Book hair transplant Turkey is the process of transferring better and healthier hair follicles to areas where the hair follicle is no longer active and balding occurs to use microsurgical methods.  Surgical treatment is a natural and long-lasting way to address the issue of thinning and baldness in people who have hair loss . Hair follicles resistant to shedding are collected. Transplanted into the channels opened in the thinning or completely shedding parts of the patient during the hair transplantation procedure. When the transplantation is done in the head area, the objective is to produce a permanent hairy appearance in a natural fashion that is not visible.

Hair transplant is a very simple surgical technique. As a result, it is the safest way to do it in a hospital setting by a team of specialists and experienced doctors. With the transplant treatment, the person’s own hair is fully restored as if it had not been gone. The goal in hair transplantation is to restore a person’s natural hair look in a comfortable manner using modern medical applications.

How Does A Book Hair Transplant Turkey Procedure Work?

In practice, hair follicles from the nape are transplanted to the bald area. Grafts are the extracted hair follicles. In rare cases, the person doesn’t even have enough healthy hair in the neck or temple area. Hair follicles from other parts of the body with hair, such as the arms or chest wall, can be harvested in such cases. Depending on the extent of hair loss, the application can take a few hours. If the thinning region is extensive, the treatments may need longer encounters to complete.

The intervention is typically performing under local anaesthesia with sedation. A special bandage is applying to the head following hair transplant surgery. After 1-2 hours, the patient is discharged. Despite the proves to be extremely rare, painkillers are also used to control pain conditions. In general, after three days of rest at home, it is secure to return to work with the head covered. On the third day, the first dressing is applying.

What Is The Cause Of Hair Loss?

Genetic coding is one of the most common causes of hair loss; however, it can also occur as a result of ageing, traumatic injuries, or a range of medical disorders. So, hair transplantation is likely to succeed in all people who have enough hair follicles in the graft after first being diagnosed by a doctor. The transplantation method can using successfully not only on the scalp, but also on hair loss in other areas of the body such as the brows, moustache, and beard.

Which Techniques Are Employing : Book Hair Transplant Turkey?

FUE, which does not leave a trace, but also methods that can leave a slight trace on the neck, are successfully in use in hair transplantation procedures. The FUE method involves taking hair follicles one at a time and transplanting them to the missing areas, whereas the method involves removing a skin line containing hair from the nape. The person getting transplant should have healthy hair on the sides and a donor area on the scalp. Other factors influencing the procedure’s outcome include hair colour, hardness, waviness, and business. Following the hair and scalp analysis, the appropriate treatment is determining together, taking the person’s goals into consideration. Although the FUE procedure, which produces no trace, is typically preferable, it may be essential to utilize the procedure in specific situations. So, hair transplantation can  using to treat baldness as well as increase hair density in thinning areas.

What Is The Most Crucial Factor In Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a major surgical operation. To decrease the dangers of the surgery, hair transplantation should conducting in a hospital setting.  In order to achieve the best results, it is critical that it is performing by highly training and experiencing plastic surgeons. In order for the hair transplant to be effective, the donating hairs must made the ultimate sacrifice fast in the region where they are implanting. So, the success rate of hair transplantation is quite high when the proper technique is using. It is critical to plant the hair at the correct distance, angle, and density to the bald areas in order to achieve a natural appearance.

Is It Normal For Transplanted Hair To Fall Out After A While?

The transplanted hair will fall out after a few weeks, which is normal. Because the shedding hair will regrow in 3-4 months. After the temporary shedding subsides, the transplanted hair follicles retain their identity and do not fall out. However, the original hair in the same area may continue to shed over time. New hair may be lost in the future if hair density decreases.

Book Hair Transplant Turkey : Hair Transplantation Methods

1 – Fut Technique; The Fut method is vulnerable to infection in hair transplantation, trying to get rid of a portion of the scalp by slicing a portion of the head via making a cut of the donor (nape) area. The excision of hair follicles one at a time on a sterile table here on excised piece of skin. It followed by the full destruction of a cut skin. It is a method for obtaining a small number of hair follicles. The incision area on the head is combining in the Fut method. Finally, a large ugly image remains for life and can cause psychological problems later on.

2 – Fue Method; To use a special fue device, the hair follicles are removing one by one from. The donor area without any cuts, permanent scars.

A specific fue tip can chose for this fue method basing on the person’s hair thickness. A punch is the device that extracts the hair follicle at the end of the Fue devices. The punches’ thickness and length are choosing individually, and they are intending for single use only.

3 – DHI Hair Transplantation; DHI (Direct hair implant – direct hair transplantation) hair transplantation, already known as pen hair transplantation. Generally in use in hair tightening, unshaven hair transplantation, and eyebrow transplantation.

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