Big Nose Rhinoplasty

People make many different kinds of noise. The long nose is one of the most common types. When a nose is bigger than the rest of the face, it makes the face look bad. In this case, we made a blog post with the question “How to get a smaller nose with big nose rhinoplasty?”.

Because it is in the middle of the face, the nose has a big effect on how the face looks. A nose that is longer than usual can make a person look bad. Patients may feel uncomfortable with either the front or side view, or with both. The most difficult surgery is the one to fix a long nose. But it’s not impossible to get the nose you want. It will be important to find the best surgeon for your needs. So, the answer to the question, “Can the big nose be made smaller?” is “Yes.” This can also happen to people with humpy noses.

What’s Big Nose Rhinoplasty?

During the surgery, the number of bones is cut down, but the amount of skin stays the same. The skin shrinks and changes shape to fit the bones beneath it. After one to two years, the skin fits perfectly on the bones, and the nose’s shape is set. And now you have the nose you wanted! Since the amount of skin stays the same, the nose can’t be made smaller than 20–25 percent.

As was already said, it is not possible to make the nose smaller by more than 20%–25%. If not, the bones and cartilages will be bigger than the skin.

Before having surgery to shorten a long nose, the plastic surgeon looks at the nose. After the interview, a plan is made for long nose surgery. When making this map, each person’s face and nose shape is used as a guide. In fact, you can’t think about the nose without thinking about other parts of the face as well. So, when planning the major rhinoplasty surgery, things like the shape of the cheekbones, jaw, and forehead are also taken into account. The goal is to create a beautiful balance between the facial organs by looking at the face as a whole.

How Does Big Nose Rhinoplasty Work?

In addition to all of these things, the fact that the nose can be made smaller is also taken into account. In fact, the thickness of the nasal skin and how well the nasal airways work are among the things that can make it hard to breathe through the nose. When the nose is made much smaller than it should be, it can hurt things like breathing through the nose. So, it’s more important to make a nose that fits and looks right with the rest of the face than to get a small nose at the same time as a big nose reduction. When making a correct plan for big-nose surgery, the patient goes through all the necessary exams and tests. It is checked to see if there are any diseases that could make rhinoplasty more dangerous.

When the time comes for surgery to fix a long nose, the length of the cartilage that makes the nose long is cut down. In some cases, the cartilage at the tip of the nose also needs to be cut down. But things like the back of the chin can make the nose look bigger than it really is. Most patients don’t know this. During the exam, the plastic surgeon finds out about the problem and tells the patient about it.

Cost Of Rhinoplasty

If the patient agrees, procedures like fat injections or implants can be done to the chin to make it look longer and match the nose. This will give the patient the look she wants. No matter what kind of cosmetic surgery is done as a result of the evaluations, the changes to the patient’s nose start to settle over time, depending on the type of cosmetic surgery. The average length of this time is one year.

Male Vs. Female Rhinoplasty For Big Nose?

Even though most people think of women when they think of aesthetics, more and more men are getting cosmetic surgery as time goes on. Patients, both men and women, get cosmetic surgery for both looks and functionality. But rhinoplasty for men and women is not the same in all ways. Let’s take a look:

The top part of a man’s nose, called the bridge, is often straighter and wider. It should be less rounded than the bridge in women, whose noses are usually 1-2 mm more curved than those of men.

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The skin on a man’s nose is usually thicker than the skin on a woman’s nose. This is one of the main reasons why male rhinoplasty can only do so much. Also, healing takes longer when the skin is thick.

Men who are thinking about getting rhinoplasty might have second thoughts if they think their nose will look too feminine. The goal of male rhinoplasty is to make the nose look better and fix any problems inside while keeping the nose’s natural shape and giving it a stronger profile.