Afro Hair Transplant Specialist

Afro Hair Transplant Specialist Hair loss does not differentiate between races and ethnicities; regardless of whether you are Caucasian, African-American, or Asian. You are likely to experience hair loss or thinning at any stage in your life. Many individuals of African or Caribbean origin are reluctant to perform hair transplant procedures. Because they are concerned about the procedure’s effectiveness. Given the distinct and one-of-a-kind essence of this hair kind, the apprehension about the procedure makes sense. When this is the case, these people who want a hair transplant are looking for an afro hair transplant specialist.

Transplantation involves great care and experience because African hair has a distinctive, curly type of hair root that is susceptible to injury. However, there will be no difference in terms of viability and effectiveness between the rehabilitation of African hair follicles and the repair of other hairstyles involving a skilled and qualified medical team, as well as advanced surgical procedures like FUE or DHI. In reality, the dense and curly quality of afro hair may be an additional advantage during the transplantation process. Even though that the donor site usually has a low density of follicular units, the thickness of afro hair supports coverage over straightening hairstyles, enabling the surgeon to work with a small number of hair follicles. This surgery should be performed by an experienced afro hair transplant specialist.

Hair Transplantation Of Curly Hair

Graft extraction is perhaps the most difficult aspect of transplanting African hair. Since the roots are curvy, they are more difficult to remove safely, and tools with a larger diameter will be needed to extract the grafts without causing damage. In patients with incredibly tight curls, some form of extraction could potentially harm the grafts or the underlying skin. In this case, the afro hair transplant specialist will warn the patient not to proceed with the procedure.

Until undergoing an afro hair transplant, the patient’s hair should be examined, as well as the percentage of curl. Following this assessment, the doctor should devise a hair transplant strategy based on the patient’s normal look and hair growth angle. The grafts close to each other with different angles can be harmed and become tangled if the afro hair transplant was not prepared well, particularly during the grafts’ extraction. As a consequence, the patient could not always achieve the optimal outcome.

Procedure For Afro Hair Transplant

Between hair restoration methods, there isn’t much of a distinction. The protocol for afro hair transplantation is similar to that of other techniques; the basic idea remains the same: hair follicles are removed from the donor site using a punch and inserted into the region where hair loss is visible. The trick to getting the most natural-looking results is carefully arranging the curly hair follicles at the correct angle and direction.

You will have agreed on the hair transplantation process you will use before your transplant session, taking into account considerations such as your budget and the amount of time you have available for the procedure.

Afro Hair Transplant Techniques

Afro hair transplant can be done in two ways. FUE is the most common type of hair transplantation used on African hair. It results in a naturally thicker look without any invasion. To preserve the hair’s original growth pattern, the FUE surgeon must proceed with extreme care in to imitate the course and angle of the hair’s natural state. Direct Hair Implantation, which is an improved version of FUE, is another successful hair transplantation procedure for African-Americans. These two techniques use the same extraction method, but the incision and implantation steps are different.

How Do You Pick The Right Afro Hair Transplant Specialist?

If you decide to get an afro hair transplant, you should go to the best afro hair transplant specialist for the procedure. The fact that you would first look at their website and read the consumer reviews is an important factor when selecting the right expert. Second, you must be aware of the competence of the surgeon who will operate. The things you should consider when choosing an afro hair transplant specialist are as follows:

  • Experimentation
  • Commitment and Dedication
  • Reliable Outcomes
  • A low-cost hair transplant

A high hair transplant cost does not guarantee the desired results; you must be familiar with hair transplantation processes and expenses, as well as what happens to you.

Afro Hair Transplant In Turkey

Afro hair transplants are very common in Turkey, and they have been done regularly basis even before hair transplants were popular in the United States and Europe. This indicates Turkey has a high degree of experience. Turkey’s emphasis on promoting creativity, as well as its investment in cutting-edge technologies and excellent hospitals, has put it miles ahead of other countries in this region.

Turkey’s Best Afro Hair Transplant Clinics

Check out the best plastic surgery clinics in Turkey based on patient ratings. Then discover 3 top afro hair transplant specialists.

  • Aslı Tarcan Hair Clinic: The clinic delivers FUE hair transplant, DHI hair transplant, afro hair transplant. So the clinic is Turkey’s most favored hair transplant site. It provides VIP transportation and hotel services.
  • Proesthe Hair Transplant Center: Proesthe is a hair transplantation facility staffed by plastic surgeons and dermatologists. It is housed inside Liv Hospital, a prestigious Turkish medical facility. Hair implantation is performed by the center’s specialists using scarless FUE and DHI techniques.
  • Vita Esthetic: Hair transplantation is Vita Esthetic Clinic’s specialty. Dr. Umut Yükselen, a 15-year-experienced surgeon, consults with patients and conducts hair transplants. He has completed over 15,000 successful hair transplants. Hair transplant techniques such as Micro FUE, Sapphire FUE, and DHI are available.

Afro Hair Transplant Costs In Turkey

For patients, the average cost of an afro hair transplant in Turkey is very reasonable. Because of the lower cost of living and the favorable exchange rate of Euros and Dollars against the Turkish Lira. So international patients can save up to 70% on their healthcare costs. Most hospitals sell all-inclusive hair transplant services that cover the expense of the procedure, hotel accommodations, drugs, a patient host. In Turkey, the average cost of an afro hair transplant is $2650. The price starts at $110 and goes up from there. The highest possible price is $4500.

How Much Do Hair Transplant Surgeons Make in the UK?


Are you wondering “how much do hair transplant surgeons make in the UK?” The average amount a hair transplant surgeon makes in the UK can vary depending on years of experience, speciality areas and the region they are based in. Salaries may also be higher in more affluent areas due to the increased demand for hair transplants in these locations. Additionally, experienced hair transplantation surgeons may command a higher salary than those who have only recently qualified. Furthermore, surgeons may also receive bonuses or commission for successful cases.

In order to maximize earnings, prospective surgeons should consider gaining experience and specialising in the different techniques used during a hair transplant procedure. Ultimately, with hard work and dedication it is possible to achieve great success in this field and make an excellent living from it. It should be noted that becoming a hair transplant specialist requires extensive education and training opportunities. While financial returns are certainly an important part of any career path, it’s worth considering how satisfying this profession can be when helping people regain their confidence through successful treatments or operations. For more on “how much do hair transplant surgeons make in the UK?” do your research.