Best Hair Transplant Turkey Cost

Best hair transplant Turkey cost is a matter of curiosity. Hair transplantation is a medical operation for baldness in people experiencing hair loss. Baldness occurs when hair follicles lose their activity. In this case, new hair strands cannot grow. At the same time, hair loss exceeding 2 months can be a sign of some diseases. In this case, specialist help should be sought. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure in which healthy hair follicles are added to the areas. Each operation is planned individually. And it is implemented. In hair transplantation operation, the nape area is usually the donor area. Hair is taken from here. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure. For this reason, it is appropriate to be done by specialist doctors. It also needs to take place in the surgical setting. In general, the aim is to give the bald area a natural hair appearance.

Hair transplant operation is performed under local anesthesia with sedation. Therefore, the feeling of pain is not too much. Although it is a plastic surgery procedure usually performed for men, it is also performed for women. Many women also suffer from hair loss problem. Especially during stressful periods and postpartum period. Clinics and doctors are very successful in hair transplantation in Turkey. In addition, best hair transplant Turkey cost is more suitable than other countries.

FUT Method

The FUT method is the removal of hair follicles from the donor area as a strip and transplanting. It is less preferred recently. Because with the development of technology, new methods have emerged. One of them is the Fue method. Best FUT hair transplant Turkey cost is lower than other methods.

In the FUT method, the donor area is anesthetized first. Local anesthesia is used in the procedure. The donor area is usually the nape area. A rectangular piece of 15 cm long and 2 cm wide is cut from the numbed area. And it is removed. However, this measure varies from person to person. Larger or smaller areas can be taken. The hair follicles in the removed part enter the preparation process one by one. This is usually done by nurses. The grafts separated from the skin are placed in petri dishes. It is prepared this way.

Then the opened donor area is closed with an aesthetic suture. The healing process takes about 1 month. After healing, a horizontal suture scar remains in the donor area. This is one of its disadvantages. Then, local anesthesia is applied to the area to be transplanted. Channels are opened on the scalp as much as the number of grafts removed. However, this process is important. Because the channels should be thin and wide enough for the hair follicles to settle. The process is completed when the hair follicles are placed in the channels. It is also helpful to research best FUT hair transplant Turkey cost.

FUE Technique

Recently, the most used hair transplant method is the FUE technique. In this technique, the donor of the hair is the nape. However, the way the hair follicles are collected is different. Hair roots are removed with a stapler. The number of hairs in each tissue taken varies. In this method, the number of hair transplanted daily varies between 1000-1500. It is less than the FUT method. However, the recovery period is short. So the transaction takes place on consecutive days. The number of sessions depends on the number of hair follicle transplants. And balding sparse also depends on the size of the forehead. In this process, which takes place one after another, the number of hair follicles made in a single session in FUT is reached.

In the process, first of all, the direction of the hair strands must be determined. Because the hair directions must be compatible in order for the hair to look natural. And the hair follicles must be collected before their appearance is spoiled. Then the hair follicles settle in the opened channels. This is the most important part of hair transplantation. It is very important to keep the hair natural. For this, the hair density around the front line and the exit direction of the hair follicle should be done correctly. Compared to other countries, best FUE hair transplant Turkey cost is more suitable.

Laser Assisted Hair Transplantation

Best Laser Assisted hair transplant Turkey cost is a matter of curiosity. Everyone, especially women, wants their hair to be beautiful and healthy. Let’s talk briefly about laser assisted hair transplantation. Hair loss, one of them, is a common problem. Laser assisted hair transplantation is combined with low-level laser operations. Laser application after hair transplantation operation helps to accelerate the healing of the wounds in the area where the operation was performed. It also reduces side effects such as swelling, redness and pain.

People who have had hair transplantation usually experience pain and itching while the crusting that occurs after the operation heals. In this process, it helps to reduce pain. Laser assisted hair transplantation provides acceptance within 24 hours. This accelerates healing. In general, the aim is to give the bald area a natural hair appearance. Laser application can also be applied after the hair transplant operation. Since it does not produce heat from the source, it does not cause side effects such as burning.

The operation is usually performed for 20 minutes twice a week. First, it stops hair loss. Increases hair thickness with long-term use. When a certain improvement is achieved, it is reduced to one session per week. Thus, the recovery is tried to be continued. Laser beam suitable for medical use is sent to the hairy area with low energies. This nourishing laser light stimulates the root structure of the hair. It is ensured that the hair regains its natural growth cycle. Although it is a plastic surgery procedure usually performed for men, it is also performed for women. With treatment, it provides fuller and denser hair growth. You can search for laser assisted best hair transplant Turkey cost.

How to Find the Best Hair Transplant Turkey Cost Online


The best way to determine the best hair transplant Turkey cost online is to contact one of the experienced and qualified hair restoration clinics in the area. Request a personalized quote from each hair transplant clinic and ask about any additional fees applicable to your procedure. The cost of hair transplant in Turkey can vary depending on the number of grafts needed and the type of clinic used.

Additionally, inquire about payment plans or financing options, if necessary. All costs should be thoroughly discussed with both surgeon and patient so that there are no surprises before or after treatment. Comparing quotes and services from different clinics can help you find the best price for your specific needs.

Ultimately, do proper research on the best hair transplant Turkey cost and ensure you are comfortable with the surgeon’s qualifications before proceeding with any medical procedure. Finally, once you have found a clinic that meets your criteria, get an in-person consultation to discuss each step of the process in detail. Choosing an experienced and qualified surgeon at an affordable price will help guarantee a successful outcome for your hair transplant procedure in Turkey.