Can You Have Long Hair With A Hair Transplant?

Can you have long hair with a hair transplant? When using the method for hair transplant for long hair in Turkey, no hair is cut at all. Hair from the back of the head is used as a donor, and it is not cut or trimmed for as long as possible before it is transplanted to an area of the scalp that is balding or has few hairs. The rest of the procedure is the same as a typical FUE hair transplant, including the care you need after the transplant. People who want long hair are the ones who ask for hair transplants the most, especially on the right and left sides of their foreheads and on top of their heads.

Long hair FUE is a lifesaver for people who have bald spots or alopecia areata in certain areas. In these places, a medical pen is used to draw the piece that will be transplanted.

The area that is going bald is then filled with hair follicles taken from the neck and changed genetically so they won’t fall out. The donor area is sterilized, but the hair length. It hasn’t been changed in any way (maximum 25 cm in length). The same-length hairs from the donor area are taken and put into the area that needs hair.

How Can You Have Long Hair With A Hair Transplant?

In this process, no scissors or razors are used, so the hair is not damaged. The length of the hair is the same after a hair transplant as it was before the procedure. Because the transplanted hair is usually long, the full effect of the hair transplant may be seen right away.

Because of the surgery, scarring is much less likely to happen. This procedure doesn’t affect people’s social lives because it doesn’t involve shortening or cutting the hair.

After  hair transplant, the patient’s happiness and well-being go through the roof because of the immediate and deep psychological benefits. The fullness and change of the hair can be seen even after the procedure.

Most surgeries take around seven hours. In about three hours, the hair follicles are taken out, the channels are opened, and the roots are moved. Every person’s experience will be a little bit different. The surgery doesn’t hurt, and the patient is told to take it easy for the first three days afterward. The procedure of hair transplantation, which became popular in 2010 and keeps getting more popular, came with a lot of problems. When hair transplants first started, people who wanted them had to shave their hair.

Where Can You Have Long Hair With A Hair Transplant?

For people who had been dealing with baldness for a long time, going back into society with no hair was sometimes a nightmare. Because of this, a lot of people have stopped getting hair transplants. In 2015, we can say that the long hair transplant procedure made the FUE technique work better. Even though there are only a small number of hair transplant clinics in the U.S. With the FUE method, it is now possible to transplant long hair without cutting any of the patient’s hair.

There is no difference between using Fue to transplant long hair and using any other method to transplant hair. Long hair transplantation is different from other hair transplants because no cutting or scraping is done before the hair is put in. Long hair transplantation, which is usually done on people with thinning hair, has a number of benefits, such as a chance at good luck. It is important to choose a specialist to do this procedure, which is called Long Hair Transplantation with Fue Technique in the U.S. and Long Hair Fue Tech everywhere else. Since it is a more complicated method, it should be more reliable, skilled, and up-to-date. Because it is hard to put this strategy into action, it is a whole process in which better decisions have to be made in a smaller area.

Long Hair Transplant In Turkey

The part of the forehead called the “horn area” is where hair loss and baldness are most common. The right and left corners make this. People usually call these areas a man’s “top hair,” and they are the first to go bald. So, people who are losing hair in this area tend to choose long hair transplantation. In the empty area, a special pen is used to mark off the area that will be planted. About 40–45 graft roots can grow to the size of the head of a finger.

This is because the area is not clean, there isn’t much room for planting, and the job is hard. After planting in the places the person tells him or her to, the person can go back to his or her normal life when the work is done. It would not be a lie to say that there is no sign of a scar and that no one can tell you had hair transplants. Long hair transplants cost a little more than other kinds of transplants. Since it is harder to do and takes more time than other methods of transplantation.

Benefits Of Long Hair Transplant

You don’t have to shave your head. After hair transplantation, there is no picture of an ugly head with red scratches. You can change the way your social network works right away. You don’t have to keep track of how fast your hair is growing back every minute or wait a year for it to grow back.
It has a lot of good points. Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to the other parts of life to list the reasons with this item. Because of this, a lot of people take part in both business and social activities. People who have never had a zero- or three-number haircut might find it hard to cut their hair so short. In this case, it’s one of the two. People who do their hair in a way that is different from what most people do may get a response from those around them. Long-term hair transplantation has made these kinds of problems go away.

Did Joey Lawrence have a Hair Transplant? You Can Get One Too!


So, you’re wondering, “did Joey Lawrence have a hair transplant?”. The answer is yes. The actor, like many men, has undergone hair transplantation in order to restore his hair. If you think you need a hair transplant, you might want to get in touch with your doctor and discuss your options. Hair transplant costs vary depending on several factors such as the type of transplant, the expertise and the location. Some countries are very expensive when it comes to cosmetic procedures, and insurance plans generally don’t cover them. This includes treatments and surgeries for hair restoration. Turkey, incidentally, is among a number of countries that have developed a medical tourism industry around various procedures, including hair treatment.

Turkey’s men hair transplant industry is developing fast. Better yet, the sector upholds the highest standards of hygiene and best practices, making it a great choice for patients. You can even get consultations from the medical team at the clinic to review your options. You can also ask them a number of questions, including, “did Joey Lawrence have a hair transplant?” and go over the procedure he had done to get a great hairline.