Can I Drink Alcohol After Gastric Sleeve Doctors frequently apply sleeve gastrectomy surgery today. “Can I drink alcohol after gastric sleeve?” Patients often ask questions covering the post-operative process, such as The postoperative period is very important for the patient. The content of the foods consumed by the individual is important. In this surgery, doctors remove about eighty percent of the individual’s stomach, allowing the individual to eat less. The individual who quickly reaches the feeling of fullness eats less food. Eating less means fewer calories. This creates what we call a calorie deficit. This allows the individual to lose weight. However, the individual should not forget that paying attention to nutrition is a life-long condition, not only after surgery.

Can I Drink Alcohol After Gastric Sleeve

After the surgery, of course, the individual can consume normal foods. But the individual should pay attention to the portions. An enlarged portion causes weight gain. The individual can enter the weight loss program again. Therefore, the individual should be very careful about his diet. Because the post-operative process is so important, patients ask doctors many questions about the post-operative process. “Can I drink alcohol after gastric sleeve?” These are questions we hear quite often. If the individual successfully survives the post-operative recovery period, they can return to normal nutrition. However, portion control is a must. After the individual has successfully survived the post-operative recovery period, he should be fed for a while under the control of specialists.

What Causes High Weight?

High weight can have many causes. However, the most common reason today is irregular and unhealthy diet. Social factors such as fast-food chains that are increasing day by day and intense work tempo also lead the individual to unhealthy nutrition. Thus, the individual begins to gain weight in the long run. Weight gain can lead to various health problems in the long run. High weight often invites chronic diseases. High weight may be the underlying cause of common chronic diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure. In general, these chronic diseases can be controlled by the individual’s weight loss.

Another reason for high weight can be psychological. In the study of doctors, it was revealed that stress and psychological reasons also cause high weight. The individual who feels under pressure may have a tendency to eat more. The individual who goes to the doctor with the complaint of high weight should talk to the doctor about these conditions. Depending on the situation, psychological support can also be taken during the weight loss process. Psychological support will be for the benefit of the individual.

There are many ways to lose weight. Gastric sleeve gastrectomy is the most common weight loss method used by doctors today. Gastric sleeve surgery is a very efficient method. The individual loses weight in a healthy way in a short time. Having surgery does not mean that an individual will not gain weight again. Apart from this, not every food can be consumed during the recovery period after surgery. Certain weeks have certain foods. For this reason, patients ask, “Can I drink alcohol after gastric sleeve?” asks doctors many questions including the post-operative process.

Who Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Performed?

Gastric sleeve surgery is recommended by a doctor to individuals with high weight or chronic diseases with high weight. It is important that the body mass index is over 40 or the body mass index is over 35 and there are chronic diseases. In these cases, doctors definitely recommend sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Being overweight is the basis of chronic diseases. Weight may be the basis of many diseases, including cardiovascular diseases. When we look at this situation, we can see how dangerous weight actually is. The most effective solution for weight loss is sleeve gastrectomy surgery. However, the individual can also try his luck with exercise and diet. However, there are many patients who cannot lose weight despite all efforts. For these patients, surgery will be the most effective and beneficial method.

Gastric sleeve surgery is the most successful type of surgery when we compare it with other surgical methods. In this surgery, where doctors use modern surgical methods, they operate on the patient with half-inch incisions. Thus, there is no scar on the patient’s body. It is a method that is very satisfied by the patients because it does not leave any scars and is a successful method. However, as in every weight loss surgery, the issue of nutrition is important in the post-operative period. The individual cannot return to normal foods immediately after surgery. “Can I drink alcohol after gastric sleeve?” Patients often ask such questions.

Can I Drink Alcohol After Gastric Sleeve, When Can I Start Consuming?

Doctors do not recommend alcohol consumption after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. But doctors do not prohibit alcohol. The individual should not consume alcohol for about six months after surgery. The individual should not consume carbonated and sugary drinks other than alcohol. Both alcohol and carbonated and sugary drinks can be high in calories and upset the stomach. The individual should consume as little alcohol as possible after the surgery.

Alcohol is a high – calorie liquid carbohydrate. Therefore, individuals who want to lose weight should not consume alcohol. A few glasses of alcohol consumed more than meets the daily energy needs, causing weight gain. Even a small amount of alcohol consumption in the postoperative period will cause the individual to consume a lot of calories. In addition, it will quickly raise and lower blood sugar. This is related to the glycemic index. We should consume many foods by looking at their glycemic index. Because some foods raise blood sugar quickly and lower it quickly. This causes the individual to consume more food.

It is stated that individuals who were addicted before sleeve gastrectomy have the potential to become addicted again after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. For this reason, individuals with such a situation should definitely seek professional help. “Can I drink alcohol after gastric sleeve?” The answer to the question is like this. Due to the many negative effects of alcohol, individuals should not consume as little as possible not only in the post-operative period but in every period of life.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor: Can I Drink Alcohol After Gastric Sleeve?


Are you wondering the answer to “can I drink alcohol after gastric sleeve surgery?” If you’ve recently undergone gastric sleeve surgery, you may be wondering this. The short answer is yes, but it’s important to understand the potential risks. Alcohol can have a negative effect on your weight loss progress and even cause serious health problems. It’s important to consult with your doctor before drinking alcohol after gastric sleeve weight loss surgery. When you have a gastric sleeve procedure, your stomach is reduced in size and your food intake is restricted. Drinking alcohol can increase your caloric intake and slow your weight loss progress.


Alcohol can also cause dehydration and interfere with your body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals. This can lead to nutrient deficiencies that can be dangerous for your health. Alcohol can also increase the risk of developing ulcers and other digestive issues, particularly if you consume large amounts of alcohol or drink on an empty stomach. Note  that even moderate amounts of alcohol can be dangerous after gastric sleeve surgery. You should always speak with your doctor, “can I drink alcohol after gastric sleeve surgery?”, before drinking alcohol and follow their gastric sleeve post-op diet instructions closely.