Can you get a hair transplant without shaving Shaving off the hair is an important step during the hair transplantation process, but can you get a hair transplant surgery without shaving your head?

Individuals from around the world desire a head full of hair, however did you know that shaving your hair is part of the process? This step might not sound appealing at all. The most commonly asked question is whether patients can undergo the surgery without involving the shaving step. Luckily, doctors have come up with new innovative techniques to perform the transplantation without shaving of the hair.

This is great news to those who like their hair and wish to keep it.

Can you get a hair transplant without shaving your head?

Yes, you can. It is entirely possible to undergo a hair transplantation procedure without shaving off the hair. There are many reason why some patients do not wish to have their hair completely shaven off. Our hair is a vital part of our overall appearance. Potential candidates might hesitate to have their most important feature removed.

Especially female patients who like to wear their hair long, would be appalled at the idea of having to shave their hair.

Despite the many concerns patients have when it comes to shaving the hair, there are several benefits shaving the hair can offer. It is challenging for doctors to fully reach the roots due to a head full of hair standing in the way. When the hair is shaven, surgeons can easily have a better view of what they are doing, and perform the surgery in a more precise manner.

A shaved head also requires very little maintenance. Patients can easily apply after care products on to their newly transplanted areas. Furthermore, the risk of accidentally dislodging the grafts are minimal. The hair follicle will be too short to tear it out anyway.

Even with all its perks, patients might still hesitate at the idea. And if that is the case, luckily there are many methods that help effectively transplant the hair without shaving it.

There are techniques available that dose not require shaving of the head. Patients who would like to keep their hair have two options to choose from. The FUE and DHI method. These two methods can effectively transplant the hair by extracting the hair directly from its roots and implanting them on the balding areas.

Both the FUE and DHI methods are performed in a similar manner.

How Can Patients Have A hair transplant without shaving Their Head?

Hair transplant procedures are great, this is due to the fact that patients have a say on how they want their hair to be transplanted. Patients can also choose how much of their hair they would like to keep. There are a variety of options to choose from.

There are two ways you can undergo hair transplantation surgery without the surgeon resorting to shaving the entire head.

Partially Shaved Hair Transplant 

As it says in the name, a part of the hair is shaved off instead. Surgeons only shave a small area off the scalp. Once the area is shaved, patients can hide the shaven spot with the rest of their hair. Patients with a long length of hair are suitable for this method. The partially shaved hair transplant procedure is quite beneficial. The scabs and wounds that occur after the session is over, wont be visible, since the hair will be able to cover it up. Meanwhile patients with shaved hair, will have to wear head caps to disguise the wounds.

This method can only be done on patients with long hair. The whole point of this method is patients with long locks of hair, get to undergo hair transplant surgery while also keeping every strand of their hair intact.

Partially shaved hair transplant is not always beneficial. There are certain drawbacks to consider before deciding if this method is right for you.

This procedure might require multiple revisions in order to achieve a favorable outcome. You might not have the patients to go though with constant revisions. Therefore it might not always be a reliable option. This mostly depends on the individuals time schedule.

Because DHI is used for this procedure, the cost is expensive. Not everyone has the budget to receive this method.

Surgeons might run the risk of over grafting the small shaven area. Because the shaven area is much smaller than how it usually is supposed to be, surgeons could extract too much of the hair follicles leading to a permanent bald spot.

Complete Unshaved Hair Transplant 

Among all the other options, this method is by far the most favored one, out of all the others. With this method, the doctors completely refrain from shaving the patients hair. The patients get to keep the length of their hair. Which is great new for those who wish to keep its length. Doctors use a special extracting device to remove the hair follicles. The device is then used to insert the removed hair follicles onto the exposed areas. This strategy is quick and efficient.

One of the major benefits to this method is, you get to keep all of your hair. In addition, the patients hair, get to hide their after surgery wounds and crusty scabs. Nobody wants to walk around with a bruised head but when we get to keep all our hair, that wont be the case.

Only a few hair follicles are grafted during the surgery. Because the number of transplanted hair is little, the recovery phase lasts a shorter time.

Performing this method is laborious and not at all easy. Surgeons working at your local hair clinic, must be highly trained and skilled in transplanting long hair follicles and planting them in a accurate manner. The procedure also takes a longer time to complete compared to other methods.

Patients must be familiar with how the procedure is done, and what outcome they can expect from it.

With a talented and well trained team of surgeons your hair is capable of receiving the best treatment.

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Prospective patients should also take advantage of modern technology when researching potential clinics or surgeons before traveling to Turkey. Thanks to online hair transplant Turkey reviews and testimonials, it is easier than ever to make sure that you’re making a sound decision before embarking on your hair transplant journey. For anyone considering getting a hair transplant in Turkey, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of from start to finish.