African American (Curly) Hair Transplant Results

Today, we will talk about African American hair transplant results topic. People of all races can experience hair loss regardless of whether they are men or women. We do hair transplantation techniques to recover the lost hair of patients in Turkey. Hair loss patients of African or Caribbean origin can benefit from hair transplantation techniques to regain their lost hair. Since Afro hair is a unique root and curly hair, the transplant results of African American hair is more difficult than normal hair transplantation. Afro hair transplant surgeons in Turkey that they know the difficulties of black patients who are suffering from hair loss. For this, they design special hair transplantation techniques suitable for them. In order to achieve the best result, specialist doctors develop and apply a special treatment method for patients.

Suitable Candidates for Afro Hair Transplantation

Afro-Caribbean hair is more curly compared to the hair of white individuals. Therefore, the use of follicular unit extraction becomes difficult. The hair graft is larger and cannot be wrapped. For this reason, although the FUE technique is a technique we use frequently in normal hair transplantation, we avoid this technique in Afro hair transplantation. Instead of the FUE technique, they turn to the oldest and difficult-to-healing FUT technique. Experts use Fue and other techniques to achieve the best results in patients of all races and ethnicities, including Afro hair transplantation. Hair loss in men mostly occurs at the top of the head.

This hair loss, which we call male pattern shedding, is the result of androgenic hair loss. A wide pattern may be the main cause of hair loss in Afro men. At the same time, experts also apply transplantation for hair loss or thinning of Afro women. Doctors, who have mastered the causes of hair loss in Afro women, restore Afro women to their natural appearance with special treatment methods in this direction. Again, doctors check whether the patients are suitable for hair transplantation as a result of tests and analyzes performed as in normal hair transplantation. In Afro people, specialists should be very careful and take the necessary precautions in diabetes, cancer and such diseases.

Hair Transplant Surgery in Women and Men

Afro women lose their hair mostly from tight braids and hairspray. Afro women suffering from this condition are suitable candidates for hair transplantation. While the reasons for Afro women to lose their hair may differ, their hair transplantation also varies. The reasons for the loss are mostly caused by the procedures they have done on their hair. Tight braids, hairpieces or chemical hair straighteners can cause hair loss. Before performing hair transplantation, the factors that cause hair loss should be investigated and evaluated. Traction alopecia and central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia that cause hair loss are common factors in Afro women. White women with hair loss seek hair transplantation, but hair transplantation may be more suitable for black women.

Regarding hair loss, Afro men have different characteristics than Asian and Caucasian men. It is important for doctors to be aware of these exceptions for the course of the surgery. Afro hair transplantation is applied with hair methods suitable for white individuals, but doctors need to make special changes. In black men, the hair being curly prevents doctors from using the FUE technique. Instead, doctors have to turn to the FUT technique, which is old and has a long recovery period. After surgery, Afro men may experience a problem called a Keloid. Keloid is the case of large thick scars from small skin wounds. This problem is especially seen in Afro men who have hair transplantation with the FUT technique. The density of the hair transplanted in curly hair appears to be higher than normal hair due to the structure and shape of curly hair that takes up more space.

Afro Hair Restoration Difference

African American hair is different from Asian and Caucasian hair with its special roots and curly structure. Since they are more sensitive, it is necessary to be more careful and careful during planting. The hair follicle is curled and it is often difficult to place it in the device during extraction because it is very sensitive. Although the procedure is difficult, experts in the field have achieved successful results. Although black curly hair is similar to other hair in origin, it also has unique features that make it difficult to transplant this hair.

The Afro American hairline can also come in 2 forms as a low hairline and a medium-high hairline. Black curly hair is more delicate and can be easily damaged. The thick curly structure of the hair provides more protection than normal hair. Placement angle is important in wavy and straight hair, but this element is not considered in black curly hair. Since the skin tone is dark, postoperative rashes are usually not noticeable.

Afro Hair Restoration in Turkey

Doctors first monitor the natural angle of the hair. This is important to maintain a natural hair look. Patients can style their hair as they wish. It is possible to choose between 3000 grafts and 4000 grafts in a single session, and the number of sessions varies according to the person’s baldness area and donor area. Doctors use the FUE method to address the different needs of the Afro hair type. Doctors transplant of the guaranteed healthy hair follicles of hair in the donor ‘SCREW’ ‘using the tissue they perform in a special way in Turkey.

Afro hair transplantation experts in Turkey have managed to challenge the results of the successful surgery with a special method they developed. Many patients of African and Afro-Caribbean descent rely on our specialist doctors and are satisfied with the results. In Turkey, the UK and Afro haircut for patients from Western Europe are much cheaper. This convenience due to different exchange rates attracts the attention of patients from abroad. Some centers also provide facilities such as accommodation, interpreter, medicine and patient counselor for their patients coming from abroad.

Hair Transplantation for African American People: The Benefits and Challenges


The primary benefit of hair transplantation for African American people is that it can restore the appearance of a full head of hair without the need for wigs or weaves. It also works to enhance confidence and self-esteem. Additionally, the procedure is minimally invasive and can be customized to fit the individual’s needs. African American people are more likely to suffer from certain types of hair loss than people of other ethnicities. This can leave them feeling self-conscious and frustrated. But hair transplantation is a viable option for many African Americans. There are both benefits and challenges that come along with it.

It is more difficult to achieve natural-looking results in this group due to their unique hair texture. Second, the cost of the procedure can be prohibitively expensive. Third, the healing process may be slower due to the hair type and scalp structure. Finally, African Americans may experience post-procedure itching, which can be uncomfortable. It is important to consider both the hair transplant benefits and challenges associated with this procedure before deciding. With proper research and consultation, African Americans can find a solution that works best for them and their needs. Hair transplantation for African American people can be a safe and effective way to restore one’s sense of self-worth.