Balloon Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is a serious health problem that affects almost every system in the human body, including balloon weight loss surgery (mainly the cardiovascular system and the endocrine system). Diet, exercise, and medication may not always produce the intended outcomes when it comes to weight loss. Hunger and discontent are the most common causes for not being able to eat consistently. As a result, a gastric balloon has been developed, which is one of the treatments that is implanted in the stomach and provides a solution to excessive fat.

Endoscopic intragastric ballooning, also known as transitory gastric ballooning, is a non-surgical therapy for obesity that is utilized all over the world. The gastric balloon system consists of a soft, extensible balloon, a placement tube, and a filling mechanism. Because the intragastric balloon is too wide to pass through the stomach, it causes a longer-lasting feeling of fullness with smaller meal portions. In general, the installation of an intragastric balloon decreases portion sizes and aids in the achievement of long-term weight loss objectives. The balloon is put into the stomach using an endoscopic procedure. The treatment takes around 20 to 25 minutes to complete. First, a diagnostic endoscopy is performed to ensure that you don’t have any medical issues that might prevent the balloon from being inserted (such as an ulcer).

Who Can Have Balloon Weight Loss Surgery?

The intragastric balloon is a weight-loss device that is used in conjunction with a diet to help people lose weight. Obese individuals with a BMI of more than 25 kg/m2, a history of failed weight loss attempts with diet and exercise, who have lost their desire to diet, or who do not like surgical methods might consider intragastric balloon implantation. The use of a balloon to shed weight before a major operation might assist to reduce the surgical risks associated with obesity.

After the liquid balloon has been lowered into the stomach, colored fluid is injected into it through an external catheter. This blue-colored liquid is salt water that has been tinted with methylene blue. The capacity of liquid balloons is typically 400-500 milliliters. If the liquid balloon leaks, the methylene blue in the balloon causes the urine to become blue-green, allowing the patient to detect if the balloon is leaking by looking at the color of the urine. It settles in the antrum, which is the lowest region of the stomach. After the gastric balloon procedure, the feeling of vomiting and nausea is temporary due to the larger space in the stomach.

Airy balloons are balloons that have air put into them via an external catheter. They have a larger volume than liquid balloons, but they don’t weigh anything. That’s why they’re found in the stomach’s fundus. They can range in size from 500 to 750 milliliters. The patient will not be able to recognize if there is an air leak. When the control is removed, the ultimate situation is evaluated by combining the picture of the balloon with direct abdominal radiography.

Is It Safe To Get Balloon For Weight Loss Abroad?

Health-care services evolve in diverse ways across the world. While some nations employ a variety of surgical procedures and equipment in the treatment of obesity, others employ slightly more traditional approaches. Patients opt to have a gastric balloon implanted in another country for a variety of reasons. If your own nation lacks a suitable hospital or clinic for obesity surgery. It is understandable that you would prefer to have the procedure performed elsewhere. Alternatively, if the cost of this operation is prohibitively high in your nation, various countries will be more favorable. Because gastric balloon surgery is so straightforward, you may have it done while on a foreign trip.

For example, if you want to go to Turkey for a vacation, you may have this surgery done while you’re there. Obesity surgery must be taken seriously. These are important procedures that should not overlook. Of course, it is preferable to select less-expensive nations, but you should also examine these countries’ experiences with this issue. Making a travel plan for the gastric balloon operation makes sense. This is your option if you have a budget for it. You must prepare at least one month ahead of time for this. Many clinics in Turkey handle details such as flight tickets, hotel accommodations, and advice.

So you don’t have to be concerned. All you have to do now is arrange your vacation and select whether or not to get surgery. There are several reasons to visit Turkey. You have an edge since you have well-equipped and experienced doctors, full-capacity hospitals and clinics, and, of course, affordable treatment rates. Before going on a trip, it’s a good idea to chat to your doctor over the phone or look up information on the internet.

How Much Does A Balloon Weight Loss Surgery Cost?

This method, in addition to allowing people to lose weight quickly, also lowers stomach capacity. The silicone balloon, which put in the stomach endoscopically and has the potential to grow. Hence, it can stay in the stomach for up to 12 months. Patients begin to lose weight by acquiring a sensation of fullness at the end of this procedure when a stomach balloon evacuate from the stomach. Of course, the patient must fulfill the age and general health conditions in order for the application to consider. The cost of a gastric balloon varies. For further information, you should speak with your doctor.

Despite the fact that gastric balloon surgery appears to be a simple process, it is actually a dangerous obesity procedure. The cost of a gastric balloon varies by nation. Of course, there are other aspects to consider. The price affects by the surgeon’s experience, the hospital or clinic’s equipment. Also, the quality of the materials used during the treatment. Turkey is a pioneer in the field of obesity surgery. Its success in these operations is well-known across the world. In any case, this is another reason why Turkey prefer. Consider a number of factors while deciding where to acquire a gastric balloon at the lowest price. Turkey might consider the cheapest country in the world.

The Benefits of Gastric Balloon Weight Loss Surgery


Gastric balloon weight loss surgery is an effective and safe way to achieve substantial amounts of weight loss in a relatively short period of time. The procedure is minimally invasive, making it an attractive option for those who are looking to reduce their waistline without having to undergo major weight loss surgery or change their lifestyle. Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness of the procedure makes it appealing to many.

As you can see, gastric balloon weight loss surgery provides a great opportunity for those seeking a healthier lifestyle and improved quality of life. With its various advantages outlined above, it is certainly worth considering as one of the options for weight loss management. Additionally, consulting with your doctor about your individual needs and health history will help ensure that you get the best outcome from any medical procedure you choose. It is important to note that this is a major medical bariatric weight loss surgery procedure and should not be taken lightly; it should only be considered after discussing the risks with an experienced medical professional. With careful monitoring from your physician and an ongoing commitment to healthy eating habits, gastric balloon weight loss surgery can set you on the path to a healthier life.