DHI Hair Transplant Centers Near me

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What is the Hair Transplantation?

Hair loss is one of the most common problems we encounter today. Stress, weather conditions, and many factors can cause you to lose or decrease your hair.

Even if you prefer herbal products on the market to stop or cut hair loss. Your only solution that is definitely a savior is hair transplantation.

Techniques in Hair Transplant in Turkey

There are two main techniques in hair transplant surgeries. These; It is Fue and Fut. But, with

the development of technology, the FUT technique is not preferred much.

DHI hair transplantation is a new method in Turkey. As in other areas, hair transplant technology can change. Thus, new techniques are useful for you.

FUT Technique

In the FUT technique, a piece of skin is removed. It can be examined under a microscope. And then the doctors apply it to the scalp.

FUE Technique

The FUE technique is very common in hair transplant centers in Istanbul. So you can choose it with confidence. Each strand of hair is removed using a tool. This prevents scarring. The FUT technique leaves a permanent scar on the scalp.

DHI Technique

DHI hair transplant is like the Fue technique. This technique is another application of the Fue technique. In the FUE technique, there are all skin transplantation procedures. There are a few cuts in these procedures. The process takes place through these cuts. Yet, in the DHI technique, no tools have used the scalp. Besides, this method is a robotic hair transplant system.

What is DHI Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation with the DHI method, also known as the pen technique. This is a sub-method of FUE performed in the normal method. This hair transplant method is also known as an

unshaved hair transplant method. This pencil collects the hair follicles. In this way, the process area is determined. This method has different stages. Because the pipes to be treated are not opened.

In summary, the processes applied to the scalp and having stages in Fue Methods take place in the DHI Method. So, hair follicles wait for less outside of the skin. Thus, the success rate is high.

Things to Consider Before DHI Hair Transplantation:

If possible, you should quit smoking 1 week before the operation. If you can’t quit, you have to reduce it. Smoking affects the healing process. Doctors will so recommend that you quit smoking.

You should stop consuming alcohol 10 days before the hair transplant.

Consuming drinks containing caffeine can affect the success of the operation. So, you should stop using coffee and caffeine 1 week before surgery.

You should not consume green tea two weeks before the hair transplant.

If you have chronic or acute illnesses, you should inform the doctor.

You should make a list of the medications you use for these diseases. You must submit the list to the doctor.

One week before the hair transplant, you should stop using vitamin drugs and aspirin.

One month before the hair transplant, you should stop using hair lotions.

The hair should be clean and there should not be any sprays or creams on the hair.

Have breakfast before coming to the hair transplant procedure. If your operation is afternoon, it will be beneficial for you to have your lunch before coming.

When coming to hair transplantation, you should definitely choose comfortable clothes. If possible, it can be a shirt.

If possible, the person who has hair transplantation should not drive. Patients should not travel.

Dhi Hair Transplant Advantages

It has many advantages compared to hair transplantation with other methods. If we talk about the advantages of the DHI hair transplant technique;

Fast recovery

It heals much faster than many other hair transplant methods.

You don’t need to shave.

Transplantation is done without shaving.

Healthy hair is not damaged.

It can be applied to completely spilled hair or in cases where shedding continues. Hair transplantation with a natural appearance. Healthy hair does not suffer any damage during transplantation.

There will be natural results.

You will have thicker and more natural-looking hair. This will not affect your social life. You can use it as if it was your own hair.

No root loss.

There is no loss of hair follicles during DHI hair transplantation. The process is done in a short time. In this way, the loss of hair follicles is at the least level.

Factors Required for Successful Hair Transplantation

To achieve success in hair transplantation, people who specialize in this field should be preferred. After all, experience is an important factor in hair transplantation. For this, you can use the search “nearest hair transplant center to me” on internet searches.

Besides these, we can list the factors that enable you to have a successful operation as follows;

1.) Experience in Hair Transplantation

2.) Education received in this field

3.) Advanced health services

4.) Technical hardware tools related to hair transplantation.

DHI Hair Transplant Reviews

The plenty of “DHI hair transplant center near me” results show that more than one person prefers it. People need to see more than one opinion and experience on this issue. Comments of patients who have had hair transplantation experience are important.

In the hair transplant results, you can find the review of people who have had more than one hair transplant. Don’t be confused by more than one thought stated in the reviews. These hair transplant reviews and opinions are important to you.

In the hair transplant results, you can find the review of people who have had more than one hair transplant. Don’t be confused by more than one thought stated in the reviews. These hair transplant reviews and opinions in Istanbul are important to you.