Can you drink alcohol after bariatric surgery is a really essential question for those who had weight loss procedure.  After getting such a kind of surgical procedure body’s function and system is affected. Patients should be careful before and after weight loss surgery; they should do what is necessary. There are many rules and points that patients should obey especially when they consume food. Nutrients are essence for human life but, if you deal with obesity, you should build a diet for your overall body health.

Can You Drink Alcohol After Bariatric Surgery?

Some kind of foods are not healthy and so, these unhealthy foods can harm human body. Such kind of foods cause to increase body fat and excessive body fat brings many negative things along with. In daily life every person should eat beneficial foods, these foods can be fibrous vegetables which are really beneficial for digestion system. On the other hand, your digestion system can digest fibrous vegetables easily and also they stay long time in your stomach. This cycle contributes you not to feel hungry in a short time. However, sometimes people due to unhealthy food eating become obese in time.  Fortunately, there is a solution for them to get their body fit again.

Can you drink alcohol after bariatric surgery? Generally, people wonder this question’s answer. However, like a healthy person, a person who had weight loss procedure should be careful when they eat and drink. Like many foods also beverages can cause damage such as alcohol.

Avoiding to drink alcohol for the first couple of months is a major rule of post-op care. Its sugary and carbonated form can breed to gain weight again; in addition, alcohol can cause intoxication. If you want to cope with desiring to drink alcohol, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

After Bariatric Surgery and Dietary Guidelines

Can you drink alcohol after bariatric surgery? Actually, this question’s answer is no because, alcoholic beverages contains some substances which are harmful for your body. These substances can be sugar and carbonate; these are not suitable for you because, you try to lose weight. However, you should avoid such kind of drinks in order to take advantage of your weight loss procedure. You should also build a special diet program for yourself and do all the instructions in your diet list.

Your surgeon also recommends you what you do or not to do and prepares a food list for you to eat. On the other hand, eating habit and portions should be changed. This means that small portions importance come to the forth. A healthy diet should be rich in low calories, fats and sweets. Every day you should obey what written in your diet list so, you can record foods’ portions. Eating habit also has importance since, eating slowly and chewing thoroughly contribute you to keep yourself filled.

Although can you drink alcohol after bariatric surgery is an essential topic of this article, you can read more about weight loss surgery post-op care. It is mentioned above eating slowly and chewing thoroughly, here are foods which cannot be chewed easily. Rice, bread, raw vegetables and fresh fruits are foods which are included category that you cannot chew them easily.

Sugar-containing foods and drinks like concentrated sweets and fruit juices contain more calorie than your daily diet. Your calorie intake should be calculated every day and the average number of daily calorie should be between 300 and 600. Also, daily calorie intake should be maximum 1000 calorie.

Guidelines For Life: Bariatric Surgery and Alcohol

Can you drink alcohol after bariatric surgery? After asking this question, you should not only focus on alcoholic beverages; you should evaluate all kind of drinks. Here is a guideline for you which help you to protect your health after weight loss procedure.

Generally, liquids are recommended especially water by dietitians, in order to reduce body fat. However, there are some tips for you to keep your diet more effective. In terms of drinking liquids, the first thing you should do not to drink liquids with meals. Quit drinking 30 minutes before and wait for 30 minutes after eating. Drinking all liquids slowly is a key point in order to prevent nausea or vomiting. On the other hand, between meals you can drink plenty of calorie-free beverages. The best liquid is plain water and drinking plain water at least 6 to 8 cups each day contribute you to keep your body hydrated.

Avoid drinking regular soda pop, coffee drinks, smoothies, alcohol, sugar-sweetened drinks and fizzy drinks. In addition, avoid caffeine because, it may irritate your stomach, increase risk of having ulcers and also caffeine may prevent your body absorbing iron. Last but not least, avoid drinking alcohol because after weight loss surgery your body absorbes alcoholic beverages faster and these kind of beverages stay longer in your body which may cause to slow weight loss.

Can you drink alcohol after bariatric surgery is a question which may be significant for you. Along with beverages with alcohol or without alcohol you should be careful when you eat. Here are tips for you to take care of yourself after weight loss surgery. Generally, dietitians recommend to eat 3 meals per day with a protein supplement to keep your health stronger. On the other hand, you should avoid snacking, eat small amounts and eat slowly.

If you do all the things written above, you can protect your body any harmful hazards.

Guidelines For Exercise

Can you drink alcohol after bariatric surgery? Along with this question you have learnt about the importance of foods. On the other hand, you should evaluate your weight loss surgery from all perspective. You should get regular exercise in order to maintain weight loss. Exercise burns calories and it helps you lose weight. You should do your exercise step by step which means firstly, you should warm your body up. In order to build muscle, you should strength your training. At last, you should stretch your body to decrease injury.

Can you drink alcohol after bariatric surgery? This question’s answer is no; however, you should also do many things such as exercising and preferring healthy foods while avoiding to drink alcohol.

Important Pre Surgery Question: Why Can’t You Eat and Drink After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?


Before gastric sleeve surgery, patients often ask, “why can’t you eat and drink after gastric sleeve surgery?”. There is actually a very important reason behind this. As you know, surgery is the first step to an effective weight loss journey. So immediately before the operation, a gastric sleeve pre op diet must be followed. Similarly, after the surgery, there are strict dietary guidelines to ensure quick recovery and healing of the body without any complications arising. You should reach out to the surgeon performing the gastric sleeve surgery on you to learn more about the restrictions associated with surgery for weight loss.



If you are not careful, your diet can make it more difficult for your body to absorb nutrients from the food you eat. You must avoid things like caffeine or alcohol that may impede the healing process. If you’re wondering what to expect after gastric sleeve surgery, here is what you need to know. Make sure that you’re hydrated at all times and don’t consume any solids. Since your body needs time to adjust to your new, smaller stomach, you must ensure that you’re taking liquids only. Over time, you can move to soft solids and then solid foods. A doctor will advise you on how to go about it. For more information, such as “why can’t you eat and drink after gastric sleeve surgery?” don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor before the procedure.