Can You Do A Hair Transplant With Long Hair?

Can you do a hair transplant with long hair? In recent years, hair transplants have become very popular. It’s one of the reasons why it’s so popular: it works very well. Because of this, a lot of people want to get a hair transplant. Long hair transplantation is the process of putting hair where it’s missing. There are two ways to transplant long hair: FUT and FUE. The difference is that the hair is taken from the donor area without shaving it. The direction of the exit should guide where the roots go. Like other hair transplants, this one starts with a preliminary step. As the body heals, hair follicles will continue to grow healthy hair, which will make the hair thicker and fuller.

Long hair transplantation is a great choice if you don’t want to have your hair cut. People who don’t want their hair transplant to be obvious. Some patients, both men and women, think it looks strange when they shave their hair. People who want to see results right away.

How Can You Do A Hair Transplant With Long Hair?

First, a skilled surgeon looks at the area where the organ came from. Then they use a special medical pen to draw a circle around the donor area. With this method, the hair is not shaved at all. The hair used as a donor comes from the back of the head and is taken as is. Usually, if it’s safe to do so, the donor area is chosen to be under the nape of the neck to protect the way the person looks. When long hair transplantation is done, the results are easier to see. Also, the hair thickness of each person is different. The operation process and what happens after the operation may be different. With long hair transplantation, there aren’t many signs that a person has had hair transplantation.

In long hair transplantation, between 500 and 1000 grafts are usually transplanted per session, on average. It may be different for each donor area. What’s the difference between transplanting long hair and transplanting regular hair?

Neither scissors nor a shaving machine are used on the hair at any point in this process. At the end of the surgery, the length of the hair stays the same. At the same time, more and more people are choosing the Long Hair Transplantation technique.

Long Hair Transplant Pros and Cons

Because the transplanted hair is long, the results of the hair transplant are clear as soon as the procedure is finished. At the end of the process, there aren’t many scars. You don’t have to change the way your hair looks.

It saves you the time it would take to grow your hair out. It doesn’t change social life because you don’t have to scrape your hair. After the hair transplant, the long, prominent hair looks better to the person’s mind.

Long Hair Transplantation Drawbacks

We need a surgeon with a lot of experience. It takes longer than other types of hair transplants. When compared to others, the fee is high because it takes a lot of time and care. Different numbers of grafts are transplanted per session. After the surgery, hair may fall out, but new hair will grow in its place.

Since the hair is not shaved, getting the hair follicles out and putting them somewhere else is a little harder. Is it painful to get long hair transplanted? During the long hair transplant surgery, the surgeons use local anesthesia. Patients don’t feel any pain because of the local anesthesia.

What Should You Think About Before Getting A Hair Transplant?

A blood test must be done before the procedures. There are many things to keep in mind. Here are some of them:

  • The person should be full before the surgery.
  • Also, the person should wear clothes that are comfortable.
  • The patient shouldn’t have drank alcohol or smoked before the surgery.

If the roots aren’t healthy, doctors should treat them in a way that makes them stronger. Patients need to get the care that doctors tell them to get.

Hair Transplant With Long Hair Aftercare

The skin layer that was planted gets scabs, which makes it itch. Your doctor may tell you to use an ointment to stop this from happening. Up to a month must pass before the person is fully better. Also, you should avoid blows that could hurt the hair follicles and be careful. If it gets hit, the roots might not be able to hold on to the other roots in a healthy way.

Patients should pay attention to the temperature, because if they don’t, it could cause trouble. Also, the environment shouldn’t be too hot or too humid. After surgery, the person shouldn’t go out in direct sunlight. When these important guidelines are followed, good things can happen. You shouldn’t forget to have your surgeon do the controls.

For the healing step to go well, you shouldn’t touch the area. Patients should avoid smoking and places that smell like smoke. Smoking hurts the hair follicles and makes it take longer to heal. Choose the shampoo your doctor gave you to wash and care for your hair.

First Wash After Long Hair Transplant

Doctors say that the hair should be washed 3–4 days after the surgery. The first wash is different from how we usually wash our hair. Also, the person needs to wash in a certain way. Since the spots where the needles went in are crusted over, these should be softened first. Instead of scalding these crusts, you should use a cream or lotion to soften them. The person should put lotion all over his or her head. The patient needs this cream or lotion after a lot. The person shouldn’t shower with very hot water. Also, you shouldn’t do things like scrubbing or scratching. The hair follicles may be hurt by water that is under pressure. So, you shouldn’t wash your hair with pressurized water. Long hair transplants work best when the patient pays close attention.

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