Best Hair Transplant In Turkey Cost

Hair transplantation is the transfer process of hair follicles. Many people are wondering what best hair transplant in Turkey cost. Let’s give more detailed information about hair transplantation. The transfer process we are talking about is root transfer to the hairless area. In other words, healthy hair roots are taken. And it is planted in the hairless area. Generally, the area where healthy hair follicles are located is the nape. Because the roots here are more sensitive to the DHT hormone. To explain the DHT hormone, it is a hormone produced in men. It encourages roots to fall out.

As for the question of best hair transplant in Turkey cost, it varies according to clinics. Clinics are not only responsible for the operation. Usually, they also perform operations such as the first wash or additional treatment after sowing. Therefore, prices vary. Taken root transfers are called grafts. Best hair transplant in Turkey cost also determines the number of grafts. In 2021 Turkey hair transplant prices, 3000 grafts are usually around 4000 TL.

Hair transplantation is a surgical operation. For this, it is important that it is performed in a professional operating environment. In addition, it is necessary to choose a specialist doctor in this regard. For best hair transplant, it is necessary to know the condition of the hair. Because the technique and the number of grafts are determined accordingly. Professionalism is important in October. Because the direction of the transplanted hair determines its naturalness. For this, the specialist doctor needs to plant at the right density and in the right direction.

How To Choose The Best Hair Clinic?

Today, most people have hair transplant. Because hair loss, which is the problem of the age, is the most permanent treatment for advanced people. Many people wonder about the best hair clinic. And at the same time, many people are searching for the best hair transplant in Turkey cost. Everyone, especially women, wants their hair to be beautiful and healthy. But there are many hair problems. Hair loss, one of them, is a common problem. In general, men are also more advanced. However, women can also have hair transplantation. However, hair transplantation is a surgical and important procedure. That’s why people are looking for a reliable place.

The most effective and permanent treatment for hair loss is hair transplantation. And in this field, Turkey stands out compared to Europe or America. One of the most important reasons for this is that there is a higher demand for hair transplantation in Turkey and more importance is given to it. In addition, the best hair transplant in Turkey cost is lower than in other countries. For correct transplantation, it is important to diagnose the person’s hair problem correctly. When choosing the best hair transplant center, make sure that the place is licensed. In fact, search for people who have planted there before. Get information. In this way, the good and bad sides of the place you choose will be revealed.

Who Cannot Have A Hair Transplant?

Today, anyone who has advanced hair loss problems can have a hair transplant. The recommended age range is between 25 and 70 years. However, hair transplantation is a surgical operation. Therefore, it cannot be applied to everyone. For example, cancer patients or people who do not have enough donor sites. The donor area is usually the nape. Because the roots here are more active. For people who do not have enough grafts in the nape, other parts of the body are checked. In this case, the chest wall, beard or genital area becomes a donor for men. Advanced hair loss is generally more common in men. However, women also have hair transplantation. Sowing cannot be done in advanced diabetes and blood pressure patients.

In addition, people with hepatitis C and HIV diseases cannot be planted. Because these diseases are transmitted through blood. At the same time, people who are treated for cancer are expected to finish their treatment. For such situations, it is important to choose a specialist and choose the best hair center. Our advice for best hair transplant in Turkey cost is not to hang around too much. Because your post-planting satisfaction will benefit you more. In addition, some centers plant even though there is not enough graft number. In this case, the hairless area is not closed. And worse image occurs.

How To Do Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the transfer process from the shedding-resistant part to the bald part. Usually the hair is taken from the nape. Because the nape root is more resistant to DHT hormone. DHT is a hormone that triggers hair loss in men. The area where healthy hair follicles are taken is called a donor. The scalp is shaved before sowing. Then the hair follicles taken from the donor are transferred to the shaved area. Usually the process takes 4-6 hours. Of course, hair transplantation also differs according to the techniques. The size of the area to be planted also affects the duration. It is very important that the applied technique is done correctly. In addition, the transplanted hair follicles are expected to adapt to the scalp.

After the procedure, the patient should rest for a few days. It is also very important to stay away from the sun’s rays. A few weeks after hair transplantation, the transplanted hair falls out. And new healthy hair grows in its place. After the operation, it is necessary to lie on your back. Sweating by doing heavy sports damages the hair follicles. So do not tire yourself for a while. It takes up to a year for new hair to grow. Do not dye or cut newly grown hair for a while. At the same time, it is very important to correct your eating habits. It also reduces the possibility of hair loss again. Also, stay away from factors that harm the body such as smoking, alcohol and stress. If you have intense hair loss, you can have a hair transplant.