Best Hair Transplant in Turkey

Headed for a vacation in Turkey but bald? Worry not, as the best hair transplant in Turkey will help you. But before opting for it, there are certain basics you need to know about. Read on to find out.

The hair transplant method is the most popular treatment due to baldness and thinning of the hair. Baldness at an early age causes depression and people seek reliable treatment.

In this article, we will discuss various methods for hair loss and hair treatment and then you can decide on the best hair transplant method.

DHI Best Hair Transplant in Turkey

DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation This method is an advanced form of FUE transplantation. In the DHI technique, a pen -shaped tool with a fine tip is used to extract and insert the hair follicles.

 The cost of a DHI hair transplant is moderate to expensive. The cost of the procedure varies a lot depending on the place where the transplant is done, the city, the clinic, the number of hair follicles to be implanted. Insurance companies do not bear these costs because DHI is considered a cosmetic procedure.

 The DHI method is not considered more effective than other methods. This is a modified version of FUE and has the same potential as FUE to treat baldness in men and women. This method is even practiced by hair transplant clinics in Faisalabad.

 SUT Best Hair Transplant in Turkey

SUT hair transplant is a new hair restoration technique performed by skilled people with the help of automated tools. They remove hair follicles with a laser device from the donor site, and then freeze these hair follicles and subsequently transfer them to the bald area. Due to the freezing process, hair follicles are not destroyed.

 The treatment is performed using local anesthesia. The best point of this treatment is that experts can transfer a large number of hair follicles from the donor to the recipient location in contrast with other techniques.

 Stem Cell Best Hair Transplant in Turkey

 Stem cell transplantation is not very common. In this method, experts do not extract a large number of hair follicles but instead remove a small sample of skin from which they remove hair follicles. They then replicate this in the laboratory and eventually insert into the scalp. In this way, both, the donor area and the recipient area can grow hair.

 Experts use stroke biopsy to extract the stem cells to perform the procedure.

 Potential side effects from stem cell hair transplants in addition to bleeding and infection include nerve or artery damage under the procedure site.

 What is FUE Best Hair Transplant in Turkey

 FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. In the FUT hair transplant method, experts remove the patient’s hair follicles and transfer them to the scalp with less hair or bald areas. This method is becoming more popular and is being adopted by more and more patients. This is a completely safe method with a rare risk of infection. It is not painful because of the usage of local anesthetics and painkillers after treatment.

 Moreover, recovery is also fast and no more than 10 days is required to resume your daily tasks.

 Latest Hair Transplant Techniques

 The latest hair transplant techniques include NeoGraft hair transplants in addition to the techniques mentioned above.

 The NeoGraft technique is the most advanced technique, can be called a semi -automatic edition of FUE. The NeoGraft process works by removing hair follicles with a sucking stick. Inserting the follicles is easier in this method because separate incisions are not made otherwise with the help of a unique cutting tool and harvesting is done together.

 The best hair transplant in the world is considered an FUE treatment, as it is risk-free and does not produce large scars. The results it produces are satisfying and very natural. Moreover, it is the most successful treatment. You can get affordable hair transplants in many parts of the world with the best facilities.

Word of Caution for Women

Hair loss is very common in expectant mothers and new mothers. The main reason for hair loss is hormonal changes experienced by the body during pregnancy.

More and more hair enters the resting phase, which is part of the normal hair loss cycle. As soon as hormone levels in the body return to normal, the growth cycle and hair loss will also return to normal.

 This can take months to a year. Most women try to avoid additional medications during pregnancy. Therefore, home remedies are the best way to treat hair loss naturally without worrying about its side effects.

 Here are some hair care tips to prevent hair loss as per an Indian medical expert:

  • Avoid combing too often

Combing too much can cause hair loss, especially when the hair is wet, because it is brittle and easily broken.

  • Pay attention to shampoo and conditioner

Hormonal changes can lead to changes in scalp type and hair type. Use hair care products that are suitable for your scalp type and hair type. Experts highly recommend Sulfate-free products and adding conditioner is a good choice to maintain the moisture level in the hair. 

  • Avoid hairstyles that are too tight

The reason is, the hairstyle will attract and make your hair stressful, which can eventually exacerbate hair loss. Avoid tight braids, ponytails, or tight buns. 

  • Consume healthy food and a balanced diet

This is the key to having shiny and healthy hair. Also include fresh fruits and vegetables, and protein-rich foods in your diet. Additionally, consume enough water and fluids for staying hydrated for the entire day. 

  • Cut the ends of the hair regularly

This activity can help prevent split ends and dry and damaged ends. In addition, a change of hairstyle will also make you feel comfortable with yourself.


While hair loss can be an occurrence for both men and women, prevention is always better than care. Early care, proper diet and skin hygiene can always help in the long run. Under unavoidable circumstances such as heredity-induced, hormonal disorders or stress transplants are the key. Dermatologists and doctors recommend a detailed consultation concerning it before undertaking any operation though.

Get the Best Hair Transplant in Turkey for a Woman

Getting the best hair transplant in Turkey for a woman can be a daunting task. With so many clinics offering different procedures for hair loss in women and techniques, it can take time to know which one is right for you. However, with some research and patience, you can find the perfect clinic for your needs. When looking for the best hair transplant in Turkey for women, it’s essential to consider the qualifications and experience of the clinic. The hair transplant Turkey best place will have years of experience performing hair transplants and a long list of satisfied patients. The clinic should also be certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

The next step is to compare the different types of hair transplant procedures available in Turkey. There are two main types: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). FUE is a minimally invasive procedure that involves extracting individual follicles from the donor area and then implanting them into the recipient area. FUT is a more traditional procedure that involves removing a strip of skin from the donor area and then using it to create grafts that are then transplanted into the recipient area. Each best hair transplant in Turkey for women procedure has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s essential to consider both before deciding.