Dental Implants Cost Per Tooth

Dental implants cost per tooth is a matter of curiosity. Most people today care about their appearance. At the beginning of this situation is our teeth. So what is an implant? Implant treatment has emerged as a result of the bad appearance of missing teeth. Implants are titanium screws that we place inside the jawbone. We place the dental prosthesis through these screws. Implant treatment is very common all over the world. Another reason why implant treatment is common is that it does not damage neighboring teeth. You can also chew comfortably like a natural tooth. In order for implant treatment to be performed, there must be sufficient bone around it. However, we recommend bone powder treatment to people who do not have enough.

 There is a canal in the lower jaw where the nerves close to the jawbone pass. If there is not enough bone, the implant will damage this canal. For this reason, we do not recommend it to these people. In this case, we only make removable prostheses. So what is dental implants cost per tooth? Turkey is a developed country in the field of health compared to many countries. In addition, the operating cost is lower. Dental implants cost per tooth in Turkey is 250 Euros.

How Is Implant Treatment Performed?

In implant treatment, we apply local anesthesia to the patient. Thus, he does not feel pain during the procedure. However, before the procedure, detailed examination and x-ray are required. Because with this examination, we examine the condition of the patient’s teeth and jaw structure. In order for implant treatment to be performed, there must be sufficient bone around it. Because there is a canal in the lower jaw where the nerves close to the jawbone pass. If there is not enough bone, the implant will damage this canal. Then we measure the jawbones and remaining teeth of our patient. We use two methods in implant application. The first is the one step method. In this method, we put on a temporary cap after placing the implant.

In the second method, there were two stages. First we place the implant. Then we cover it with gum. And we wait for him to recover. We attach the prosthetic caps later. But in both methods we place a temporary bridge. While the healing process is 3 months for the lower jaw, it usually takes 6 months for the upper jaw.

The implants we call zirconium are new implants made to increase the resistance of titanium implants that emerged with the developing technology. It increases endurance especially in narrow jawbone. Finally, dental implants cost per tooth in the upper jaw varies between 6000 TL and 10000 TL.

Things To Do After Implant Procedure

Implant procedure is an effective aesthetic procedure applied for missing teeth. However, this is a surgical procedure. And there are things you need to pay attention to after the operation. Our doctors will explain these to you in more detail. Let’s talk briefly. Do not consume food or drink until you feel numb after the procedure. Also, avoid hot and cold drinks for a day after the operation. In addition, avoid sports that require a lot of effort for a while. Our doctors give painkillers to our patients after the surgery. However, in this case, aspirin or similar drugs should be taken. You can apply normal brushing procedures to untreated areas. You can then continue with your daily activities.

In our hospital, our patients receive a treatment process that they will be satisfied with when they come. First of all, correct diagnosis is very important in the treatment of dental diseases. X-ray or tomography examination is performed for our patients for this situation. For detailed information, you can be examined by our doctors. Finally, dental implants cost per tooth in the lower jaw vary between 4000 TL and 7000 TL.

Flapless (Seamless) Dental Implant Application

In the past, in the classical implant application, the gingiva was removed from the bone and a new implant was placed on it. And in this method, it is easier for surgeons to see the bone. However, with the developing technology, we do this without removing the gingiva. Gum lift is called flap lift. Advanced equipment and devices help us in this. Thanks to digital imaging, the process has become easier and has increased gradually. Because this system makes three-dimensional measurement of the bone. It also shows at what point and at what angle to place it. Tools called punches help to open the spaces where the new implanted tooth will enter. Thus, the recovery takes place faster. In addition, there is no scar after the operation.

Dental Implants Cost Per Tooth

 Moreover, there is no need for sewing. Although the procedure has been simplified, it is very important that the physician who will perform the operation is an expert. In addition, the physician should analyze the bone dimensions well. Because this is important to avoid possible complications.

Dental Implant Cost In Turkey

Many people are wondering about dental implants cost per tooth in Turkey. It is very important for our patients to have their own teeth. Because in most people, the pain is mostly in the mouth and teeth area. In addition, individuals do not pay enough attention to their oral and dental health. Many patients come to our hospital due to caries and gum diseases. Oral and dental health causes serious diseases at an advanced level. It increases the risk of problems such as miscarriage or diabetes. If you have enough teeth in your mouth, it would be more logical to have an implant. Because in order to have an implant tooth, there must be sufficient bone volume in your mouth. Turkey’s implant methods are highly developed.

Teeth implant in Turkey cost between 200 and 350 dollars on average. The latest and newest dental application is the implant application. Moreover, dental implant prices in Turkey are quite affordable. In other countries these prices are higher. For this reason, most of the patients abroad come to our clinic.

How Long is Breast Augmentation Surgery Take on Average?


How long does breast augmentation surgery take? A breast augmentation operation can take about two hours to be completed on average. Nevertheless, the answer to “how long is breast augmentation surgery?” may depend on the extent of the incision needed. It is usually done around the areola, in the crease underneath the breast, or it can be made through the armpit. The surgeon usually inserts a silicone gel or a saline implant into the breast pocket, which can be under or over the muscle.




















After the surgery, your breast may be wrapped in gauze. There will be an elastic bandage placed over your chest to support it. A little tube may be placed under the skin to drain excess blood. You may experience pain and swelling and be given instructions on how to deal with it.


When you consult your doctor, besides asking, “how long is breast reduction surgery?”, you should also ask, “how much is breast augmentation surgery?” The surgery’s overall charge will change depending on certain elements associated with breast augmentation. These include the surgeon’s charge, the implants’ cost, the clinic’s rate, and aftercare. Your type of implant of choice will change the surgery’s cost. Silicone implants are known to be more expensive than saline ones. Please consult with a few different surgeons to get their estimates.