Best FUE hair transplant in Istanbul; hair that has been worn out begins to fall out over time. Hair loss can be caused by a variety of causes, including genetics, environmental factors, stress, seasonal changes, and hormone problems. It is also well known that hair loss is influenced by one’s age. Shedding hair can lead to a person’s lack of self-confidence, as well as psychological consequences like feeling elderly. Hair transplantation can be used to restore the luscious and natural appearance of lost hair. Your hair is at least as luscious and healthy as it was before the hair transplanting procedure. Hair transplantation is done using a variety of hair transplantation techniques.

Best FUE Hair Transplant In Istanbul

FUE hair transplantation gives the most successful outcomes of these procedures. Despite the fact that the operation takes longer than the others. What is FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplantation? When questioned, it will be beneficial to provide information regarding the method’s substance. The Fue hair transplant method is a popular hair transplant procedure all over the world. No incisions are placed on the scalp, and no skin piercing is done during this procedure. Follicular Unit Extraction abbreviates as Fue. With 1 mm punches, this technique initially employ in Japan in 1988. In 2002, the technique was published in the medical literature.

The hair follicles remove one by one from the donor region, detached from the skin. After that, implant in the target location using the FUE technique. Hair follicles remove from the donor region and transplant one by one to the target location in the same way. As a result of the implantation of hair follicles, this technique requires more sessions than other treatments. Instead of punches, this approach is now done with a micromotor. Hair transplantation with the FUE technique is a popular procedure. It’s crucial to understand how this approach use.

Types Of Best FUE Hair Transplant In Istanbul

The micro FUE technique, it’s a more advanced variant of the manual FUE procedure. It is the procedure of extracting hair follicles using equipment with tiny tips in the micro hair transplanting method. This method employs micromotors with extremely fine tips. The tips work on the idea of drilling holes in the 0.6–0.9 mm range. The hair follicle and the textural elements around the hair follicle separate and eliminate through micro-circles on the scalp.

Saffir FUE Hair Transplant

Saffir FUE and Micro FUE are not methods, just like the Micro FUE technique. They are only variations on the FUE method. The main difference between Saffir FUE and other FUE procedures is that the tips are made of Sapphire. It works by opening tiny chambers in the scalp, resulting in lower crusting rates. It also aids in the speeding up of the healing process. Microneedles with sapphire tips are far healthier than conventional needle designs. Sapphire FUE is a sub-innovation of the FUE method. Despite the fact that it refers to be a sub-technique of hair transplantation.

The term “soft FUE” refers to a hair transplant procedure that is aided by sedation-focused medications. Which soothe the patient but have no effect on his awareness. In conclusion, you will not lose consciousness with this method. However, you will be able to undergo a hair transplant without experiencing any discomfort. Sedative drugs design to keep you from doing things like going to the bathroom or talking.

When Should You Consider Best FUE Hair Transplant In Istanbul?

In comparison to earlier procedures, fue hair transplantation has lately gained popularity because of its various advancements and conveniences. In contrast to earlier procedures, it favors since the person having the operation allows for a speedier recovery. Because no incisions are performed on the person’s scalp. As a result, no sutures use in the region where hair transplantation conducts. It is eliminating the problem of stitch scars. The Fue technique is popular since the recuperation period reduces and the natural look achieves faster.

Advantages of FUE Techniques

Because the hair follicles remove one by one from the region. After that, transfer one by one to the person to transplant. There is no significant bleeding in the rooted area and no scar. As a result, the FUE technique highly recommends. People who want to avoid discomfort and have faster hair transplantation prefer FUE hair transplantation since it takes less time. Because it conducts under local anesthetic and the full hair transplantation process complete in six to seven hours.

People who have a scarcity of donors in the region where the hair follicle will take prefer the FUE procedure. Because if there aren’t enough donors in the area to root, hair follicles from the beard and chest. They may remove and apply to the area to treat. The FUE hair transplantation procedure allows for more frequent hair transplantation and regional transplantation. This may appeal to people who desire better outcomes.

How To Perform FUE Hair Transplant?

The hair in the donor region shaves down to 1 mm in size before FUE hair transplantation. After the hair shortening procedure, the hair removal from the donor area begins. The region to transplant and the donor area from which the hair will remove. Additionally, both sedate with a local anesthetic before the surgery begins. During this procedure, no general anesthetic use. Furthermore, any surgical procedure is outside the scope of the methodology.

The neck area behind both ears sometimes refers to as the donor area. If further transplantation operations, such as mustache or beard transplantation, explore, the specialized healthcare practitioner should inform. Because the donor location has a certain quantity of hair follicles and tissue components (grafts). After applying a local anesthetic, the micromotor tip moves toward the hair follicle’s exit direction. Hence, separating the hair root from the skin. Hair transplantation conducts in the same manner as the target region after taking as many grafts as needed.

The length of time it takes to do FUE hair transplantation determine by the size of the intended area. For the length of the process, the number of hair follicles and hair tissue necessary. That it’s for the transplanting region is critical. Hair transplantation may take 6-7 hours if 4000-4500 hair follicles and hair tissue called grafts require.

There are so Many Options for Best FUE Hair Transplant in Istanbul


The best way to find the best FUE hair transplant in Istanbul is to research local clinics and read reviews from patients who have already undergone the procedure.  You can also ask your doctor for a recommendation or talk to people you know who may have had an operation.

Once you’ve narrowed down your search and identified some options, be sure to ask lots of questions when talking to each clinic, like their competitiveness with the average FUE Turkey price. You must feel comfortable with both their surgeon and the process itself before making any final decisions. Additionally, ensure that every step of the process is explained to you by the clinic staff before proceeding.

FUE hair transplant cost in Istanbul may change a lot from clinic to clinic, while there are many highly-skilled and experienced medical professionals available in Istanbul. Furthermore, the clinics and hospitals offering this procedure are well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring you will receive quality treatment at an affordable price. Additionally, since Istanbul is a popular tourist destination, many clinics offer discounts to international patients.

Ultimately, taking your time and doing your research will help you make an informed decision so that you can find the best FUE hair transplant in Istanbul.