Who Has Afro Hair And In Which Condition Hair Transplant Is Performed?

Today we will talk about afro hair transplant Turkey reviews. Afro is a general term used for people of African and Caribbean ethnic groups. People who live in that region in terms of ethnic origin may differ from other people in terms of physical appearance, hair structure, and skin structure. Afro-type hair is usually curly. By its nature, Afro-type hair tends to get dry. It needs water and sebum produced by the scalp that processes through the hair and acts as moisturizing.

Because they have very curly and tight hair, the hair cannot meet the need for moisturizing and in addition, it is the slowest hair model with a growth rate of 0.9 cm per month. Despite these differences, Afro hair is biochemically identical to all other hair. It consists of a protein called keratin, has an outer layer called a cuticle, and held within a hair follicle with strong connective tissue. People with afro hair features often use chemical hair straighteners due to the curvy nature of the hair. If these hair straightening applications used for a long time, they can cause permanent damage to the roots of the hair. Permanent regional hair loss called Central Centrifuge Cicatricial Alopecia can experience.

Afro Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews

In other words, permanent hair loss may occur not only by genetic but also by physical effects. Likewise, men of Afro – Caribbean have the same male pattern (Androgenic) hair loss that can be seen in all individuals. This hair loss seen in varying rates depending on Dihydroxyl Testosterone sensitivity. In addition to this, regional hair loss due to the physical and chemical effects we mentioned. This is frequently experienced in both men and women. People of African or the Caribbean who have lost their hair can benefit from hair transplantation to regain their youthful appearance and natural hair. Hair transplantation specialists in Turkey offer high-level afro hair transplantation with comprehensive experience. Our Turkish Afro Hair Transplant Surgeons can design appropriate hair transplant techniques to avoid common challenges faced by African or the Caribbean who suffer from hair loss.

What is The Afro Hair Transplant Procedure?

Afro hair causes some difficulties during the transplantation process because it is different from other hair in terms of structural features. However, talented and experienced Turkish hair transplant specialists can overcome these difficulties. One of these difficulties can be experienced in taking greft from the donor area. Today, doctors who are not experts in hair transplantation do not pay attention to the grefts collected before hair transplantation. And they damage the grefts during both the gathering, preservation, and planting stages.

When grefts takes, skin structure, root structure, and the angle of intake are important. it requires mastery to take the grafts without damaging the follicular structure of the desired graft. For this reason, if the person performing the application is not experiencing it, the number of grafts with a healthy structure may be less. Another problem that occurs in afro hair is the difficulty in finding the right angle while placing it on the scalp during the transplantation phase. Finding the right angle will cause difficulties, as the curl of the hair extends to the root. In addition, due to the different structures of the epidermis tissue, it requires more pressure during transplantation. For this reason, different implementation difficulties arise. However, skilled and experienced Turkish surgeons can overcome all these problems.

What is The Afro Hair Transplant Procedure?

Turkish surgical teams working to high standards can cope with these challenges. There are many popular techniques of hair transplantation, including Choi pens, Sapphire technique and other techniques. Studies show that the most suitable technique for curly hair transplantation is the FUE technique, which helps to take grafts correctly. FUE technique is used more in Afro patients because the scar is not apparent. Turkish Hair transplant specialists, to achieve natural-looking results in Afro-Caribbean people, use Fue hair transplantation and other techniques. They have been very successful in hair transplantation of Afro-Caribbean hair.

The Healing Process After Afro Hair Transplant

After a hair transplant, the doctor will give you instructions on how to wash and care for the transplant area and whether to take any medications or not. In addition, the doctor may prescribe hair growth drugs, but this is not needed in all cases. As with any surgery, some side effects such as swelling of the scalp and redness may observable. Our doctors in Turkey, minimizing the risk of all kinds that can face. And they will allow you to achieve a natural appearance will provide you with treatment options.

After the 3rd or 4th month, the grefts gradually begin to grow again. At the end of the 4th month, the regrowth rate should be around 30%, by the 6th month the regrowth rate should be around 60%. Results appear exactly 12 months after the operation. Hair transplant is fully healed after about 12 months and it used throughout a lifetime. Smoking and alcohol delay the healing process after hair transplantation. You should not consume them for 2 weeks, and you should eat healthily and sleep regularly. A healthy lifestyle will help increase your recovery rate.

What Are The Advantages Of Having An Afro Hair Transplantation In Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most preferred and most popular countries in plastic surgery and hair transplantation. There are surgeons who are experts in their works. Talented surgeons with improved skills attract patients by applying new techniques. Turkish surgeons have immense experience in working with Afro hair, they offer excellent results that people deserve. Although the operation times vary depending on the number of roots, an average hair flow operation session takes 6-8 hours.

Hair transplant surgeons in Turkey have aware of the cultural diversity and respect of Afro-Caribbean patients to create the most natural-looking. Our experienced surgeons take into account the physical characteristics of the patient to achieve the most aesthetic results that will look great over the years. Afro hair transplant cost reviews in Turkey is affordable, the reason for this is the absence of customs costs due to local manufacturing


Expert Doctors

At Afro Hair Transplant Turkey, there are expert doctors who know all about afro hair. They have special skills and knowledge to handle the unique needs of afro hair.Similarly, It’s like having hair magicians who know all the tricks to make your hair look amazing.

Firstly, When you go to Afro Hair Transplant Turkey, the experience is comfortable and enjoyable. After that, The staff is friendly and makes you feel at ease. It’s like going on a fun adventure with friends who care about your hair.

Natural Results

People rave about how natural their hair looks after Afro Hair Transplant in Turkey. The doctors carefully transplant the hair to match the natural pattern and texture of afro hair. Above all, It’s like having a hair transformation that looks like it grew naturally.

Taking Care of Your Hair

After Afro Hair Transplant, it’s important to take care of your new hair. Moreover, The doctors will give you special instructions on how to keep it healthy and stylish. With proper care, your afro hair will continue to look fantastic.

In Conclusion, People love Afro Hair Transplant in Turkey and have amazing things to say. Expert doctors, happy people, comfortable experiences, natural results, and proper care make it a great choice.Moreover,If you or someone you know has afro hair and is considering a hair transplant, Afro Hair Transplant Turkey is a fantastic option.