Am I A Good Candidate For Gastric Sleeve Gastric sleeve surgery is an operation preferred by individuals who want to lose weight today. “Am I a good candidate for gastric sleeve?” Individuals often ask doctors questions such as: Because being overweight is a very risky situation. The individual may want to lose weight as soon as possible. High weight can be the basis of many chronic diseases. High weight may be the basis of diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure, which we see most frequently in societies today. For this, the individual should pay attention to his weight. Especially chronic diseases that come from the family may occur more clearly in the presence of high weight. High weight is the main problem of developed and developing countries. Individuals should solve the problem of high weight as soon as possible.

Am I A Good Candidate For Gastric Sleeve

Doctors perform gastric sleeve surgery with the most modern techniques. Doctors operate by making incisions up to half a centimeter in the abdominal region of the individual. These small incisions do not leave scars after the healing process. In this respect, patient satisfaction is quite high. In other techniques, scars are left because the doctors open the abdomen with incisions of about 15 centimeters. Patients prefer sleeve gastrectomy surgery. This technique that doctors do is the laparoscopic technique. It is the technique most commonly used by doctors today.

Being a candidate for sleeve gastrectomy surgery requires certain criteria. The doctor may recommend sleeve gastrectomy surgery to the individual who meets these criteria. “Am I a good candidate for gastric sleeve?” Many questions are asked to doctors. Having certain criteria in the individual means that he is a good candidate for sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

How Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Performed?

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed with the most modern techniques today. Doctors perform this surgery using the laparoscopic method. In the laparoscopic method, the doctor cuts about half a centimeter in the abdomen of the individual and takes about eighty percent of the stomach. An individual with a reduced stomach volume loses weight by eating less. Eating less means fewer calories. The individual who creates a calorie deficit thus loses weight. Gastric sleeve surgery is based on this principle. The fact that it is performed with modern methods is the reason why doctors recommend this surgery to their patients.

High weight is a problem that needs to be resolved as soon as possible because it invites many chronic diseases. It reduces an individual’s quality of life. High weight, which affects both physical appearance and health, reveals chronic diseases in the long run. It can be the basis of the most common diseases such as blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases today. High weight-based chronic diseases are alleviated by weight loss of the individual. However, complete recovery is not possible. High weight has irreversible effects on the individual’s body.

There are many individuals who want to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Doctors recommend this surgery to patients who meet the appropriate criteria. Individuals who are not in a bad condition to meet these criteria should lose weight with methods such as exercise and diet. This situation is “am I a good candidate for gastric sleeve?” It makes patients ask the question.

Am I A Good Candidate For Gastric Sleeve, Which Criteria Should I Meet?

With some basic criteria determined by doctors, doctors perform sleeve gastrectomy surgery. In addition, if the person meets these criteria, my doctor will operate on the person. The doctor recommends diet and exercise to many patients who do not meet these criteria. In addition, doctors recommend surgery for patients who meet these criteria. Having a body mass index over 40 is one of the criteria. If the individual’s body mass index is over 35, he must have a chronic disease. Apart from this, the individual must be at least 16 years old and the ideal weight of the individual must be over 100 kilograms. In addition, the individual must have tried exercise and diet many times before. But must have been unsuccessful. Individuals meeting these criteria are good candidates for sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

Physicians perform gastric sleeve surgery with very modern techniques. Doctors successfully perform this operation with the laparoscopy method. Patient satisfaction is very high due to the absence of scars and successful results. For this reason, many individuals with high weight want to have this surgery. Individuals with the above-mentioned criteria are suitable for surgery. “Am I a good candidate for gastric sleeve?” The answer to the question is like this.

High Weight Prevention Methods

Being overweight is a condition that has extremely negative effects on the body, both in terms of physical appearance and body health. For these reasons, individuals aim to lose weight as soon as possible. There are various weight loss methods available today. These can be surgery. But also exercise and diet. Doctors recommend surgery for people who cannot lose weight with exercise or diet. The individual who loses weight in any of these three ways should pay attention to his weight after the weight loss process. Otherwise, the individual may regain weight. Doctors may recommend re-operation for the individual who gains weight.

We can count methods such as regular exercise and regular nutrition as methods of preventing high weight. The individual can do appropriate sports to maintain his weight after losing weight (if he is healthy). Exercising is very healthy for an individual’s body. Sports will not only protect the weight of the individual. But also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

In the case of regular nutrition, the individual can get all the necessary ingredients for his body from the foods that the individual consumes. Thus, the immune system of the individual’s body is sufficient. In addition, all systems in the individual’s body work correctly. Regular and balanced nutrition plays a key role in maintaining and losing weight. If the individual has problems with a regular and balanced diet, he or she should definitely seek help from specialists.

Many individuals with high weight are wondering whether they meet the appropriate criteria for sleeve gastrectomy surgery. “Am I a good candidate for gastric sleeve?” Patients often ask doctors questions such as: Because sleeve gastrectomy surgery is one of the most successful methods of losing weight.

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