Dalton Pompey Hair Transplant

Many people, including celebrities, suffer from hair loss. Dalton Pompey, the famous baseball player, is also one who has faced this problem. Therefore, he preferred the hair transplantation method against the problem of hair loss. Dalton Pompey hair transplant was carried out in Turkey. In this respect, Turkey is a country where many people come to make hair transplants. People, who are investigating Dalton Pompey hair transplant, wondering why he chose Turkey. Before learning that why people prefer Turkey let’s see what a hair transplant is.

Why Does Hair Loss Occur?

Causes of hair loss are:

  • Genetic factors: The causes of hair loss in women and men are different. Hair loss seen in men is hair loss that depends on the hormones of men. This type of hair loss is chronic. Also, with advancing age, baldness occurs. As a result, people have a hair transplant.
  • Skin problems: Skin and internal diseases can also cause hair loss. If these diseases affect the hair, hair loss may be inevitable. These diseases are fungal, eczema, psoriasis, acne. Also, excessively oily skin and lichen disease. For the treatment of these spills, skin disease needs to be treated.
  • Wrong eating habits: Hair loss due to nutritional reasons is another common factor. The vitality of the hair requires it to be nourished. If you do not consume a regular and balanced diet, this will cause your hair to fall out. In addition, if you consume foods high in carbohydrates, long-term hunger, a uniform diet, these affect the hair.
  • Cosmetic factors: Increasing cosmetic habits are other factors that cause mechanical, chemical, and physical hair loss. In other words, bleaches, blow-dry processes, exposed to excessive heat cause hair loss by damaging the hair from the outside. Also, dyes used to lighten hair, tying the hair tight, straightening methods, inner bonnets cause hair loss.

What Is A Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a hair transfer process. Hair follicles are taken from the area where it is stronger and denser. Afterward, doctors transfer follicles to the area where hair loss is. Strong and dense hair follicles are usually located on the back of the head, in the nape of the neck. Sometimes doctors also use the beard and chest area with strong hair follicles as donor areas. However, doctors do not prefer it. Because the retention rate of hair follicles in the beard and chest areas is low. It is not as high as the hair follicles, especially in the hair.

Doctors do some tests before hair transplantation. In this way, doctors determine whether the area is suitable for hair transplantation. Also, doctors decide which hair transplantation method to apply. The hair transplantation process takes between 4-8 hours. After the operation, the patient can continue to his daily life. After the hair transplant procedure, the patient will have a very natural hair appearance. In addition, a natural appearance was obtained as a result of Dalton Pompey hair transplant.

Why Is A Hair Transplant Needed?

Every existing hair strand has a life cycle. Each hair strand lives for 4-6 years and then falls. Hair loss is an extremely natural process. Hair loss can have very different causes. The important thing is to be able to determine this cause and to apply the appropriate treatment method. That’s why people have a hair transplant.

Who Cannot Have Hair Transplant?

Not every person can have a hair transplant. There are many different reasons for this. Who can not have a hair transplant:

  • Hepatitis C disease
  • HIV – those with AIDS
  • Those with Pseudopelade and Lichen planus disease
  • For those whose donor area is not sufficient
  • For those with serious chronic conditions
  • Those with problems such as heart, liver failure, diabetes, kidney failure, and blood pressure
  • Under the age of 18

Does Hair Transplant Give Successful Results?

Doctors use new modern methods in hair transplantation. In this way, doctors achieve much higher success rates. Thanks to the new generation of hair transplant techniques and hair transplant professional teams, the success rates have gradually increased. The continuous development of medicine and technology can achieve more successful results in hair transplantation day by day. Besides, innovative and innovative approaches help to achieve successful results. Quite natural results can be obtained in the processes performed. Techniques to be applied to achieve successful results in hair transplantation operations should be patient-oriented, that is, personal. The analyzes made before the operation and the hair transplantation technique decided are very effective in the success rate. Besides, a high success rate has been obtained as a result of the Dalton Pompey hair transplant.

Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Prices

There are multiple factors affecting hair transplant prices. The hair transplant method to be applied in operation is one of the factors that determine the hair transplant prices. Hair transplant prices vary according to many different factors.

  • Hair transplant technique to be applied in the operation,
  • Price policy of the hair transplant center (Some hair transplant centers prefer a price policy per graft.)
  • Additional applications to be used in hair transplantation (PRP, Mesotherapy, etc.)
  • The area where hair transplantation will be performed

These factors are the main factors affecting hair transplant prices.

Hair Transplant In Turkey

Today, doctors in Turkey is doing successfully rhinoplasty, nasal tip surgery, aesthetic lip, chin almost every aesthetic plastic surgery. Besides, many of the men and women in different parts of Europe and the United States is coming to Turkey. These people prefer treatments such as cases, wrinkle removal, mesotherapy. At the same time, they also have aesthetic treatments such as laser epilation and hair transplant.

However, Turkey’s most popular aesthetic-that plantation area in recent years in the health field. In Turkey, plantation, cultivation eyebrows, beard cultivation, in areas such as mustache is achieved very successful results. According to many foundations, hair transplant specialists are very successful in making and applying personalized plans. The success rate of similar transactions in Turkey is explained as one of the reasons being high. Also, Dalton Pompey hair transplant is another reason for hair removal and restoration in Turkey.