DHI Hair Transplant Europe

In this article, I will tell you about DHI hair transplant Europe. Direct hair transplantation is performed with DHI hair transplant technique. The obtained roots are transferred directly to the desired area to be planted, and thus the roots are not damaged. Thanks to the special pen used, you can have denser hair. In general, Turkey is one of the leading European countries in DHI and all hair transplantation techniques. Turkey is in high demand from European countries. Thanks to specialist doctors, patients go to their countries happily. If you are doing research on hair transplantation and DHI hair transplant Europe, we recommend that you read our article.

In Turkey’s hair transplant operations, DHI hair transplant Europe ranks third in the world and first. For the purpose of hair transplantation to Turkey, there is an intense flow of visitors from Gulf countries, Middle East and European countries, and this is because Turkey is a very good advertising Practice. Now let’s continue with what DHI hair transplantation is.

Hair transplantation: DHI technique

What is the DHI (direct hair transplant) hair transplant method? First, the area where hair transplantation is required is selected. Separately collected hair follicles are placed with automatic Choi implanted pens. In DHI hair transplantation, it is performed with a medical pen in thicknesses ranging from 0.6 mm to 1 mm. The grafts taken are disinfected. It is directly transplanted without opening any channels in the area where hair transplantation is required. In other hair transplant methods, these procedures are done in two separate sessions. In the DHI hair transplant technique, it is done in one go.

The operation with special implanted pens requires the work of experienced experts from DHI hair transplant Europe.  The instruments used in DHI hair transplantation technique cost more than other techniques.

DHI Hair Transplantation Application

Donor hair roots are expanded with the help of a special device and liquid, and the roots are collected one by one. Hair follicles (grafts) that will be planted are sorted separately because they contain tissue and hair follicles. In Dhi hair transplantation, the appropriate angle and correct direction are determined by the specialist. The collected hair follicles are transplanted one by one into the implanted pen. The tips of the implanted pen used in Dhi hair transplantation vary depending on the thickness of the patient’s hair follicle and hair. In DHI hair transplantation, when hair roots are placed, there are no cuts on the skin, holes are created in the skin, and grafts are planted here. After DHI hair transplantation operation, the scalp begins to heal very quickly.

So What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages of DHI Hair Transplantation?

DHI hair transplant Europe advantages; because the tip of the medical pen used in Dhi hair transplantation is very thin, the hair transplant that will be applied to the patient becomes very intense. The root taken is planted directly into the skin without waiting time, so no loss occurs. It is very easy to give direction and angle to the hair planted with this method. In Dhi hair transplantation, the patient’s treatment is completed with minimal damage, and the scalp heals quickly.

DHI hair transplant Europe disadvantages ; DHI hair transplantation is a process that takes longer than other methods used in hair transplantation operations. Both the patient and the specialist who will perform the operation should be patient and careful.  The medical pen used in Dhi hair transplantation is expensive in cost. Because of the equipment used, the DHI method is expensive compared to other methods.  The channels opened for hair transplantation differ according to other techniques. A doctor who specializes in DHI should do the method.

Turkish Doctor in DHI Hair Transplantation

Roots taken in DHI hair transplantation are planted without waiting. The doctor who makes the application should work by carefully examining it. If the doctor does not work carefully, you may have bad-looking hair. The doctor’s importance in all hair transplantation methods is great no matter which hair transplantation method you use, you may experience negative results unless it is out of the hands of a good doctor.

Dhi hair transplantation price; this method, which has many advantages, also requires a lot of Labor, because its cost is higher than fue. The pen used in DHI process is disposable so the cost is high. Although the cost of DHI hair transplantation varies according to the doctor and clinic performing the operation, it ranges from 7-15 thousand TL on average in Turkey. The DHI method is among the preferences, regardless of the cost of better healing of the hair applied.

Europe First Place In Hair Transplantation In Turkey

In recent years, Turkey has become one of the most successful countries in the world in hair transplantation. The biggest reason for this is that Turkey’s DHI hair transplantation is very successful in hair transplantation compared to European countries. The duration of treatment of patients is quite short. Turkish doctors are very interested in their patients throughout the treatment. Turkish doctors are ahead of doctors in other European countries. Another reason why Turkey is a country in high demand for hair transplantation is that Turkey is cheap and also has natural beauty.

In Europe, hair transplantation sessions are very long. Because the sessions in Turkey are short, the patient is tireless. In Turkey, this period varies from 2-6 days, which affects people who are considering hair transplantation. Especially in the summer, tourists have the opportunity to do hair transplantation and have a holiday in our country. In terms of Transportation, Turkey is one of the preferred countries for hair transplantation. As a country, we are highly preferred in the field of hair transplantation.

The most important reason for this is undoubtedly Turkish doctors. The dexterity and quality of Turkish physicians put our country in the first place. Turkey has become one of the cities most demanding of European health tourism. The reason for this is our doctors. In the field of hair transplantation in Turkey, you can get high quality at low cost. Turkey’s investment in the health sector for many years has begun to bear fruit.


Did you know that in Europe, there is a special way to get awesome hair called DHI Hair Transplant? If you want to have great hair, let’s explore what DHI Hair Transplant in Europe is all about.

What is DHI Hair Transplant?

DHI Hair Transplant is like a special magic trick that helps people who have less hair. It’s a way to make your hair grow back and look amazing.After that, The doctors use a special tool called a Choi pen to take hair from one place and carefully put it where you need more hair.Similarly, It’s like planting little hair seeds to make your hair grow beautifully.

Taking Care of Your New Hair

After your DHI Hair Transplant, you need to take good care of your new hair. Importantly, The doctors will give you special instructions on how to keep it clean and healthy. Moreover, your new hair needs love and care to grow strong and look awesome!

In Conclusion,In Europe, you can get incredible hair with DHI Hair Transplant. Skilled doctors, beautiful clinics, exciting adventures, and the promise of amazing hair make it the perfect place for your hair transformation. Say goodbye to hair worries and hello to beautiful hair in Europe!