Dany Touma Hair Transplant

For laser hair removal, Dr. Touma has done extensive research on techniques to reduce the pain and adverse effects of treatment, as well as on photodynamic therapy for precancerous lesions and skin rejuvenation. Skin cancer, liposuction and hair transplantation are among his areas of competence in the field of dermatologic surgery. Many doctors throughout the world have been taught by Dany Touma Hair Transplant in the use of laser and non-laser surgical and cosmetic operations.

Patients can benefit from hair transplant kits that include everything. Everything you need to stay and travel is included in these packages. For a long time, many people have been to his clinic for hair transplant procedures because of the high quality of the facilities and their extensive experience. Some of these centers employ hair transplant surgeons and translators who are professionals in their fields.

Dany Touma Hair Transplant Method

The ARTAS hair transplant can help both men and women who have lost their hair. As long as you’re not allergic, it’s safe to use. The ARTAS System utilizes highly intelligent computer algorithms and precise robots for follicular unit excision (FUE) surgery. Robotics may be an even better addition to the classic FUE procedure, according to this study.

In addition to robotic FUE, Artas Robotic Hair Transplant is also an option. It’s not uncommon for ARTAS punch sizes to be many times larger than those of manual FUE punches. As a result, it takes a long time and is not as accurate as it should be. A smaller number of transplantable grafts can be obtained from the donor site because ARTAS has difficulty extracting the most viable grafts.

Pre-treatment imaging is utilized by robotic hair transplants so that doctors can identify the most suitable candidates for hair extraction and implantation. To determine the number of grafts required, the procedure is still not as precise as a doctor’s examination and the Norwood scale. For those with dark, straight hair, this is a fantastic option. With light or wavy hair, it doesn’t fare well. Robotic systems can only extract hair from the back of the scalp, therefore only that area can be harvested. You should use caution when using these punches.

Artas Hair Transplant Performed By Dany Touma

In terms of operation, a robotic hair transplant is identical to a FUE hair transplant. When you come in for your procedure, we’ll trim the hair in the donor area to a shorter length. The doctor will be able to locate and remove the hair follicles more easily this way. Cameras are then used to map the donor area, and the ARTAS robotic system identifies the best follicles to harvest depending on the quality of the hair. In the next step, a robotic arm will use Dermal punches to remove individual hair follicles, which will subsequently be manually transplanted by a doctor utilizing new ways to make the transplant look and heal properly

Hair Transplant FUE vs. Artas

The ARTAS robotic system maps the donor area and selects the best follicles from it because of the hair’s specific characteristics. Finally, a doctor will manually transplant individual hair follicles utilizing new procedures that make the transplant look and heal naturally, using small dermal punches that are able to handle by a robotic arm. FUE and robotic procedures both use the same method to remove hair from the back of the head.. For many people with hair loss, the only difference is that their doctor will extract each follicle by hand before implanting the grafts.

Is there a better option when it comes to hair transplantation? The ARTAS robot, on the other hand, is still in its infancy and will take a long time to mature. The purpose of a hair transplant is not simply to place as many grafts as feasible; rather, you want to maximize the appearance of the hair follicles in your donor location.

Only by digitally charting the hair follicles that will be removed can patients benefit from robotic hair transplants. A machine like this isn’t seldom used by surgeons before manually pulling hair from patients to select grafts.

Dany Touma Hair Transplant Cost

Several hair transplant facilities charge by the hair graft, rather than the time it takes to complete a procedure. It’s possible to pay $15 for each graft if you have a large number. Any additional expenses incurred before, during, or after the hair transplant have not included. An FUE hair transplant or any other manual hair transplant process that has been able to show to work is much less expensive than this.

The automated robotic hair transplant equipment represents a significant advancement in the use of the FUE technique. Two critical phases in a hair transplant are sped up by this robotics technology. A good reputation has been able to establish for robotic hair transplantation in the field of hair restoration procedures. This technique yields better-quality hair while also speeding up the hair collection process. Hair transplant procedures can be sped up and improved by this method. However, you won’t have hair that resembles your own when you use this method.

Dany Touma Hair Transplant Results

In the past, there were procedures that were a touch uncomfortable at times, but they were effective nonetheless. You might ask if robotic hair transplantation is as hard on your body as those procedures are. Surgery using Robotic Hair Restoration has a low risk of discomfort.

For example, suppose that you’d like to have a standard hair transplant performed. That might cost you as much as $10,000. The cost of having your hair transplant with a robot can reach $18,000. As a result, costs may vary based on what you want and where you live. However, the price difference will be negligible. To get a natural-looking, long-lasting result, the ARTAS hair transplant procedure is ablew to use. In contrast, new hair growth is visible after three months and continues to grow for a year. Due to the fact that ARTAS hair transplant results are long-lasting, they are free to be consider to be.

Hair Transplantation Turkey vs. US Differences


The differences between hair transplantation Turkey vs. US can be summed up in terms of cost, quality of service, and availability. In general, hair transplant procedures are far more affordable in Turkey, but this does not necessarily mean that you should expect poorer quality results. On the contrary, many patients report excellent outcomes from experienced surgeons in both countries. Additionally, there is a wider range of options available to patients in the US due to its larger population and greater resources for treatment. Ultimately, it is important for individuals to choose the procedure that works best for them based on their financial situation and desired outcome.

Researching both countries thoroughly can help patients make an informed decision about which hair transplant procedure is right for them. When making a decision about hair transplantation procedures, it is also important to consider other factors such as post-operative care. When considering undergoing a hair transplantation Turkey vs. US, it is important to keep quality of care top of mind; research prospective clinics thoroughly to ensure you get the best possible outcome from your procedure. If you are looking for an affordable way to restore your hairline, then comparing these two countries might be worth exploring.