Can You Get a Hair Transplant from a Donor ? When it comes to hair transplants, many people ask this question : Can you get a hair transplant from a donor ? Most individuals are curious if they may get donor hair from their friends or family members. Hair transplants have made it feasible for those who are suffering from hair loss to reverse their hair loss and regain their confidence.

Can You Get a Hair Transplant from a Donor ?

This might be due to a lack of donor hair or a low quality of your hair, among other things. Please continue reading to learn everything you need to know about using another person’s donor follicles for your hair transplant.

Hair from another donor can be used, but only if the donor agrees.

If you want to utilize someone else’s hair for your transplant, it’s not doable. In order to ensure compatibility, hair transplants may only use your own hair. In order to minimize rejection of donor hair by the recipient and subsequent infections, hair restoration surgeons do not conduct transplants using another person’s hair.

Someone else’s scalp tissue or hair will trigger an immunological reaction in your body, which will cause it to reject the foreign tissue and hair. As a consequence, your hair may not grow and the operation will be ineffective.

Preparation of the recipient with medicines and medications to reduce rejection is common practice for organ transplants. Numerous adverse effects and long-term dangers are associated with these medications. These medications must be taken throughout your life. Therefore, they are not prescribed unless there is a valid immunosuppressive cause. Organ rejection can still occur despite the best planning. As a result, it is difficult to utilize someone else’s donor hair when immunosuppressive drugs are used.

Hair from areas of your body that are resistant to DHT can be used, as they do not experience hair loss. Hair may be harvested from the back and sides of the head since they are genetically built to prevent hair loss. In addition to breast, auxiliary, leg and pubic hair, scientists are still researching additional prospective donor hair sources, such as the utilization of pubic hair.

Situations in which someone else’s hair can be used as a donor

There are exceptions to the rule that it is impossible to get donor hair from someone else. You may utilize donor hair from another individual in two situations.

Twins who are exactly alike

If you have an identical twin, you may be able to get donor hair from him or her. Your DNA and genetic composition are identical, which is why you’re so similar to each other. It’s difficult to reject follicles or scalp tissues from your twin since your body won’t identify them as alien to it.

The Aftermath of Bone Marrow Transplant

In a bone marrow transplant, your blood and immune system are replaced with new ones. People who are very unwell, such as those with cancer, are more likely to have the treatment. According to a study published in Dermatologic Surgery, a person’s body will not reject transplanted hair after undergoing a bone marrow transplant and receiving donor hair from the same person. It is important to note that bone marrow transplants are only accessible to people who are terminally sick. You cannot utilize another person’s hair for your transplant in any other circumstance.

Modern medicine has enabled us to transplant from one person into another heart, lungs, kidneys, livers, pancreas, intestines, horns and other organs. Can we also transplant hair from person to person? It’s a wonderful question and one that I ask every week at least once. The answer is yes in theory, but in fact, no. It is due to “anti-rejection” drug use that patients do not refuse organs, like lungs, hearts or kidneys when they are transplant. The potential side effects of these drugs are many and potentially long-term.

Donor Hair

Interestingly enough, there are a few rare situations in which donor hair from someone else could  receive. The first situation would be a twin hair transplant. If bone marrow transplantation carry out, the second situation was. A bone marrow transplant is typically a medical procedure that only takes place if a person is very ill like a cancer patient. A person undergoes a procedure during a bone marrow procedure, which replaces one’s blood system with another’s immune system.

In a single patient who has been transplanted from the bone marrow, they study hair growth. The hair transplant is very well grow. Bone marrow transplantation is a very complex procedure with various potential risks to the patient, so it can only carry out in seriously ill people. It is not suitable for healthy persons. In general, a hair transplant cannot using another person’s donor hair.

Can You Get A Hair Transplant From a Donor Area On Your Body?

Hair transplant is an expanding area in which surgeons are continually looking to improve graft yield . The esthetic end of hair recovery procedures. Hair transplantation typically involves the removal . Transplantation of follicles from the safe scalp donor area into the bald areas of the scalp. There are however only a limit supply of follicles, namely maximum hair follicle units with an optimum density of the donor region, that can  harvest from the safe area of a donor area. This is not enough to ensure sufficient coverage, in particular for advanced baldness. In such cases hair follicles can use as an extra donor source from other regions of the body such as barb, chest, arms and legs for hairy persons. In conclusion, yes, for hair transplantation, body hair can use.

What Happens to The Donor Area After Hair Transplant?

There is some scarring with almost every operation. With regard to FUE surgery, the scar is incredibly small, not over 1 millimetre, as the follicles  extract individually. Furthermore, once the scarring has healed, it is probably just tiny white points that are extremely hard to notice. Naturally hidden by the hair in your head.

How Do I Take Care of My Donor Area After Hair Transplant?

While infection is rare, sterilisation of the area is important. If you do not have to and if you do, please do not touch the donor area before hand. You must ensure that your hands cleverly wash. Do your best to get your hair off the ground before pressing gauze to avoid tying your hair when you have any bleeding. Most importantly, follow exactly the instructions from your doctor after surgery.

Can You Get a Hair Transplant from a Donor Different than Me?

Due to concerns related to eligibility, provisional hair transplant patients ask, “can you get a hair transplant from a donor different than me?” Yes, you can get a hair transplant from a different human donor. However, the donor must have healthy hair and be willing to undergo surgery. The surgery is usually done by taking a strip of skin from the back of the head and transplanting it to the balding area.



Can transplanted hair grow after getting it from a donor? The hair follicles from the donor may not take to the new scalp as well as they would have to the original owner. Many factors contribute to why transplanted hair may not grow, such as the donor’s age, how well the donor’s hair has been taken care of, and how compatible the donor’s hair is with the recipient’s scalp. 

While no guarantee that transplanted hair will grow, there are many ways to increase the chances. These include using a different type of transplantation surgery or another type of donor. Talk to your doctor about what options are available to you for hair transplant from a different donor. If you want to have a more detailed answer to “can you get a hair transplant from a donor?” Do not hesitate to book a free consultation with our clinic.