Artas Hair Transplant Cost

Artas hair transplant cost an average of $6,000. The recovery period of Artas hair transplantation is 3 to 4 days on average. The length of the application depends on the width of the cosmetic work. In addition, an ARTAS hair transplant application takes approximately 4 to 8 hours on average. Artas hair transplant restores hair, this is just a robot-assisted application. Indeed, it is obsolete for our cosmetic surgeons to remove healthy hair follicles by removing a line of skin from the back of a patient’s head. The age of robots has begun. These applications are made with the latest technology machines. During Artas hair transplantation, an advanced robotic device places healthy hair areas in a specific area. Then it subtracts and collects.

As a result, the application also reduces the recovery time. In addition, it produces lasting results. It minimizes the scar trauma that is difficult and eliminates the risk of error. Best of all, traces of the application go unnoticed for most patients. Artas hair transplant cost is suitable for every budget. You can actually have these operations once you are an adult. There is no specific age category for ARTAS hair transplantation. Also, there is no specific feature that defines this operation. Basically, patients are people who experience baldness and hair thinning. The donor area of ​​these patients is typically the area behind the scalp. It is possible to have a healthy set of hair, which is this preferred area. Because hair follicles are removed from that area and planted in the designated area.

Benefits Of Artas Hair Transplant

The administration causes significantly less discomfort than normal graft grafting. Our patients do not only have to experience the pain of a surgical opening in the head region. In addition, you benefit from a faster recovery process. Our patients see small white dots that are very difficult to see with the naked eye in the area where the hair follicles are taken. These tiny planting spots are not visible to most patients. It is also not visible even in low hair places. ARTAS hair transplantation is done with extreme precision. In this regard, we do not need hair specialists to remove the follicles. We can say that Artas hair transplant cost is the most affordable price of 3,000 dollars. An ARTAS hair transplant reduces the risk of live failure and the side effects of fatigue.

Thus, faster processing time and increased productivity make us happy. In addition, robotic machines in ARTAS hair transplantation, we calculate exactly from which area the hair follicles will be taken. It also plays a big role in not leaving uneven spots. ARTAS and NeoGraft show low-level lasers, growth factors, as a non-event of our surgeons in FUE hair transplantation. In this condition injection and topical nourishing drugs and creams are used. Artas hair transplant cost has been a hot topic recently. After FUE transplantation, it takes up to a year for your hair to be the same as before. And please don’t forget that your hair follicles will be revitalized day by day. Indeed, your results are based on how many follicles you have at the time of surgery.

Benefits Of Hair Transplantation

ARTAS Hair Transplant is extremely good for both baldness sufferers and women who want to restore thinned hair. Some of the biggest advantages provided by ARTAŞ are as follows. You will have a painless operation. Our doctors do not use scalpels or sutures. In addition, there is no trace of the operation. We provide you the best service with smart algorithms in our hospital. We provide advanced digital images before surgery. In addition, we determine the best hair follicles for our patient. We identify and protect existing hair follicles. We have state-of-the-art robotic systems that are fast, highly accurate and consistent. In addition, we eliminate the possibility of hand fatigue or human error.

We offer the highest quality grafts in a single session. We give our patients a faster recovery time. In addition, you can get all the information such as artas hair transplant cost by contacting our hospital. Finally, you will get more permanent and fuller results. ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System is created by Restoration machines. It also includes the application of excision (FUE) hair transplantation, which we call the follicular unit. The traditional method of FUE hair transplantation, our surgeons provide our patients with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hair follicles from the donor area. It was also an energy-intensive process that required him to cut it manually. We use ARTAS Hair Transplantation technology to improve hair growth pathways. In addition, it was developed by leading professors and scientists to perfect the FUE technique. It is possible to see Artas hair transplant cost in all search engines.

Robotic Hair Transplant

ARTAS Hair Transplantation is more of a surgical hair transplant treatment. The Robotic System is an operation without the need for plugs, stitches or sutures. We also use artificial intelligence procedures and micro-precision robotics to naturally restore hair. We use the system to remove healthy follicular units from the donor area or to put them back into the open area. Donor areas are the area where healthy hair grafts will be taken from the donor area to be transplanted.

This area is usually the main cause of male and female pattern baldness, as it is the robustness of hair growth. We also keep it in the back and side areas of the scalp where it is not affected by the chemical DHT. The recipient area is the scalp area where healthy grafts from the donor area will be sprinkled. Also, this area is usually where hair loss occurs most often. In addition, it is located on the top of the head and the nape of the neck. Artas hair transplant cost was even more affordable 2 years ago.

ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplantation application meets the hair restoration needs of our patients. It also takes between 6 and 10 hours depending on their goals and desires. Our patient sits comfortably throughout the entire procedure. So you can take a break at any time. ARTAS robotic application is almost painless. Because we apply local anesthesia to the recipient areas to reduce any discomfort for our patient. Most of our patients report little or no pain during and after treatment.

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey by Good Doctors


Hair transplants cost in Turkey come with some of the most competitive rates you can find. Good doctors provide high-quality services for their patients and ensure that your hair transplant procedure is successful. A hair transplant in Turkey can be much more affordable than at home, making it an excellent option if you are considering a hair transplant. With the cost savings associated with hair transplants in Turkey, patients can usually find a package that suits their budget and ensures they receive high-quality care and attention to detail.

In addition to this, many clinics offer financing options so that you can spread the cost over several payments if needed. Ultimately, opting for a hair transplant cost in Turkey is one of the best and most economical ways to restore your confidence and feel like yourself again. The affordability and convenience of getting a hair transplant in Turkey make it a popular choice for many people who are looking to restore their appearance or self-confidence. So, if you are considering having a hair transplant in Turkey, be sure to do your research carefully and find a good doctor that can provide you with quality services while still staying within your budget.