A Bald Man Gets A Hair Transplant

You may have heard about that a bald man gets a hair transplant. Yes, it is possible that a bald man can get a hair restoration surgery thanks to newly developed technology and scientific studies. Generally, eligible candidate must have hair at the back of their head because, implanting hair grafts are extracted from there. Shortly, it is known as donor site; as you understand that there must be hair reservation on your head. Because, hairs on head are suitable for implantation; however, some scientific studies indicate that it is possible to harvest hair grafts from somewhere on body. Generally, it is performed for men because, they may have body hair. So, if a man does not have enough hair grafts on back of his head, surgeon can extract suitable site from his body especially chest hair.

A bald man gets a hair transplant is a good news for those who do not have hair on their head. Of course, surgeons examine their patients in advance and precisely in order to increase the success rate of hair loss treatment. Nobody wants to face failure after getting a surgery so, surgeons treat their patients’ situation whether they can get a hair loss surgery or not by blood tests or something like that.

Male pattern hair loss is not an irreversible problem anymore. Of course, there can be exceptions; however, the success rate of baldness treatment is really satisfactory. There may be limitations but the improvements of this field shows that almost everyone can get hair transplant.

Can Everyone Get Hair Transplant As A Bald Man?

A bald man gets a hair transplant is a normal thing because of scientific developments. Both men and women can get a hair restoration surgery for their receding hairline and thinning hair. However, generally women need a hair loss treatment because of their receding hairline. On the other hand, men are the complicated ones since, their hair loss pattern can be excess and it can be hard to take it under control through cosmetic products or home remedies.

Actually, many surgeons study on some patients in order to find solutions for each person in order to get rid of baldness. Sometimes, baldness cannot be gotten rid of completely but, its effects can be reduced by some treatments. For instance, if your donor site has fine hair, implanted hair will be thin. At this situation, surgeon can recommend you to take hair boosting medications. These medications can promote hair growth and increase hair density.

A bald man gets a hair transplant can be surprise for you so, you may wonder that if a hair restoration surgery is a cure for your baldness. Actually, surgeons do their best for everyone in order to get rid of baldness and they may recommend their patients platelet rich plasma therapy which can help to activate dormant hair follicles.

These are only few options; there are variety of solutions for baldness. Different kind of hair loss treatments are developed by surgeons; it means that it is in progress so, you do not worry about your hair loss issue because there would be newly cures for baldness in the near future.

When Hair Restoration Surgery Does Not Work?

Even if a bald man gets a hair transplant is a good news for those, who want to have fuller head of hair, unfortunately, sometimes any kind of cure cannot be a solution for everyone. Some people cannot get hair transplant surgery because of their special statements. These special statements are range from medications to illnesses. These people cannot get hair loss treatments since, if there is an obstacle to prevent treatments effect, so, even surgery does not work.

You may think that if a bald man gets a hair transplant, you may be happy because of that. On the other hand, if a person has an illness such as cancer, he faces hair loss due to chemotherapy. Additionally, another person can deal with hair loss because of a medication that he must take. These medications have side effects; especially, the essential side effect is unfortunately hair loss.

Not only medications but, hair loss can be occurred due to injuries. Some injuries can cause thick scalp scars where hair follicles excessively harmed. Harmed hair follicles cannot grow again so, over scars there is no hair.

Although there are so many scientific studies on baldness, sometimes they cannot be enough for everyone. Actually, these people, who struggle with baldness due to illnesses, medications and injuries, can evaluate other cosmetic solutions. Cosmetic solutions can be micropigmentation or wearing a wig. Actually, people, who have scars on their scalp, through consult a dermatologist can get micropigmentation treatment. Of course, it cannot be the same with hair loss surgery; however, it may cover the bald spots.

Even if you deal with such kind of issues, nevertheless, you can consult a surgeon or a dermatologist. In order to find a solution for your problem you should ask them for your problem.

Other Non-Surgical Solutions For A Bald Man

It is a hope to hear that a bald man gets a hair transplant for those who cannot find a solution for their baldness up to date. It is written above who can and cannot a hair transplant surgery. As you understand that some people cannot get hair transplant surgery because of their private situations.

Thankfully, for some people there are non-surgical treatments in order to get rid of baldness, even if they are not permanent solutions. Some of them can be permanent but a surgeon or dermatologist can determine the treatment for patients since, every person should be examined individually. As a result of that, each person’s treatment can vary.

Yes, it is possible that a bald man gets a hair transplant, but surgeon or dermatologist can recommend different treatment for someone. Non-surgical treatments are taking finasteride, low-level laser therapy, platelet rich plasma, scalp micropigmentation, and hair care products.

Each of them can be done under control of a surgeon or dermatologist; since, only they can determine what you need.

For Hair Transplantation, DHI Procedure


The hair transplantation DHI procedure offers the latest advances in hair transplant surgery technology and can provide you with a natural-looking result. This technique is less invasive than other methods and allows for more accurate graft placement to ensure natural-looking results. Recovery time is also faster, as it does not require any stitches or staples, making it an ideal choice for those who need to return to their daily activities quickly. Follow-up care is also important for optimal results, so it is important that you talk with your hair transplant doctor about the best way to take care of yourself after your procedure.

It is also a good idea to consult with your doctor if any concerns arise after your surgery. By following these tips and taking care of yourself, you can ensure optimal results from your hair transplantation DHI procedure as technique. Overall, the DHI hair transplant provides a great solution for those who are looking for an effective and minimally invasive option for hair restoration. Patients who undergo the DHI hair transplantation procedure can mostly expect the highest quality results with minimal downtime and discomfort.