, they use tiny instruments with a diameter of 1 millimeter or less. You must choose the professional doctor for your operation. This operation is only performed by specialized surgeons. They use Choi Pen therefore they can open smaller holes in the DHI method, and they can implant hair easily without damaging natural hair. Healing is shorter because of the tiny holes, which they open 1mm or less. There is no canalizing in this technique. You can go back to your work or home right after the implantation procedure. Surgeons can perform this method without shaving the hair.

Which Hair Transplant Surgery Should I Choose?

The three methods have their own advantages, and the surgeon has to decide on the patient which hair transplantation method they should use and suggest which one is better for them. If Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) are done with the right surgeons and clinic team, they are not totally different from each other. You have to Decide with your surgeon the technique that will be more appropriate for you.


When you choose your clinic first if you are from the United Kingdom or other countries, the clinic asks you to send your pictures. These pictures have to be from left side, right side, front side and the back side. You should send at least three different photos. Then they can say if you are the right patient for this transplantation technique or not. They can do FUE with DHI technique without cutting your hair. It is FUE with pencil.

What Is The Cost Of The DHI Method?

Since, the DHI method needs more experienced and qualified hands than other hair transplant techniques, it can cost more than other hair transplantation methods. And the DHI method has the fastest recovery period, and it can be performed with less bleeding.

Which One Should I Choose DHI Or FUE?

This is the most important DHI hair transplant FAQ question for patients. The choice between FUE or DHI procedure is important and depends on several different reasons like the patient’s size of the thinning area and quantity of available donor hair. We believe that this technique will meet patient’s expectations. Both FUE and DHI methods are different types of hair transplant techniques but the goal is the same. They can help you to achieve your natural dream look. The Follicular Unit Extraction technique is the best for covering large areas.

On the other hand, the DHI method can achieve higher density. if the patient has large bald patches to be covered this patient will be a better candidate for the FUE hair transplantation technique surgeon can harvest large numbers of grafts in one session. You have to shave your hair before FUE technique however you do not have to shave your hair before the DHI method.

Why Should I Have Hair Transplant Surgery?

You have to ask DHI hair transplant FAQ to yourself before the procedure. If you lose your hair, you can feel bad. It does not only affect yourself, but it can also change the way others see you. Hair transplant surgery can change your appearance easily. The DHI transplant can make you feel more attractive and handsome/beautiful. It will give you confidence and it can affect your life positively because of this. Hair loss affects thousands, even millions of people these days. It can occur from a number of factors such as hormones, stress and unhealthy diets.

What To Expect After A Hair Transplant?

Do not forget , if you have a hair transplant today, you can not expect a full head of hair by the weekend. It takes a while to grow. The day after the surgery it will look fine, as you can see. The period that you really need to look after the grafts is first  seven days or two week just after the surgery. In the first month some of the transplanted hair will fall out and it is totally normal. Surgeons generally get panic phone calls in the first three months. Generally you will get 60-70 percent of your hair after 6 months . It takes about 10 to 12 months from when you have had surgery to see the best final result.

What is a DHI Hair Transplant? Things You Should Know


If you’re not familiar with hair transplantation, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you’re asking the question, “what is a DHI hair transplant?”. A DHI hair transplant is a modified version of the FUE hair transplant procedure. It follows a similar process of removing hair follicles from a part of the scalp and implanting them into the balding regions. Extracted hair follicles grow back eventually. The transplant is painless if done correctly. It gets its name from the specialized tool, the DHI Implanter, used during the procedure to transplant donor hairs into balding areas.


Overall, it is a minimally invasive process that results in natural-looking hair. The surgery can be performed to treat hair loss in both men and women, and it is especially popular with those looking to restore their hairline. The hair transplant cost per graft varies from case to case. It depends on how many follicles must be implanted and how severe your balding is. The results are also longer lasting than other forms of hair restoration, including the FUE hair transplant. Turkey has many reputable hair clinics offering this service. Learn more about “what is a DHI hair transplant?” by reaching out to the experts at a clinic.